Well, this was the long weekend of movie going! B and I saw three of “big event” movies this long weekend — and, here are my thoughts on them.

1. Robert Altman’s PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION — or, at least I think that is what it was called. At first I thought I kind of liked it but then all that country music and ‘home spun’ humor started taking a toll on my senses. I wanted to shred the curtains along the side walls of the cinema before it was all over. Oh, and was Virginia Madsen about to kill Meryl, Lilly, garrison and the rest of the cast at the close of the movie? …I kind of hope so. Too bad Lindsey Lohan had already left the diner.

2. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA — It was a Meryl-la-la-polooza at the cineplex this weekend! So, this film could have been so much better than it is actually is. Why is it that American filmmakers are unable to commit to dark comedy? Meryl Streep was really awesome, tho. She makes this film worth seeing even if it does sell out and gets all confused when it comes to female liberation and fashion. Oh, and that girl from the BROKEBACK MTN and those lame Disney movies looks like the odd love child of Liza Minnelli and Donny Osmond. And by that I mean she looked better “frumpy” before Stanley Tucci makes her over in Prada. The whole film is a blatant fashion product placement. I figure Prada and CK must have put up half the budget.

3. SUPERMAN RETURNS — I loved the fact that the actors playing Superman and Lois Lane kept speaking of their love which had spanned “years and years” and “long ago” — and yet the actress playing Ms. Lane was born in 1983 and the actor playing Superman was born in 1979. Ugh! And what was up with the bad wig on Superman?!?!?! However, I have to say that this might be the first mainstream film I’ve seen in years that featured no product placements!!! That is kind of cool. However, this film is close to 3 hours long and I actually fell asleep on B’s shoulder at some point. All I know is that Lois Lane was sitting arguing with the once talented Kevin Spacey and the next thing I knew she was near death being rescued by Superman. I guess I was out for about 20 minutes according to B and Alan. Hmmmm… Obviously, I was not impressed. Oh, and let’s not even ponder why Parker Posey was in this film but I would like to know why they decided to dress her like one of the Pointer Sisters circa 1975.
What’s up with that?!?!? Oh, and was it just me or did they Pixar the guy playing Superman for most of the film. He looked like a cartoon when he didn’t look like a high school kid in a bad wig.

…and, on Thursday night Milford, Alan and Mr. B are seeing LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE as some special and free screening downtown!!! Yay!

B and I spent a bit of time on the beach this weekend. Look how incredibly hot he is!

Pin Up Shot!!! 5′ 10″ and 160lbs of pure hot sex appeal and sinsuality…

Horror Pin Up Shot From Hell!! …5′ 8″ and 150lbs of pure goof and klutz on the verge of a nervous breakdown… But, my teeth are white!

me and B

our feet and the surf… Soft lips, warm hands, whispers, a perfect California OP breeze and beautiful water — it was bliss. Sigh.

OK — so I was explaining this to Ing on Saturday. You see I recently watched GREASE and noticed that during that infamous animated opening sequence where all the actors are made to look fairly horrible — EXCEPT Olivia Newton-John — that Ing reminds me of Sandy!!! I like to imagine that Ing wakes up in a pink bedroom, surrounded by frilly girl things and that cute little blue birds help cover her sexy night gown in an elegant robe and little sparrows tie ribbons in her pretty hair — and, for a few minutes, she is transformed into total innocence.

However, I like to think that Ing stops for a moment. Looks in the mirror at her innocent beauty, pulls out a sling shot, kills the cartoon birds, rips off the tres elegant Cinderella gear and transforms herself into the Sandy who emerges at the very end of Grease. You know the one who knows the one she wants and who needs a man to satisfy her. You know — in that tight fitted little black leather outfit with her hair in full glory. This is my perception of Ing — all sexy but still vulnerable and sweet. However, she is more than ready to have that stud tell her all about it. …but only on her own terms. I love Ing.

This is a picture of Ing with the lucky stud who is allowed to date her at the moment.
It is a bit blurry, but he is a hottie and a writer. Of course, Ing is a writer and hotter but most of you know that! And, please take note of Ing’s hot antler baby doll t-shirt! What an awesome babe! Olivia Newton-John, eat y’r heart out!

Ing rules and rocks San Francisco! Rock on, Ms. Ing!!!

Oh! And, they have returned with a new collection of 80’s songs gone to samba!!! Run, don’t walk and pick this up!!! It is not to be missed! I mean — they cover “Bela Lagosi’s Dead” and “Heart of Glass”!!!! Not to be missed! I think this is even better than the first album!!!! Oh, and you will love their cover “Blue Monday”!!!!

Oh, and did you hear that Goldfrapp may be doing the new theme for the new James Bond film!?!?! Yay!!!!!

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  1. PDD replied:

    I am dying to see “The Devil Wears Prada”. Maryl Streep yum!

    I think you look like Edward Norton in that picture of you and B. Anyone who knows me knows I think he is one of the most sexy men. He trumps brad pitt and I am serious when I say these words. So Yum to you.

