Liz Taylor filming the big scene in 1965 on Big Sur…
matty living the big scene in 2006 on Big Sur… Who looks more melodramatic?!?!? Granted, I opted to include a photo of Liz just prior to shooting her scene but I figured it only fair to cheat a bit! I mean — she IS the Movie Screen Goddess. I am just me. Here, I am begging Father Richard Burton to do me as my little sandpiper tries to heal and hunky Charles Bronson wants me sooooo badly but it is the priest I want!

Yes, Kids. At long last — it was time for my big close up! “B” took me to Big Sur! And, no, it was just a magical day trip! No camping other than my imitations of Liz and Dick circa 1965 to the dismay of fellow sunbathers.

I have to tell you that this is the single most beautiful place I’ve yet to see. I love the ocean and this was the best looking point I’ve been to yet. I don’t think any of the photos capture the magic of Big Sur. The rock formations, the ocean waves, the surrounding mountains and cliffs. It is easy to see why Mr. Minnelli was so taken with it that he used it for his infamous movie. The Shadow Of Your Smile, indeed!

We had a blast! Here are some pix! This first one was my homage of fatness ala Liz who, like me, was way too large to be sportin’ about it in next to nuthin’! But this is fantasy fun! Right? Right! Now, the rest are just shots I and B took that day. Awesome stuff. And, um, isn’t B totally hot!?!?! Yummmy.

…someone once wanted to buy the world a coke. I would prefer to transport the world to Big Sur and serve them a Diet Coke. I think it might do the world a whole lotta good.

B napped as I caught some sun and listened to The Sandpiper soundtrack as the ocean water sprayed against all those incredible rocks. Oh, and this picture is of me —- now, I am only in about 2 feet of water but I was soon swallowed by the Pacific. This is not safe water for surfing or swimming. But, I had to get out in it!!!

This is me posing on the way to Big Sur — I think this was in Carmel or Monterey — I was amused by the James Dean artichokes signage!

Saturday night we saw THE DESCENT — if you like horror movies and you like ’em gross and scary — see it! It so totally rocked! But, you’ll never get me into a cave! Don’t EVEN go there! Oh, and I got my hair “did” at Male Image — I have always wanted to venture in there. It was quite cheap and the guy did a great job! …or as a great a job as one can be done on my limited hair supply. Oh! And, I saw Michael “one of the biggest cocks in gay porn” Brandon wandering by as we ate dinner at the Cafe Baghdad!!! Tall, lanky and hot. Very SF/Castro moment. You know, I think Krusty Semen would be a great name for a gay porn star. You know, my mom’s madien name is Seaman and the name of Krusty just makes me think of that clown on The Simpsons. So, in the end, that name just makes me laugh. Too much sun?

Sunday we jumped back into B’s Honda Element and drove up north across the Golden Gate to Keohoe Beach and another beach — the name of which escapes me. It was much fun but I think the sun left us a bit tired. You can’t tell from these pix. It was a bit foggy upon arrival but that burned away fairly quickly.
Oh, how I do love California beaches. However, the last beach we visited — had extra lifeguards on duty and warnings posted about great white shark sitings. …that is a bit too creepy but I still went for a quick swim. It was too perfect a day not to! And B got lots of sun! Hottie! 10++++

…on a more serious note — THE SANDPIPER was one of my Grandmother’s favorite movies. She always thought the beaches in it were so beautiful. I wish I could have shared the visit to Big Sur with her.
I sent a little prayer out to her on the waves.

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  1. Metalchick replied:

    Hi Matt,
    Big Sur looks very beautiful! I’ll have to visit that beach sometime. The pictures are very nice! You sure looked like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Brooke replied:

    You two have entirely too much fun for only two people to have.

    I’ll be right there.

  3. johnNokc replied:

    Hi Matt — No, you don’t want the world to discover Big Sur. If it did, Disney would buy it and turn it into a theme park. When I’m there, I usually stay at a place just south of Carmel called Tickle Pink Inn. When I first started staying there the rates were fairly reasonable. Not anymore. The only place I’ve found that’s just as beautiful as Big Sur (and possibly moreso) is the Amalfi Coast between Sorrento and Salerno. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the last stop on earth on your way to heaven.

    The Sandpiper. I’m sure I’ve seen it, but for some reason, even with all your hints, I can’t recall it. I’ll have to rent it.

    Speaking of older movies, if you’ve never seen Peter Sellars in a small movie called The Mouse That Roared, by all means rent it. Early Sellars and priceless.

