Not that I am one to be all gloom and doom, but I have been called The Little Cloud of Worry. So, forgive me as I worry via my blog. However, it is my blog and I am determined to stay true to my oath that my only mean of any level of creativity is for me. So, no need to forgive.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:55AM this morning. B was fast asleep. I stumbled into the bathroom to, um, relieve myself. As I was washing my hands — yes, I wash my hands after I pee. (just thought you should know that detail!) …Anyway, as I was drying my hands on the towel I heard little jingle/jangle noises. I paid no mind at first. I was thinking it was that wondrous San Francisco breeze that welcomes me everyday but this was somehow different. The jingling was actually the pipes and B’s little floss man started to fall off his sink. I was still pretty sleepy but it did strike me that we might be having a tremor or earthquake or something. However, it all stopped. I walked back to the bedroom and climbed into the warmth of the bed. It was 6:03AM, I think. I fell back into sleep. As I got on the subway I was surprised to secure a seat. I turned on my, yes, “fucking” awesome full-on iPod (Thank you, B!!!) and I was greeted by a vid-clip of Barbra dueting with Barry Gibb. Ah, good sign. Then — jerk/clank — the MUNI came to a stop and we all just sat there for over 25 minutes. I was 15 minutes late to work when all was said and done. Turns out we did have a very minor earthquake at approx 6AM and it caused some sort of a problem for BART and MUNI. Hmmmm…

As I remember from that smash Irwin Allen flick where Ava Garder plays 40 at 80 that the end of LA started with a very small tremor. Anyway, I went on with my day which was actually quite a lot of fun! How I wish I could share some of the things that happen at my job but that wouldn’t be cool. However, trust me — It is a most fun job and a fun place to be and simply observe.

Lunch came. I went to my usual place. My sandwich tasted better than usual. Actually, it tasted REALLY good!!!! I mean I took my time eating it and was wishing I could eat more than half of it. And, my iPod played only great songs that I wanted to hear while on shuffle mode. …then as I was getting ready to stand up and head back to my office Skeeter Davis came on singing “The End of the World” …then, REM came on singing about the end of the world as well. AND, then the 5th Dimension came up singing “Last Night”

…and, as I walked back into the office everyone was in great spirits. I sat down and thought, “Wow. I feel really good!” I did.

Then it hit me. Do all these things mean that some giant platform boot is about to drop from the sky?

Is the world about to end?!?!?
I hope not because I’ve yet to have the chance to see London, Paris or Toronto and I still need to stalk Isabelle Hupppert.

August 17, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Mark replied:

    THIS was the earthquake you felt this morning? Do you move mattresses looking for a pea, too?

  2. Metalchick replied:

    Hi Matt,
    It seems like the earthquake remined you of what was taken for granted. Glad you had a great day, hope tomorrow is even better.

  3. matt replied:

    Mark — What do you mean? The lady at the Sanrio counter told me I was a little princess! And, you must have noticed that awesome picture of me receiving my crown?!!??! But, fess up — did you slip a pea under my mattress? I’ve been feeling a lump on the left side and it is most worrying! Kisses!

    Metalchick – I hope that is what it did. All I know is that everything seemed to be in harmony yesterday and I can’t help but wonder when that next shoe is going to drop. This is from training I’ve received at the School of Hard Knocks over the past 3 years. Shoes drop. …on me. …all of the time. LOL! But, I shall not think of it that way! I embrace life and now I leave for work! …and, let’s hope no doom will be in sight.

  4. Robert replied:

    *KABOOM* Game over!!

    *inserts coin*

    Happy Friday Matt!

  5. matt replied:

    Robert — Can I get more playing coins?

  6. ginab replied:

    Oh but it’s over when it’s over.

    I think I figured out another things that’s over. Ing will be happy to know that.

    Glad you experienced only a wee tremmer.


  7. Kelicious replied:

    how did you even feel that?!

  8. matt replied:

    Gina — I know. I just figured it was all over for me. …too many shoes falling these past couple of years! LOL! …and, our Ing will be dancing in the streets again soon. I might have to bring a big boombox out to bernal heights but we’ll get her dancin!

    kelicious – well, i guess i am a bit of a princess after all! ….but the sink was really shaking. …and i saw a dude who looked like charlton heston crica 1974 — bad wig and everything! –walk by last night! Creepy!

  9. ing replied:

    Wait, did the sink shake right when the Charlton Heston guy went thundering by?

    If the world’s going to end, I wish it would hurry up and end before more things can possibly go wrong. But after I visit Gina, please.

    I do need to get out dancing again. Break dancing. Has anyone seen my parachute pants? Matty, can I borrow that mesh shirt of yours’n? I think it’s customary to break dance without a partner, yes?

    Worry: why have I been consumed with it lately? It does feel like the shoe is going to drop. Mercury’s in retrograde, I hear. I’ll tell you what, when this horrible & inevitable thing happens and I wind up dead, Mark’s cat can eat my face. I think I would like that.

  10. Dessie replied:

    That feeling you’ve got babe? That’s the end of summer 😉

  11. joe replied:

    oh no, it can’t be the end of the world. it could be the end of the world as you know it, however. so that means it’s a whole new world. maybe the whole new world includes you visiting London, Paris and Toronto. especially since I don’t think any of the three cities are in any major earthquake zone. and we need the tourist dollars. 🙂

  12. matt replied:

    Ing — …I don’t have a mesh shirt. Are you thinking of my open ass chaps? I fear that would hurt for break dancing. No dying, please!

    Oh, Dessie — I wish that it were just the end of summer, but our summer doesn’t even start up till September. It is still kind of cold in San Francisco. I’m in a hoodie, jeans and my fave flip-flops. I look really hot. not. Maybe I should get a mesh shirt, some short-shorts and a pair of roller skates. Hmmmm… Just a thought.

    Joe — Oh, I do hope to get to Toronto before the world ends. Paris and London as well. I was just speaking of this to B.

  13. ing replied:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  14. ing replied:

    Oops, typos — let me try that again.

    I’ll take your assless chaps if you’ll loan me your “mechanical bull.” Mine just ran out of batteries. . .

  15. johnNokc replied:

    London, Paris, Toronto (aka New York as run by the Swiss)… all very nice. But Roma … visit it and then the world can end.

  16. johnNokc replied:

    BTW, does anybody else have as much difficulty with those twisty letters you have to type before your blog will post? My life is complicated enough without those fuckers mucking it up. Oh shit, here we go again!

  17. matt replied:

    Ing — We have to get you back on the wagon. There is only one mechanical bull between us and it is mine. Stope wearing out the batteries! Man! …but can I borrow that vibrating egg of yours?

    John — I would like to see Italy but I’m alergic to garlic and fear that someone might have me put to death as a result. And, yeah, those stupid letters are a pain in the ass!

  18. Me replied:

    see, THAT’s why I love you. You can take a totally fabulous perfect day and still find something to worry yourself sick about. It makes me feel all cozy knowing I’m not the only one. Now, snap out of it.
    It isn’t time for the world to end yet! You haven’t got your Hello Kitty tattoo. The Universe would not deny you that!

  19. matt replied:

    Lovely Meredith – Yes. Unlike Mary Tyler Moore — I’m the one who can take sunny day and make it all not worth while. I’m kinda proud of this.

    …So, should I really get the Hello Kitty tat. B isn’t so sure. Hmmmmmmm… His says it might leave him feeling the opposite of romantic to see that labeled on my lower spine. For me, that would be the height of erotic excellence. I mean a cute kitty with no ability to speak or utter a sound as Sanrio denied HK a mouth. Hot stuff. Inappropriately hot stuff. Yummmmmmmmmy.

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