So, this morning I awoke with thoughts heavy on my mind. Byron and I have been having some very deep discussions. Byron sometimes gets me to thinking about things that I don’t always enjoy thinking about. Or of? Anyway, this is not a bad thing, but it is not always fun. …to be left alone with my thoughts at my disco desk.

This morning I decided to pick up the paper and read it as I drank my Diet Coke. I stopped after I read the first few paragraphs of the “Big” news story. You see, it appears that all of the frogs on the planet are dying.This somehow translates to mean that Earth is either going thru some sort of horrific change or that the end is fast approaching along with the final thud of Tom Cruise’s career. I was bummed. Not so much about that sofa-jumping-freak-of-nature and his failing box office but the end of the world and the death of all the frogs.

It was just too much. I tossed the paper in the recycling bin and made my way to the office.

And, at work, there was a tension hidden behind the happy facade of gayness. And, for the first time in months, no Madonna music was played. None. It was more of a Nelly Furtado day, I guess.

The office received the latest copy of “The Economist” featuring the picture of Kim Jong II blasting off with the title “Rocket Man” …At first this made me laugh. Then I thought about it and it frightened me. …I couldn’t decide what was more scary: North Korea’s ambition to nuke everyone or the fact that The Economist magazine thought of such a funny cover.

Tonight, after a fantastic dinner at the best diner in San Francisco there was another discussion around difficult challenges and I felt a bit sad. At the same time I felt very much alive and “in the moment” …In the moment. I am sometimes unsure of what that phrase really means. However, as of right now, I understand it.

I hope someone can save the frogs, our planet and that we can get that rocket man back down to earth before someone loses an eye.

Last night I saw a sneak preview of the new film, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. It reminded me of how magical great films can be. When you think about it — there are so few really great movies getting distributed anymore. This is a most welcome exception.
And, if anyone has ever doubted it — Toni Collette totally rocks and is probably the best actress to come our way since Meryl Streep. This film is a MUST SEE!!! Do not miss it!

July 7, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. joe replied:

    frogs are like the canaries in the coal mines. we must save all frogs! after all, what will happen if to the frog leg dinner industry?

    toni collette is superb in little miss sunshine. the movie was very good, though it tried a little too hard to be indie a couple of times. . highly recommended otherwise!

  2. ing replied:

    There was a (fiction) book about the dying frogs and what this portends — it came out a few years back. I think it was by T.C. Boyle, who is very witty.

    Someday, this will all end. Everything does. Sometimes I think we have much too much at our fingertips.

    And too little.

  3. Brooke replied:

    Greg Kinnear, Steve Carrell, and Toni Collette – I am so there. However, I am now on my way to go see Johnny be a pirate. Yay!

    Save the frogs!

  4. matt replied:

    Joe — How wish I could go to the movies with you. It would be such fun to take in a movie and then discuss it all over dinner! I am dying to understand what you mean by “too hard to be indie” — I suspect I would agree, but I wanna know more!!! I think all the cool people in the world should just move here so that I can hang with them. Anyway, Toni Collette rocked in this film. However, I’ve yet to see her fail as an actress. I’ve seen her make some very unfortunate film choices (SHAFT, anyone?) but she is always so damn good.

    I don’t really get it, but I guess this slow death of the frog is triggering something pretty heavy for all of us. I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it, but I guess it is pretty bad.

    Ing – As per usual you blow me away. Yeah. I agree. Maybe it is not so bad that the frogs are dying. Maybe this the natural (or destined) course for things to take for us on this planet at this time. Still, I get “a scared” — Ing, I don’t wanna die! At least not until a pink apartment near the ocean. At least not until then. …scanning darkly.

    Brooke — Yes! Let us save the frogs! But, does that mean I have to actually touch one. I don’t really like touching reptile things.

    How delicious was Johnny as a priate the second time ’round?!?!?

  5. Karyn replied:

    They could put Johnny in a Pirate suit and film him clipping his toenails for an hour and a half and I’d still watch it and think he was damn near edible.

    That is. The funniest. Magazine cover. I have ever. EVER. Seen.

    And oddly enough, right on the money as far as I am concerned. Little fucker needs to be got rid of.

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