The good news is that there is no real bad news.

However, as I drive toward an actual settlement regarding this lawsuit from Hell — and there are some positives about that and some negatives — I can see a light at the end of the debt tunnel. This thing has been going on for over a year now. So closure of any sort is much welcome!

I am also working with doctors and various lab persons to schedule a whole battery of tests to check my status regarding this way fun genetic blood disorder my father left me.

…I am stressed out.

Funny how stress attacks. The new way for me to attack myself seems to be via the grinding of my teeth. …all the time, apparently.

I’ve been grinding so much that I was unable to open my mouth the other day to floss/brush my teeth. B had to almost assist me in getting my mouth to open and it KILLED. Now, my whole jaw hurts and I’ve got a never ending headache. And, I’ve got two parties this weekend! One being given by that Goddess of San Francisco, Ing, — which promises to be a lot of fun!!! The other is a pool party being given by one of the sexy guys I call “boss” — his party is somewhere out in the east bay where it will be over 100 degrees but it is a pool party so that should be much fun. And, B has that awesome new car for us to take a joy ride on sunday or saturday night — Now, if only my jaw and head will stop hurting. I must appear to be in a bad or down mood. Everyone keeps asking me if I am “OK”. I am fine mood wise.

I am just in pain. Lots and lots of pain. Pain, pain, pain and more pain.

However, one of my bosses is saving me and I should have a Night Guard by the end of the day which will serve as a sort of “pillow for my teeth” …I really like the way that sounds. And, I sure hope it calms the pain down.

And, my fingers are crossed to reach settlement and have all my appointments scheduled by Tuesday of next week. A boy can hope.

Wait. I will be 40 in November. Am I still allowed to be a “boy”? …I think being queer always me a few extra years on the boy term but I might have exceeded that point.

…forever your boy. …in pain. …waiting for a miracle from the tooth pillow. And, now — I return to my disco/diet coke fueled day!

July 28, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. John replied:

    Matt, try acupuncture for your jaw pain. For many, it’s a miracle.

  2. Brooke replied:

    I want you to feel all better.

    I’m 40 and I’m forever a girl. You’re a boy.

  3. matt replied:

    John — Ohhhhhh! I do so love acupuncture. Sadly, I can’t afford it at this time. If I ever catch up I shall return to the magic man who used to do my acupuncture. I do miss him.

    brooke! Yay! Thank you! I’m forever a boy! LOL! Happy Friday!

  4. k replied:

    If you were not a boy, how could you be somebody’s ‘boy’friend? I think it’s the ‘boi’ and the ’40’ that don’t go together, not even in your case.

    I had one of those NightGuard things too, but used it only once because it wouldn’t stay in place while I slept. I woke up and panicked and that was that.


  5. Matt replied:

    OMG you’re turning 40 in November – so am I! LOL My birthday is in November, on 18th. You have no worry Matty, you look like you’re 32!

  6. matt replied:

    k – good logic! …and no one should ever be a “boi” in my opinion…LOL!

    matt! bless you! LOL! Wow! our bdays are days apart! Cool!

  7. Matt replied:

    Yay!!! Looks like we’ll have to buy each other dinner to celebrate our bdays!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!! Then Thanksgiving feast…so much eating….. lol

  8. ing replied:

    Party for the two Matts! I can throw it!! And guess who else’s birthday is in November. . . hmmmm. . . could it be? No! Yes! It’s ing!!!!!!!!!! Please start saving now. I expect lots of presents. I will not be turning forty just yet. But maybe I can learn from you two, with your years and years of wisdom?

    What was it like in the olden days? I sometimes wonder. . . but not too often. So please don’t start reminiscing about them at our party. Like, I mean, rapping about Nixon and so forth. I can watch the history channel some other night, you know?

    Seriously, baby, you (the Matt I’ve seen) look like my younger, hot brother, you! And the other Matt probably looks just as hot.

  9. Karyn replied:

    C still uses one of those mouth guards, and I used one in the past as well… hugely helpful. I hope it works for you! I have TMJ and had my jaw lock on me at work one time when I went to take a huge slug of water out of my giant mug. I wound up dousing my boobs and other front part with freezing cold spring water and calling my doctor, which was amusing because i couldn’t open my mouth properly to speak.

    Well…NOW it’s amusing.

    Lots of Advil.

    I’m glad your closure is coming!


  10. ing replied:

    Where are you?!?! Are you disco-napping again?

  11. ing replied:

    I am (see pic).

  12. matt replied:

    I was out at the beach with B, then to a movie with Alan and then the three of us hung out in the castro. Wow! You put up that picture I took of you after you finally gave in during our drug fueled night of debauchery! I am so proud of that picture and Alan wants to hang it up over his sofa!

    …do you have my cd’s???

  13. Robert replied:

    Feel better Matt. Anything to get rid of the pain! I’m sure B is doing a lot of pampering! 🙂 Hope you’ll get all your tests scheduled, and good thots come my way on all your results!

    Happy Monday.

  14. matt replied:

    Robert — thank you!!!!

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