Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Especially when I am tired and can’t think of much to write. Here are some pix I captured after that pink triangle was fully formed on Twin Peaks…

Isn’t he cute?!?!!?

Chi Chi LaRue Gay Porn Stars A Plenty!
…cute girl started her own undies bizness!!! support her!!! she was so sweet and cute!
go go gay bois @ american boy!
pretty hot go go dyke in the gay hip hop section of the fair!
…who are these two????
…and The Ark was there!!!! Yay!!!!
…it looks like your basic plush pussy toy — but go closer and look inside!!!
…this is way neater than inside Jeanie’s bottle!!! well, maybe not — but still pretty damn cool and oddly cute!
…this little lady was not only making sure that gay SF kept it clean, but recycled as well!!!

June 26, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    The second-to-last pic? That’s exactly how I want my new apartment (when I get one) to look!!

  2. Karyn replied:

    So many questions.

    What is written on that man’s chest? I totally can’t see it.

    What up with the pink triangle thing?

    Is that a FLAMINGO?

    I like the indie girl with her underpants business. Very cool. I do not have the stones for such business but I admire it in others.

    As to the … what did you call it? Ordinary plush …thing? That is absolutely hilarious. Genuinely bizarre, but a great concept.

    I love the pics of you – you look so great. MWAH!!!!

    PS: I think it is so funny how SF makes PTown looks like Beacon Hill! Ha!

  3. Matt replied:

    That guy in the first pic looks familiar. I swear I have seen him somewhere before.

    It was good seeing you and B. I make it a habit to take a peek into the cafe whenever I wa;l by. 🙂

  4. ginab replied:

    Hmm…I dream of Jeanie with the ______.

    creative, bright, and everything, including the sun, shining!


    PS: check your Email!

  5. ing replied:

    Jeannie is hairless these days.

  6. Robert replied:

    I love that picture of you at the bus stop… and I think you look way, way hotter than the guy in the poster!! Truth!

    Happy Wednesday Matt!

  7. jungle jane replied:

    my word Matty you must be exhaused after such a pink week.

    I must say i find that vagina a little bit disturbing. its so terribly terribly large.

    so many go-go boys, so little lubricant. sigh.

    and you look utterly edible as usual Matty. ah, the joys of being in love with a hottie.

  8. matt replied:

    Ing – Yes!! Let’s go for the vagina look with the apartment!

    Karyn — LOL! “Pride” is written on the muscle stud’s chest. I think if you click on the pix that they get bigger. The pink triangle is the symbol for the GLBT community. It comes from when the Nazis forced gay/lesbians/”sexual deviants” to wear a pink triangle during the horrors of Germany. This was the star of the gay folks. So, a sort of Take Back The Night kinda thang. Yes, that gentleman was wearing a flamingo for a hat — so cute! The girl with the new on line undies biz was so cool! I really wanted the vagina house! wahhhhh! I guess you could look at it that way, but PTown has a charm all of its own. Tho, I can’t say I’ve missed it much. Just the people — my friends/family (like you!)

    matt — I suspect that boy gets around quite a bit! LOL! yes! we should meet up and hang sometime! would be fun!

    Gina — am going to catch up on my e’s tonight!!

    Ing — A new profile shot! I love it!!!! Is there a new post?!?!?!? Gotta go check!!!

    Robert — Awwwww, I’m blushing!!!

    Jungle Jane — It has been such an exciting couple of weeks! I have been kinda tired but well worth it! Did you escape disaster?!?!?!

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