I was given a “free” half day today by my fab employers — they rock in the most disco way possible. Anyway, as I was walking I made note of my iPod’s selection when I selected “shuffle” and my walk from Powell to the Castro began as follows:

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
“Beautiful” by Goldfrapp
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross

…and, as I heard Miss Ross’ cover of the Ashford/Simpson tune I caught a glimpse of Twin Peaks and noticed the infamous pink triangle is still only partially formed. I guess they add a side every day till the Big Day. It was interesting because this moment sort of captured how I feel. Over the years I’ve become somewhat bored (jaded?) regarding PRIDE. I mean, it is always the same. However, once it arrives the energy does grab me. Right now, tho — my PRIDE is only partially formed, but the weather is perfect and there is a lovely breeze blowing. And, as much as I do love Mr. Gaye and Ms. Terrell’s passionate (and original reading) of the song —- there is just something about the cold and the mistakenly insincere delivery of Miss Ross. I can just see Diana perched in the splendor of a pink spot while the Supremes are hidden in the shadows — and as she reaches the chorus, her painfully thin arms reach out to her audience with a mixture of disdain, boredom and glitter. Well, that is the beauty and magic that is Diana Ross. Partially formed but Full Throttle Diva. And, for a few minutes I imagined Miss Ross standing at that one streak of pink singing “I’m Coming Out” with that same effective ineffectiveness with which she sings. Sigh.

Being SF PRIDE, the Castro gyms have put aside the protein shakes and have broken out the really important stuff.
…for those creamy moments.

And as I continued my walk I decided to take a shot of what I consider to be the best diner in all of San Francisco. Yes, Top’s! True, it is wicked expensive but the pancakes can’t be beat and the ambiance is spot on. Can’t be beat!

Then I came upon my fave clothing store. This is where I get most of my stuff. I love this store!

However, if I had the money — this is where I would get ALL my clothing! I love this store — but from a distance. I guess I partially love it. I wonder if the Fash Mag Slag knows of Solis.

It is so nice outside right now. The heat has given way to a perfect San Francisco afternoon. Perfect and fully formed.

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  1. Metalchick replied:

    Hi Matt,
    I found you through Chris’ blog so I thought I’d drop by here. San Francisco looks like a really cool place. I haven’t been there for a long time, but I would like to visit it sometime.
    Feel free to drop by my blog.
    Take care.

  2. Matt replied:

    OMG you’re still alive LOL j/k.

    I’ve been somewhat busy with the bureaus at the university today so I missed out such a fine day. Yesterday was scorching, I sat outside on the sidewalk to write my journal entry.

    It was funny I was cracking at the same sign outside that health/nutrition supplement store next to Book Inc. “Ejeculoid”? I mean…what the hell is ejeculoid? like it makes you cum more or something????? My friends and I were laughing so hard at that one…

    The guy who owns (?) Fashion Exchange is quite cutie in his own I-don’t-belong-to-this-world air. Does he own the place? I know there are a couple girls with big boops working there but I don’t think they’re the owners.

    Whatcha doing for gay pride? Will you be around? Do you wanna grab a coffee or something?

    Enjoy the evening–it’s Friday nite!!!! TGIF!!!

  3. Karyn replied:

    Ok. What up with the pink triangle? What pieces are they adding? What “end”? Jesus. SF sounds complicated.

    I love your places tho; Solis, the exchange place, tops… so cool.

    Wish it were closer – of course i was woefully remiss in getting up to visit you when you WERE closer… my bad… sigh.

  4. Caress replied:

    Tops?!! Nothing beats the diner along from Diesel full of old movie photos on the wall that resembles both a diner and a hairdressers! Spent a wild afternoon there chatting to the staff and being persuaded to go to Trannyshack by some girl who semi worked there but disappeared a lot to check newspapers and couldn’t finish her sentences. I kinda wish I was back in San Fran now!!

  5. Tim replied:

    I love having favourite local places …. I’m gonna miss that when I move to London. I will have new favourite places, but they just won’t be local (NOTHING is local in London …. everything good is always somewhere else).

  6. Tim replied:

    Nice pics by the way! Very evocative. Just how I imagine SF (based mostly on Armistead Maupin’s writing than any real knowledge of SF, mind).

