Today, B and I visited Ing at her magic shop of books. And, I found a stunning book of pop/surealistic art. In this book I discovered the work of Ms. Isabel Samaras. She is brilliant! Look!!!

…we always knew it to be true…

…it was really just a matter of time for Major Nelson.

…oh to be there!!!!

September 4, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Matt replied:

    Hey where is Ing’s book shop? I want to go check it out!

  2. mdkims replied:

    you look very sexy doing that thing on your profile … admired you for a while

  3. Brooke replied:

    I never knew Samantha had such nice breasts.

  4. matt replied:

    matt — Now you know!!!

    mdkims — LOL! Why, thank you! I blush. That picture was taken when I was goofin’ about to a Prince song — I thought it funny and was tired of my other profile pic. It was taken by Ing!

    Brooke — They are quite lovely, aren’t they?!?!? The Darrins were more than a little blessed to even be in her orbit!–>

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