I live in a nice area of San Francisco. It wasn’t always nice. In fact, it had gotten fairly “bad” for a while in the early to mid-90’s. However, it is nice now. Or, maybe the better way to phrase that is that it is well on the way to nice. Just last night I was pointing out to Ingrid and Mark that my hood reminds me of parts of NYC where you can walk for a block, find yourself in Hell but walk another block and be in a bit of Heaven. This is true of the street that intersects mine.

Anyway, sometimes I can hear gun shots. I usually just pull the other pillow closer to me. And, from time to time I will see some interesting things.

This morning at approx 11:45AM I stood at the M Train MUNI stop near my place waiting for the train to bring me to the gay bliss that is The Castro. Normally, we neighborhood folk give each other space at this stop. This morning seemed different. An elderly woman stood way too close to me. She smelled funny. A cute gay boy walked up and stood too close as well. He smelled of pot and CK1. A couple of girls walked up and stood behind the three of us. They smelled like strawberry shampoo.

Oh well. Whatever. Now, I was just listening to my iPod — infact, I was Riding The White Horse with Goldfrapp when the cute gay boy tapped me on the shoulder.

“Hey, what do you think is going on?” the tiny voice asked me.

I turned off Goldfrapp and looked across the street. There was a cop (a really hot cop — one who could easily transition into porn if he had the desire) who appeared to be pissing on this old run down house. But, upon closer inspection, he was actually leaning into the bricks of the house and whispering into his radio.

The Cop Whisper-er? Nawwwww. This was odd.

I told the cute boy that I thought it would be fine. However I was curious. I stepped out into the street walked toward the house to see if I could figure out what was going on.

“Honey, stay here! Don’t be lookin’ for trouble!” spoke the elderly woman who smelled like dairy product.

I ignored her. I was far too curious. I noticed that there was a cop car coming up the side street. This was interesting because the cop car was coming up a one way street in the wrong way. I looked up the main street and saw three cop cars speeding up about a block away. All three cars stopped at the same time without parking properly. No sirens. Four cops emerged from those cars. Their radios were slung on their shoulders and their pistols were in their hands. They looked really serious. I stopped and watched for a second.

Two “dudes” emerged from the house next to the dry cleaner place and ran up to the four cops. I could not hear what one of the cops said but both guys ran back to their house. I heard the hot cop’s radio make an odd noise. He stepped away from the building and this other cop (who couldn’t get in porn if he paid top dollar for the chance) met him at the corner. This must have been the cop who was driving up the wrong way on the one way street.

I got a kind of sinking feeling and headed back to the train stop.

We could see the M Train approaching. The cute gay boy asked me what was going on. I told him that I had no idea but that I was glad the train was arriving. The elderly woman commented that she wanted them to “fucking kill” the dope fiends in our neighborhood. Hmmmm…

We all rushed on to the train. There were a number of Hip Hop Thug type boys in clothes that were about 3 sizes too big for their bodies already on the train. As I sat down I heard “SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT!” screamed in unison by the Hip Hop Bois. We all looked out the window and the ugly non porn cop had pulled out what looked like some form of a machine gun and was perching it against his shoulder. The hot cop was leaning against the building with his pistol up and at the ready — like Mel Gibson in some bad movie getting ready to bust a door down to save an aging Goldie Hawn hiding behind that fringe of blonde hair.

I looked forward and saw that one of the other cops had stepped out into the street and was signaling to our train driver and mouthing the words, “GO! NOW! GO!” —- and that train pulled out quicker than I’ve ever felt a MUNI train move.

What was that all about? What happened? I guess I’ll never know. The Hip Hop Bois rushed to the driver for scoop but he advised them, and all of us, to sit down.

I turned my iPod back on, closed my eyes and got back on the white horse. …which, I think, was probably the best thing to do at that particular moment in time. You know, it is never really dull. There is always something to watch. In a few I shall be catching the N train to the beach to watch and listen to the waves rush back and forth. I hope no one got hurt.

July 9, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Matt replied:

    Muni could be a nightmare although I vouch pretty safe most of the time. Just stay away from 15-Third.

    I read the time stamp of your post…were you composing it at Sweet Temptations? I was there working on my lesson plan for next week, at around 3ish this afternoon.

    Peet’s was way too crazy with I think the same amount of dogs outside as people inside so I passed. Cafe Flore is off territory for me on weekend.

    Anyway thanks for your comment–yes–I’m pondering about the philosophical question everyday but not too hard. I think I’ve just live for the values that make me happy but won’t offend others.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Catcha other time at the cafe? eh?

