(stumbling with my cell phone and balancing the gift I got in honor Milford’s hula achievement. I dial “B”)

“Hey, it’s me! Matty. Um, I just wanted to say ‘hi’ — Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice. And, I have via your voice message. I know it is retarded but I miss you. But, I’ll see you tomorrow and hope to be with you all weekend. But only if you want. Don’t feel bad if you have other plans or if you don’t want to. Just tell me. I am such a geek. I keep waiting for you to pick up but this is your cell phone and not an answering machine. Duh. Well, it is just me. I think I am rambling. I tend to ramble. Ok. Well, I guess I will stop rambling now before you think I am too much of geek. I figure I will go home later tonight, sit in the corner of the living room and turn the lamp on and off for a few hours. That’s what I do when I think of you. Hope that doesn’t freak you out or anything. But, I won’t be ignored. Just kidding. OK. Well, I will talk to you later. Milford is picking me up in a few minutes. OK. Well, bye.”

(I then realize that some gay guy is watching/listening to me as he sits on his moped — I look at him. He smiles and — says –)

“Ah, love.” …then he starts up his scooter and off he goes.

Remarkably, “B” thought my vmail was funny and didn’t dump me or anything.

…but earlier that same day after my Mini refused to play anything other than “Yes, Sir” by Goldfrapp and then just sort of stopped playing all together — I ran to the Apple Store.

“My pink Mini iPod just totally broke after a day of torturing me by only playing corporate era Heart! I want to know what you can do about it!”

“Well, let’s take a look.”

(pulls my pink mini apart and attaches it to some cord)

“Wow! You play your iPod a lot! It’s gone, my friend. Why don’t we upgrade you to a Nano or an iPod!”

“No! I can’t spend that kind of money and a nano will not hold enough music!”

(much of me complaining, whine, frustration, annoyance, defiance, pouting, etc…)

fast forward about 30 minutes…

“OK, I’ll sale you the 3 gig Nano for $150 and we’ll allow a 15% recycle discount on your Mini. That is a good deal, my friend.”

“But, the Nano is going to scratch and break!”

“You can buy a carrying case for $25.”

“I am NOT going to spend $25 on a carrying case that should be coming with the Nano in the first place.”

(just wanting me to leave him alone, he turns to the girl at the register…)

“Just give him the carrying case.”

…The Santana song you see displayed is not mine. This is a picture I downloaded. I do not care much for Santana. Right now you would see The Eagles Hotel California album. I do like the way you can see the album art, but it just doesn’t hold enough music. Still, the guy promised me I could get a 15% recycle discount later this fall when I upgrade to a proper iPod. I can’t wait!!!!

June 3, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Motor City Monk replied:

    I’m going to upgrade to the new 30 gb iPod in black. Wonder if they’ll give me a 15% upgrade on my mini. The new 30 gb is 45% smaller than the regular iPod, only costs $299 and has a 15 or so hour battery life. Screw the nano. Any music lover can’t live with those space limitations. Plus it’s just too damn small for me.

  2. Matt replied:

    Have a greadt Sunday Matty, looks like it’s another sunny warm day. Lots of writing to do, revising part of my thesis, so I’ll be at the cafe, either Jumpin’ Java (on Noe) or somewhere where there is not a crowd with furtive glance aplenty! 🙂

  3. Tim replied:

    Yeah, I’m torn between the nano and a proper iPod. Small & cute vs bigger & chunkier; shit battery vs crap battery; no video vs some video. Decisions decisions!! I managed to cope with a 1GB Shuffle for a year, but 1GB really isn’t enough to cover all occassions, and the lack of screen and navigation started to really bug me towards the end.

  4. ing replied:

    I’m just so very, very sorry that your new iPod isn’t pink. Because the world needs pink.

    At work today, by the way, I changed out one of the windows & filled it with pink books. I slipped in Xaviera Holland’s Child No More, but only because we didn’t have The Happy Hooker. And I got that My Fair Lady book in there, plus a few other cool things which, maybe I’ll post about this. But one more thing: I was wearing my pink Rolling Stones shirt and I bought pink snacks for the readings/bands that came to the store tonight.

    I SO know what you mean about calling “B” and leaving that message and then fearing that you would be dumped. You will not be dumped, though. Nobody in their right mind would dump you for such a thing. For such a thing, he would (did) rejoice in his heart, believe me!

    Okay, enough, I’m probably making you nervous.

  5. ginab replied:

    If people are that cruel, and of course I know how cruel people can be, to dump somebody because that person has told them how much he misses him and so on, well that sort of stuff makes me want to…

    I was laughed at for near enough the same words. But we’re not fools. We’re not. nope. B is lucky to hear from you!


  6. Kris replied:

    Naww, that’ll be real evil of someone to dump you over leaving a voicemail message like that. I think even a cold person would turn soft after hearing that from somebody. It’s sweet and funny and would get them all fuzzy.. I am just readin it and that wasn’t even for me

    Ah that’s good to know about that recycling thing with Apple. I didn’t know that. I oughtta get mine replaced. I bought the regular one, like 3 weeks before the video iPod came out. Oh wow, that is good deal! Was it for a 4-GB nano though?? Or you can just wait it out and go with the video one. Those are neeat.

  7. matt replied:

    Motor City Monk and Tim — Go with the iPod!!!! That will be my bday gift to myself this year! And, I can’t wait! The Nano is OK, but I miss the space of my Mini. Sound is better, tho.

    matt – wasn’t it a perfect weekend!?!? hope you got your writing done!!!

    Ing — Neat-O display!!! Pink Power!!! We have to get your iPod up and running!!!

    Gina — I know. It is just my insecurities kicking in…

    Kris — isn’t that the way!?!?!? You buy the nice one and they roll a better one out! Oy! But, yeah, you could get a recycle deal. I think I got 15% because they just wanted me to leave them alone. LOL! It is normally 10% —- no, I got the middle level Nano — holds approx 500 songs. not enough for me! And, thank you!!!

    …I am so behind on my blogging and emailing! It is terrible!

  8. Karyn replied:

    Matty, will you go shopping with me???

  9. joe replied:

    just got back from Paris, still catching up on my blog readings. love the nano, but get a proper iPod 🙂 they have a pink one at Colette in Paris :)))

    oh, please turn on your RSS feed. 😀

  10. jay lassiter replied:

    gotta love stevie and the tambourine!–>

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