    Ing is also very very sexy and if I munched carpet she would need a steam clean the next morning…

  2. matt replied:

    ppd – Meryl Streep rocks the house! And, thank you! I am so flattered! I think Mr. Norton is most hot so to even think someone might think I look a little like him — well, this just makes my day! And, isn’t Ing awesome?!?!?!

  3. ginab replied:

    unreal to me how normal writers can appear, especially when together. Apart? hmmm. lonesome dove camera like a button on the wall turns like an iris and exposes every vantage point. he’s pretzel quiet in a chair at a table hunched over laptop and tapping his whites with a pencil eraser. she’s maudlin before the mirror door.


  4. matt replied:

    Gina — I love how everything you write is like a poem that just flows out. I envy that.

  5. Robert replied:

    Heart Of Glass eh? Need to hear this one. Did you know that they opened for Dead Can Dance last year when they played at the Hwd Bowl? Yeah, go figure. I’m still scratching my head on that one. haha!

    Cuute pictures of you two!!! Happy Wednesday Matt.

  6. g8s replied:

    Nice beach pics! I enjoyed ‘The Devil Wears Prada’; it exceeded my expectations, and was much better than all the press surrounding both the book and the film. No one told me it was actually a feel-good film…

    And although I haven’t seen the new Superman flick, I had the same thought about the animation after seeing the trailers. But about the product placement, I think the code is that films with the word “Returns” are free of product placement: ‘Batman Returns’ had none either.

  7. matt replied:

    Robert — I didn’t know Dead Can Dance still toured! Where have I been?!?!!? That sounds awesome, tho!!! And, thank you for being so kind — but he is cute, isn’t he?!!?!? Me? Not so sure. I get by.

  8. matt replied:

    Gator — Hi!! Yes, the beach was just perfect other than it was too cold to get in the water which is always the case in SF. Yeah, Devil should not have been a feel good movie. This annoys me. Why can’t US filmmakers make dark comedy?!??! I don’t get it. But, I did enjoy it. I say “yes” to no product placement as I sit my Diet Coke down and slip on my DKNY jacket and Bed Stu shoes. Kisses!

  9. matt replied:

    …and why is my comment counter not working. new comments keep springing up but I only know cuz I am in here?!?!? odd that.

  10. ginab replied:

    envy-schmenvy Matty dove.

    I felt bad I didn’t mention how neat I think you and B look together, head-to-head, toe-to-toe. In the sunny sun.


    PS: I go to the dentist today!

  11. Robert replied:

    ZOINKS! Just heart Novelle Vague’s 2nd CD… it’s all coming back to me now from the concert… gaaaaah… Remembering the 8-minute version of Human Fly… Sorry to say, it was 8+ minutes too long! ;-( They ruined a bitchin’ song!

    Noooooooooo! 🙂

  12. Robert replied:

    Just HEARD, not HEART. Big ass difference.

  13. matt replied:

    Gina — I hope you had a glam dental experience. That is what we provide!

    Robert! Oh no! Say it isn’t so!!!! You don’t like their second CD!?!?! I am so loving it!!! But, art is subjective. Especially when covering such sacred music. I am eagerly awaiting the new Peaches CD!!!!! Next week, I think!

  14. ing replied:

    Ooh, someone’s going to munch my carpet!

    I like that studmuffin picture — the one with B and his muscular arms. What a cutie patootie!

    I didn’t think of it until I read it, but you do look like Ed Norton in that pic. And yes indeed, he’s dreeeeamy.

    I love how you think of me! When Grease came out I always thought I was the innocent Sandy, but I wanted to be the bad one. Now I think of myself as Sandy’s mom. I wish I had your skin, Matty Norton.

  15. PDD replied:

    Yes, Ing is awesome!!

    I noticed you mentioned Peaches! I saw her live in toronto and oh my god is she ever amazing/hilarious!!

    I got really drunk and jumped the stage and started dancing with these germans who opened up for her. What a laugh and a half!!

    “Stay in school cause it’s the best…”

    If memory serves, she’s originally from Toronto but now resides in Germany?

    Oh and your welcome with the Norton Compliment. You do resemble him in that picture. Very much so.

  16. ing replied:

    Wow, I want to see Peaches with PDD! Let’s go!

  17. matt replied:

    pdd — That is so cool!!!! Ah, to dance on the same stage as Peaches!

    Ing — Yeah! PPD and Peaches would be Top 10 with a bullet!!!

  18. lzygrl replied:

    You two are too HOT, and cute, in a hot kinda of way 😉

    I loved The Devil Wears Prada. I agree, Ms. Streep could have taken it “there”. You know, where Faye took it with the Mommie story. She did an amazing job. And I loved Stanley Tucci, now he is HOT. And, that reference to his certain, um, endowments, were not lost on me!!!

    Anyway, it is good to see your (and gina’s) Ing looking so happy…….

    5:34 PM

  19. matt replied:

    lzygirl — Thanks!!!! Yeah, Stanley Tucci is a hot babe! Yummy!–>

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