  7. ing replied:


    I’m soooo freaking tired, I feel like Mrs. Palfrey! Ughghgh. Did you go to that Pink Saturday thing? I went straight to bed, but I did not sleep. Again. Honestly, my whole face hurts!

    Cool t-shirts, chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, and a good French film — is that what PRIDE means? Because I loved it!

    But not half as much as you. I could not bring myself to have two servings of chocolate chip pancakes, nor did I care to drown them in an inch of syrup (but you did!).

    Thanks to your mom, I think I’ll be eating ambrosia tonight. It’s the only thing I have a recipe for. . .

    Okay, Mrs. Palfrey could kick my ass right now.

    Oh, everyone was loving the Diddy-Bops today!

  8. Jon replied:

    Nope, haven’t heard of that store, but even I don’t know everything 😉

    Is Ejaculoid the name of some band? Or is it a store where the customer cums first?

  9. matt replied:

    Metalchick! Thank you for stopping by! I will be checkng out your blog!! You need to come to SF! It is just good for the soul. …or, bad. Either way — it’s all good.

    matt — I finally met you! Yay!!!!! Now, we have to start hanging out so we can discuss art, politics and boys!

    Karyn – PRIDE is very complex! But the pink triangle was fully formed come Saturday. Just in time for Pink Saturday where everyone appears to get trashed, naked and dance in the streets. Of course, that seems to happen here a lot anyway — but this time the police are your friend. I kept my clothing on for the sake of those around me and only had Diet Coke.

    Caress — Sent you an email. Can’t figure out the place to which you refer! I’m wonderng if it Little Orphan Andy’s? Still love that place, but it is no Tops! …at least not anymore. Still good tho.

    Tim – Oh, I am sure that there must be some old standby’s in London that you will find. I hear lunch at Harvey Nicks is to die for! And, I am really happy right now! And, I shall get my butt to England within a year! And, I shall accept your handshake and then give ya a big ol hug (cuz I think hugging is good!) Now, we will need to plan for the stalking of Isabelle Huppert. I do not think B is going to be up for that. So, I shall be leaning on you for assistance.

    Ing – Oh, dear. Even your face is tired. What did you get up to. Hmmmmm… I am so glad you and SG had fun!!! I think you might have enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes more had you followed my advice with the syrup. It does a body good. Mrs. Palfrey said so. I’ve got your DVD ordered! No, we just were sort of passive about Pink Saturday. Too many drunken souls breaking things and tripping about. But it was interesting. I’ve soooooo many pix to post. Must weed them down! Hope to get them up tonight.

    Ditty Bops rock! They are goin’ places!

    Meredith sent me a surpirse!!!! Yay!

  10. matt replied:

    Jon — Well, the customer always cums first at Nurti Sport — but the Ejaculoid just makes him cum more. …or so the bottle says. I think Ejaculoid is both the brand and product name. Seems to be very popular here. Solis might be local. I think this physically challenged man creates the clothing. His stuff is awesome and chuck full of antlers but he wants $100 a tshirt sometimes and I can’t afford it. But, if I could…

  11. ginab replied:

    Gross!, “creamy” is not a word I like.

    But in reading about the GPP in SF, about a white lace mini skirt and black fishnet stockings worn by a man miming “Like A Virgin”, I just want to say: be safe in pride.

    I almost feel like a brand, the slogan?

    talked to your pal last night forever. I can’t imagine how today she must be feeling. Besides strangling me, perhaps drinking the vase water.


    PS: I saw “Cache”

  12. matt replied:

    Gina! I want to hear what you thought of CACHE!?!?!? I’m at work, but will try to drop you an email!!!

    Yeah, that is not one of my fave words either — but somehow it fit that tacky sign! LOL!

  13. ing replied:

    I would never strangle you, Ginab! I feel like utter, utter ejaculoid, only like nine hours after the fact, when creamy has dried up and become something else altogether. Something that won’t wash out of your whites.

    Does that ejaculoid really work?

    I’m drinking a 24-oz bottle of ginger ale. Only 8 more ounces to go. I’m not noticing a change in the frequency of my cummitude.

  14. matt replied:

    Ing — That is the single funniest comment I’ve seen in forever. Spit my soda out!!!

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