  4. matt replied:

    metalchick! It really is a great location! And, yes! You must see it and play there! Much fun!

    brooke! Hurry up! We’ll have a blast!!!

    johnnokc — Very good and wise point. Still, I wish I could let everyone see it just once! Would do souls good. Byron looked at staying at an inn but I didn’t want him to spend the money. Plus we both like riding in cars — well, he likes driving and I like sleeping in them. LOL! It really was a great drive! Such scenic beauty around here. I will have to check out those beaches! I also want to get to the big H and check out Greece! You MUST see THE SANDPIPER!!! It totally rocks! Sadly, it is next to impossible to find at the moment. No DVD and the VHS has been out of print for years as well. bummer. I love THE MOUSE THAT ROARED!!! I think I love his turn as Chauncy the gardener, tho! Love it as we watch him walk on the water at the end. Classic film! BEING THERE. Wasn’t that his last film?

  5. Jon replied:

    I thought Big Sur was a ski resort soemwhere out west….what the hell was I thinking?

    Looks like a great weekend… did anybody get buried in the sand and have sand boobs built around them?

  6. joe replied:

    oh my god, there’s too much drama here. πŸ™‚ looks like fun!!!

    will have to catch descent!

  7. ing replied:

    Michael Landon had a huge cock? Who knew (besides “ma”?).

    Yummmm, that “B” is awfully, awfully sizzlin’, Matty!

    I am still so jealous that I did not get to witness your seminal Sandpiper reenactment. If I ever, ever get a weekend off, will you and B splurge and stay at Deetjen’s with me? It’s super cool, and somewhat like camping, only it’s indoors! I know you like camping, and it’s sort of close. Single-wall construction, meaning no insulation. Very expensive, mind you, but worth it for a hippy such as yourself!

  8. matt replied:

    Jon! No, Big Sur is one of the most beautiful beaches in the US — with lots of cliffs. Tho, I think it too dangerous to actually surf or swim — tho I did give swimming a go. No sand tits, but I fell asleep in the sun and B had packed my feet in sand. Looked more like a sand ass than sand boobs, tho. Come to SF and we will show you the sites! (there are some! I promise!)

    Ing — I have to say I am so very proud of that shot I took of you!!!! LOL! Um, no, not Pa, but Michael BRANDON — a gay porn star with a penis that would make you gasp in horror. He lives here. See him all the time. Remind me next time we are out terrorizing the Castro and I will point him out. Remember those “braceletts” you thought were cute — well, those were cock rings that were far too small for Mr. Brandon. I suspet that Pa had a little one. …but only Ma knows for sure.

    Hey, we can just camp in B’s Element — or, even better — at one of the many little motor inns we saw all over the place — they go for, like, $300 a night — so that would be $100 each. But, yes — we have to go to Big Sur!!!!! We must!!!!

  9. Robert replied:

    I must say, I like the last picture the best. πŸ™‚ I hope you took some pictures with you and B together!

    What a fun day!

  10. Dessie replied:

    Do you think the fact we’re both bottoms contributes to our fear of entering tight dark holes? Oh, I know, you protest…

  11. ing replied:

    Which shot is me? Which one? Which one? Am I fat Liz?

  12. matt replied:

    Robert — Isn’t that an awesome picture?!?!!? I took it! As well as Ing’s new profile shot after she passed out from too many drugs and booze. But, I digress. My fave picture is the one of Byron sleeping on the beach. I think that is so cute. And, sadly, no — we didn’t get a picture of the two of us together. I blame Byron because he was supposed to bring his handy tripod but he forgot. LOL! …He just called me a bitch for that comment.

    Ing – I was thinking you could play Dick Burton, B could play hunky Charles Bronson — I GET TO BE LIZ! It’s only fair. I don’t think either of you have seen the movie! LOL! No, we just need to go to Big Sur and cause trouble. I’ve already done THE SANDPIPER. I miss ya, kid!

    Lubin! Whatever gave you the impression I was a bottom? Oh wait. I guess everyone knows that. LOL! I think you might have a point. Tho, I am always open to exploring new frontiers and trying new things. I hear “versitle” is the new black!

  13. Matt replied:

    You just can’t wait to show off the result of your diet. You look great Matty! It looks like some great fun, although my last time at Big Sur was like being in an amusement park with swarms of tourists jostling through my shoulders. Oh well, it’s California.

  14. ginab replied:

    Hey there, you make me feel lazy about posting pics from Spain. You are on the BALL and where else?

    Me and Ing saw an otter swimming in the cove there. All he lacked was a cigar and Liz. He was truly Burton as I remember and somewhere among my things there’s a picture of him.


  15. ing replied:

    Oooh, I’ve always wanted to be called “dick.”

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