  2. matt replied:

    matt! I am so bummed I missed you! I think I left SI a little before 3pm but am not entirely sure. I wasn’t paying attention. Yes, we should catch up some time!!! It would be fun! Did you get my email???

  3. Metalchick replied:

    Very interesting story! Sounds like something interesting always happens in San Francisco.

  4. matt replied:

    metalchick — Yes, there is always something going down ’round here. Love it. Tho, didn’t really love this particular experience. LOL!

  5. ginab replied:

    good writing Matty! I hope no one was hurt, too. My street this morning was gray and green and quiet that I could hear, if I tried, the tiger lilies blossom.


  6. Brooke replied:

    You have to find out what happened and get back to us. My curiosity is killing me.

    Thank goodness you’re ok!

  7. Matt replied:


    No, I never got your e-mail. You mentioned something about sending me an e-mail in your previous post. Maybe it got miscarried.

    Anyway, I was sitting in front of the pastry case display all the cakes and tarts. It was nice quiet relaxing in there without all the madness. I was there for a good few hours.

    Had the raspberry belgian choclate tart…I was so full afterwards that I skipped dinner. lol

  8. ing replied:

    Mmmm. . . tarts. And cakes, too!

    Matty, honeychile. Babycakes. Even in the ghetto (where I live) I never, ever hear gunshots or see machine guns. Nary a cop, pornworthy or otherwise, darkens these mean streets. Either I live in a haze of ignorance, or your hood is much meaner than mine.

    Inner Richmond, now. I hear that’s pretty nice. Sunset is full of student-kids. But Inner Richmond. Just so you know. . .


  9. Me replied:

    hmmm, yes, vague recollections of urban life. I once lived in Cabbagetown (Toronto), with a men’s shelter across the lovely tree lined street. Hookers propostioned us if we came home through the back alley. Pretty boys and old men met each other in the bushes of Allen Gardens and my lesbian friends lived beside Nazi freak Ernst Zundle. The houses were beautiful, the ambiance was lovely, Pimbletts Pub (Nina Simone played while we sat beside the fire on chintz covered couch cushions) … the place seethed with something less than savoury but it was SO good. It was the best place I ever lived.

    Now I own chickens. Sigh.

  10. Chris Capp replied:

    Yikes. What a way to start the day. San Fran is like New York in that way, though — everybody just goes about their business.

    Here in LA they’ve taken to blocking off the bottom of my street on weekend nights so the Sunset Strip club kids don’t go cruising around. The security guys take one look at me approaching and usually just move the saw horses, as if there is no way I was clubbing. It’s convenient and saves me having to prove I live there, but a little sad nonetheless.


  11. matt replied:

    Gina — Thanks! Written quickly from my notes as the train rolled into the castro. had to keep it fresh.

    Brooke! – You know, there was nothing on the news about it. Searched all over the Internet. The house that seemed to be getting all the attention seems to be empty now. The curtains are all gone. My roommate told me that something of this nature happened a week or so ago when I wasn’t home. I am just so glad no one was hurt. If someone had been hurt I am sure it would have made the local news.

    matt — don’t you hate it when email acts up? well, my friend who you thought was so hot thought you were cute as well. So….

    Ing – I don’t know. Neither of us are living in what one would call “desirable” areas compared to most areas in the city. However, I do believe mine tops yours in crime rates! cool! I win! LOL! I wanna talk to you – can’t find ya! Where did my Ing go????

    Lovely Meredith — Am jealous of both your former life and current one. I think I would love that rock. I really do — however, your egg laying pets would “a scare” me. And, I only enjoy horses when they are white with disco glitter. But, still…

    Chris — I am dying to see/experience LA! If I come there we will go clubbing and show those cops that, yes, you can boogie. Of course, there would go the ease of getting home.

  12. love life replied:

    I guess California isn’t as fabulous as it looks on tv.

    sounds like the streets of camden or something.

    haha i bet you love the wheather though!

  13. Karyn replied:

    When I was seven months along with J., up late one night with scorching heartburn, I lay in bed and heard gunshots. And saw the muzzle flash as well.

    I was up and on the phone to 911 as fast as a 7 months pregnant woman can be, and then I sat on my porch recording traffic to report my findings to police.

    And I was able to help them catch the little bastards too! Kids! Arguing over like $71 or something!

    I felt most proud but C. was pissed at me for getting involved and being outside at 2am talking to police and stuff. Ah well.

    Glad you’re okay though –

  14. mingerspice (SF) replied:

    This post makes me miss San Francisco muchly.

    How odd that a post about a police raid can make me miss SF. I think it might be our lovely MUNI carrying you out of harms way (but also away from enlightenment/catharsis).

    Great post!

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