Ok, so there is most definitely a fashion thing going on with antlers. I now own 5 shirts covered in antlers of one sort or another — and frequently these antlers are attached to people. What is up with this? Of course I joke that this was inspired by Goldfrapp who incorporated this look in their vidclips as early as 2003 but they have yet “to break” to cause a fashion culture shift. So, what gives? …and, why do I like it?
…I really like this shirt! This was the “look” I worked the other day and it seemed to inspire many of the “Cool — where did you get that?” sort of questioning.
…and, this young man had antlers tat’d on to his back. Hmmmmm… I chased him down at PRIDE to capture this picture.

What is up with the antlers?!?!?

Fash Mag Slag — do you know? Is this your doing?

Jungle Jane — did you start this fad?

Ing — did you get an antler shirt yet? hurry!!!!

Speaking of Goldfrapp — I’ve written of the inspiration for their neat-O song, “Ride A White Horse” but this is an actual photograph of The White Horse and his original rider!!! This is a 1977 photo of “Lady Godiva” riding out on the white horse at Studio 54! Neat! This was taken by Allan Tannenbaum and was recently used as the cover for “Deep Disco Culture Volume One” — a fantastic 2 CD set out of the UK which features some of the coolest classic disco tracks you will EVER hear!!! I highly recommend it!

Now take me dancing
At the Disco
Where you buy your
I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

When the light turns into darkness
Will he turn up to explain us?
I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

Lend me a whole new world
All night
Feel life
When is there ever sense
To love
This world

In the whirlpool
We’ll go deeper
In this world that’s
Getting cheaper

I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

I like dancing
At the disco
I want blisters
You’re my leader
I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

Oh I love this feeling
Feels like forever
Oh I love this feeling
Feels like real

Goldfrapp, 2005

June 28, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    Lol, I’m not that fashionable- I’m in the know, but all I’ve been buying lately is Uniqlo (the Gap of Japan, but even cheaper than the Gap) and H&M πŸ˜›

    I’ll try and do some research on the antler phenomenon- I have this feeling they may have been on some printed tees by a Belgian designer, not sure which one not all that long ago…. I’ll ask around

  2. Matt replied:

    Jon: I discovered Uniqlo in Hong Kong last year – my first impression was that it reminded of The Gap and Old Navy – in the way they promote and market the merchandises. I stocked up on the under Ts, which came in a pack of three: white, charcoal, and black. They tend to fit me better than the US-made ones unless it’s the Gap athletic fit.

    Muji is another quality Japanese brand – it’s also like a no-frill type of line. Everything is simple and mono-colored. Check it out! πŸ™‚

  3. Brooke replied:

    Are the antlers a sign of horniness? Get it?? Horny! Get it?

    Shut up. I haven’t had any coffee today.

  4. ing replied:

    Baby, baby, baby — I do have an antler shirt; I wore it last Saturday, just for you! It might have been hard to see, what with my enormous breasts jiggling around underneath & distracting everyone. I’ll post a pic.

    I saw Neko Case last night! Wow!! I’ll burn you something. And wait until you hear what happened — Screenwriter keeps getting cuter every time I see him. . .

    xo, Matty. I have one more Santa Cruz trip to get through before the final signing. And then I’m gong to have a my-houe-finally-sold party & barbecue!! You & Byron must come!

    Yo, Matmos is going to be here in October.

  5. Jon replied:

    Matt- So you’re a different Matt form the Matt of this blog, I take it πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, I LOVE Muji! I first discovered it in the very early 90s in Japan since we went there all the time and I needed some school supplies , so I’m well on the Muji bandwagon. I’m not a big fan of their clothing otehr than things like blazers, but their underwear is great! Too bad the boxer briefs I stocked up on in Tokyo don’t show up on the UK racks

  6. crabcake replied:

    I had no idea about the antlers. See, this is why I come to you, Matty. You know stuff. Now I have to get something with antlers on it.

  7. Matt replied:

    Jon: Hahaha…I love the Muji underwear! I used get the school supplies too–the notebook, mechanical pencils, erasers, writing board…I think there is Muji Online now whee you can shop.

  8. jungle jane replied:

    Matty i would love to claim credit for the antlers but however much i do like a nice horn i am afraid it had nothing to do with me. i tend to have lots of skulls and crossbones on my t-shirts.

    Matty is that a bit of cameltoe i spy in the first picture??!!

  9. matt replied:

    Jon — I’ve met you and you ARE fashion! Why, you are the Fash Mag Slag with fantastic taste being sent all over the world spreading charm and fashion love! One snap of your fingers and hem lines go so high that the world becomes a gyno or some such! LOL!

    matt and Jon — OK! I need to check out these brands. Must find website!!! Must!

    Brooke — Amazing — I think you just cracked the code. Horny. So simple I just over-looked it!

    Ing – You’re correct, as per usual! I missed it somehow but I have a picture! …tho, too blury or I would put it up. I know I should love N. Case, but I can only seem to like her. …sort of. Perhaps you can alter my perception! I do enjoy her CD covers. Yay! Pink apartment is on the horizon!!!

    …so Matmos is always here. They live in the Mission and word has it that they were “jamming” with Bjork last week at M. Barney’s big museum opening — well, no, after the opening at some cool club in the mission. But, I would so love to see them as long as they are not at The Independent.

    And, Ing — if you have a party I am so there! And am sure Byron would not want to miss it, but I am so totally all about being at any party you give!!!

    Crabcake — Yay! You should have an antler shirt! But, you’re way cool anyway — you don’t need me providing directions. We should be taking tips from you!

    Jungle Jane — You are far too humble. Word has it that you created the whole antler look. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next season. I am really not sure what is going on in my jeans in that picture. Must be the antler shirt.

  10. Karyn replied:

    I’m with Brooke. My first thought was … hmm… phallus. Phalli. With horns. Horny Phallus! But what do i know! lol

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