…very few words, but more than a few pix from a long weekend spent in the California sun. Adventures with “B” and Ing. A couple of movies, a visit to Ing’s way cool book store, searching for Ing’s car, not being able to find the correct dirt road to “that” beach, discussing art, selling some art, a brunch, romance, great music, sleeping late and staying up early. These are the pictures from my Memorial Day — and, I MUST catch up on blogging this week!!!!

perfect day!

…the ruins

…could it be “B”????

…not so much an X Man as an R Queer

…the pretty ruins

…don’t jump!


…cool view!

…OP (teeth)

…fantasy window. …not a fantasy man by the window

…pretty rocks

…a nice walk

…yes, it is “B” by the view of the pretty rocks.

Look! They white-washed Maggie Cheung to attract a larger western audience! …sad.

My iPod Shuffle as I walked to work this morning:
“Car Wash” by Rose Royce
“Boogie With Stu” by Led Zep
“Muscle Cars” by Mylo
“Yes, Sir I Can Boogie” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
“Nothing To Hide” by Ladytron
“Desperate But Not Serious” by Adam & The Ants
“Hairy Trees” by Goldfrapp
“Messy” by MenWomen&Children

…this is a wicked cool CD which everyone should own! Casiotone For The Painfully Lonely… They are awesome! This CD is called “Twinkle Echo”!!!!

May 30, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. jungle jane replied:

    My word Matty he is totally gorgeous!! lucky you – now i am torn between which one of you i want to steal away from the other. maybe i can swap from week to week??

  2. g8s replied:

    Great photos, Matt! Particularly the first one. And “B”! You guys are cute together! I’m going to post this & go back to look at the photos some more…

  3. Karyn replied:

    Holy Hotties. You look so happy! I totally covet your OP hoodie – the color is fab on you btw. Nice to see you being silly and happy – I miss those photos of you ‘striking a pose’.

  4. ginab replied:

    Ahhh…the cold Pacific beach front.

    Lookslike you had an “r” time. Great pics, and smiles, and poses and muse. pretty sun and rocky shore.

    I must get to work or else!


  5. Matt replied:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful people. What else can I ask for? 🙂

  6. Me replied:

    What a beautiful day (and, oh, my, the man is pretty sweet too)! But alas, no pictures of the lovely Ing. You did say she was there too? She didn’t jump did she?

  7. Chris Capp replied:

    Wonderful pics from what looks like a wonderful day! My brother and his wife lived in San Fran for 8 years and I always liked visits to the blustery beach.

    Love the X-Men poses!

    And how cool that you can walk to work!

    – C.

  8. Jon replied:

    Great pics! So it’s official, you guys are an item. Cute! And i didn’ t know people in SF smoked ciggies 😉

  9. Kris replied:

    Nice pics Matty. You two look together. Like the color of the hoodie too, it’s soothing to the eye. Well along with those classic faces and pose.

  10. matt replied:

    Jungle Jane! I know! He is soooo out of my league, but on top of the great looks — I think he is a really good person! So, that is a double score. And, there are many other way-cool things about “B” which I probably should not publish in the even that he looks at this. In public, he is a bit more “PG” rated to my “NC-17”. …and, you can steal me anytime!!! Steal me!!!! Tho, I tried hetro sex once. “it” didn’t work if you know what I mean.

    Mister 8! Thanks!!! I try not to stand too close to him because he is hotter than moi and I prefer to be the hotter one. Still, I will relinguish that for a good heart. LOL!

    Karyn! I am happy, but I was happy before I met “B” and we’re really just dating — exclusively. But, I’ve got my fingers crossed that he won’t dump me. …as guys seem want to do. I am always striking poses, there just haven’t been cameras present as of late and the press in SF doesn’t seem to follow me the way they used to! It hurts.

    Gina — Muse! I am his muse! Yay! Come and play with us on the shore!!!!

    matt! LOL! Thanks! Hey, when do I get to meet you?!?!!? we’re in the same city, dude! Actually, you might even be next door right now. I am at my fave cafe…

    Lovely Meredith — Thank you!!! It was a perfect long weekend! Northern California can be sooooo perfect sometimes. I love this city! No, Ing (the hottest girrrrl in SF!) didn’t jump — that would be against the rules!! LOL! But, she had to work and could not go to the beach. However, Ing has many (or several stories to tell of her weekend, but I would never steal her thunder!) …we hung out (as always) but I didn’t have my camera at the time. I forced her to watch the Maggie Cheung movie (that picture was taken before she arrived) and we saw another movie as well. And, I bothered her for an hour or two while she tried to work. She is a stunningly beautiful as ever. Great bone structure and a bod built for French designers!

    Chris! HI! Thanks! I miss seein’ you drop by! Yeah, the beaches are windy/cold but so beautiful. And, it is kind of nice to go to the beach and not break a sweat! No matter what anyone says — I’m not a slut. Just proactive. But, I can’t walk to work. It just happened that I had stayed somewhere that was within walking distance to my office. If I am lucky I might be staying there again tonight. Fingers crossed!!!

    Jon! LOL! Thanks! …yeah, I guess we are an item. Don’t want to curse anything. Sure, people smoke up here! Isn’t that a hot picture of “B”? Not sure why smoking always seems so sexy to me, but it does. He is trying to quit. You will have to come to SF, hang out and you can smoke!

    Kris! Thank you! I am so excited to see that OP is back in style. ….my jr high/high school fashion daze! …It’s coming back to me!!!

  11. Matt replied:

    You are so right about how the show-biz here portrays Maggie Cheung – she looks so white. I’ve got the VCD of Clean last year. The movie didn’t make so much noise in Hong Kong except the tabloid noticed that her ex-husband directed the movie. Have you seen it yet?

  12. ing replied:

    Oooh, that “B” guy is fiiine! I think your respective hotnesses match up pretty well, though.

    Um, since when are you NC-17? I thought you were R bordering on X. . . or am I a Huge Prude?

  13. Tim replied:

    Ah-hah! Matty, international man of mystery, offers us a sneak peak into his debauched lifestyle – The outrageous poses! The sunshine and the glamour of California! The hot manflesh on display! It’s all just too much really ….

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