…in the tradition of Michael Mouse, Danny The Duck and Dani Milogue — I give you Hello Cat! By SUNNY-RIO!

(Actually, I wish I had a Hello Cat) Well, a boy can dream…

Tomorrow night B and I are joining Ing for a night of light adult entertainment provided by Jennifer Blowdryer! Ing always finds the coolest bands and the neatest things to do! I can’t wait! …and, then a dinner and movie with several good friends Saturday night! It is going to be a Kick Ass weekend!

September 14, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Kalvin replied:

    You know, hello cat doesn’t look that bad. But I’ve developed a need to be more selective surrounded what Hello merchandise I purchase.

  2. The Persian replied:

    Sounds like much fun!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Kelicious replied:

    I am VERY sure we can find you a Hello Cat on Stockton Street

  4. ginab replied:

    jennifer blowdryer. sounds dry!

  5. Tim replied:

    Lol! That’s actually still quite cute though …. some of the fake Kitty-chan stuff is minging. So was that a gift? Or just a random but economic purchase?!

  6. Brookelina replied:

    Hey now, part of my hurricane kit is a Hello Kitty radio! Don’t diss the Kitty!

  7. matt replied:

    Kalvin – I love the idea of Hello Cat, but I agree that it is best to stick with Sanrio.

    The Persian -Thank you! You too!!! I need to check out your video blog again!!! It was much fun! I am going to try and post about it tonight!

    Kelicious – LOL! We can also find a lot of it on Clemment in The Richmond!

    Gina – Well, I don’t think it was really dry but it was wind blown.

    Tim – No, sadly — I own no Hello Cat. That is a picture which B found for me!

    Brooke — Oh no! I adore Hello Kitty and hold only the most respect for Her Royal Cuteness…

  8. Karyn replied:

    I love Hello Cat. That is hilarious.

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