A few weeks ago I made mention of a book that I discovered thanks to one of my fave blogs. The blog I mentioned is one of my favorite blogs, but it was not the one that led me to the way cool book by Pete Burns. I made an mistake and credited the wrong blog. This is not cool as all bloggers know!

And, it got me to thinking — I really need to do all I can to show anyone who will follow the light that is being held up by The Grande Trashbender! …no one really knows what he looks like, but he likes to use the iconic image of Miss Hepburn in her way cool sun glasses to stand in for his picture. I suspect Trashbender is quite hot.

So, please! I implore you to take my advice and visit his site because you’re destined to discover something new or something from the past that will either give you a fond feeling or a really creepy one. Such as Trashbender’s recent discovery of a horrific vid-clip from 1980 that explains why disco REALLY died. …Disco could do nothing but roll over and die when Liza Minnelli decided to belt her own version of Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” — it hurts, boy and girls. However, I know you’re all secretly dying to see Liza warble her coked-up way thru the Donna’s disco classic. …and, kill disco once and for all. I also do not think that there is anything that Trashbender does not know about 80’s pop music. He is a must visit site! And, tell him I sent you, please! And, please request that he find the vid-clip for “I Eat Cannibals” — anyone remember that little gem of the 80’s??!!?!? I need to see it!!!!

So — go and take a look at the

  • killing of music!!!

    My bestest pal, Ing, has been begging me to give her a copy of my baby picture taken by The Baptist Hospital of Beaumont, Texas at approx 6am on November 12, 1966 just about 2 hours after my birth. I was removed from my mother’s vaginal canal with the aid of forceps — which bruised my head. This probably explains a lot. Anyway, some odd nurse must have thought it would be cute to pose me. So my little hand was placed beneath my oddly (and thankfully temp deformed) head —- it looks like an evil little sprite silently judging someone. Actually, it is both scary and rather funny. The horrific photo was then placed in a seriously 60’s announcement card to be mailed out to loved ones to announce the birth of me.

    I found a stack of these cards when I was clearing out some things after my father died. I think my mother wisely opted to not send many of them out. Anyway, I thought it would be funny to send them out in 1997 — which I did. …to a number of friends. I only have one left. Ing wants it so she can show it to random people and tell them it is the baby she had — but “put down” due to the fact that “it” seemed to be judging her. Or some such. Quite funny. But, I couldn’t stand the idea of parting with my only remaining copy. So, I had a color copy made for her personal use.

    …I felt I should share the joy that my mother decided to hide from the world of late 1966. I do look rather evil. But, I’m not. I’m quite nice, actually.

    Oh! And, run — don’t just walk to the nearest indie record store and pick up a copy of the new CD by Men,Women&Children!!!! It is fantastic and a must own!!!! And, while you’re picking it up — be sure to buy “Supernature” by Goldfrapp if you have still not picked that one up!!!! These are essentials for all record collections. Just like “The Power of Pussy by Bongwater! Everyone should own these records. It should be put into law! …think 90’s indie rock smashed up with trash disco and you get the idea. It is pure magic!

    I’m also really getting into this odd little band from the Land of Bjork! A big thanks to my ‘secret admirer’ who ever you are! You’ve exceptional taste and know just what I like! I am really enjoying this CD! Sigur Ros rocks! …well, in an ambient OK Computer kind of way.

    Ing, Alan and I saw a wicked cool/good movie called SOMERSAULT from Australia! See it!!!!


    May 25, 2006. Uncategorized.


    1. Me replied:

      Oh my god! That baby picture is priceless… what a little imp! And your eyes are wide open! Old soul. Wise little baby.
      Baby, why are you looking at me that way?
      Who gave the baby a cleaver!? Ahhhhhhhhhh!

    2. Matt replied:

      That’s an adorable baby!

      Eh?…another scorpio here. Nov 18.

    3. Debbi replied:

      Hmm, looks vaguely familiar. My oldest daughter was delivered the same way. She looked like a little mouse for months. lol. She had really long fingers and now that I think about it…looked a bit like ET.


    4. thomas replied:

      matt you were so cute with your little dented head and satanic glance.

    5. matt replied:

      Meredith — I know! I look so evil. I guess we know why my mom opted to not mail them out.

      matt — thank you!!!! wow! scorpio! tho, I don’t think I am much of a scorpio. …a friend did my chart and I guess something is falling or rising which makes me more of a virgo. ???

      debbi — I am sure she was/is a gorgeous baby! She must have looked better than me!!! I looked evil!

      Oh, Tommy — I’m blushing!!! Kisses!

    6. Tim replied:

      (Lol @ Me!) Re: Killing Music, anyone that plugs the Pipettes (my favourite group my a mile at the moment) is definitely good in my book. And your baby photo is so sweet! Although Thomas is right about the whole dent/satan thing …. but still cute!!

    7. Matt replied:

      Is virgo compatible with scorpio? I used to date a virgo and a scorpio.

      Tarot cards said both of these relationships were doomed. *sigh*

    8. Pixie Sprinkle replied:

      WAAAAAAAAAAAA aunty matty the evil baby is coming to get me! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      Well that’s what mummy said would happen if i didn’t clean my room….

      Mummy also says that scorpio’s are great roots. I am not sure what that means.

    9. Trashbinder replied:

      Thank you for the plug, Matt. It really wasn’t necessary to post the apology, but it’s very much your style to be so sweet. Merci.

      What’s with the Trashbender anyway? I am Trashbinder, pronounced trash-bin-der which was a nickname given to me by my best friend. I think it’s supposed to be my pseudo Indian monicker.

      Oh, and by the way, I have ordered Men Women and Children on your recommendation.

      PS Cute baby.

    10. ginab replied:

      Did I fail to acknowledge the baby? I want to pick you up Matty and do certain thinks a man of your ilk just wouldn’t like a whole lot at all whatsoever (no wheres near), but it’s pouring rain and flashing lightening here and so off line I go (oh I go!).

    11. matt replied:

      Tim – Yes, someone in a book store (Ing’s, actually) told me I had the Satan in me. …or was it me who told him that??? It’s a bit of a blur I’m afraid. Killing Music rocks!!!

      matt — well, I don’t know. but, I don’t hold much faith in the cards or the stars. I put my faith in my instinct, the kindness of strangers and Stevie Nicks.

      Pixie! I’ve missed you! All your mommy means is that Scorpios are the salt of the earth. If she tells you “root” means anything else — just cover your ears and chant magik words. Evil baby won’t come to get you! I promise!

      Trashbinder!!! I can’t wait to hear what you think of that band and their CD!!!! I’ve got to catch up on my blogging!!!!

      Gina! I really can’t wait to meet you! And, thanks! …I think.

    12. ing replied:

      Baby, baby, baby — you are not a virgo!

      I remember I Eat Cannibals, the song. But I can’t recall the video, except that I remember thinking it was super cool.

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