Saturday morning, as “B”* and I emerged from his apartment at about Noon we witnessed a most interesting San Francisco Castro Sight. “B” lives on a very queer positive street and it is near another infamous street which is on a rather severe SF incline/decline (dependent upon which direction you might be headed) Anyway, we both saw a man/boy dressed in some odd “party” costume made to look like a fish of some sort. This costume covered his back side, the top of his arms and the top of his head. He was running down in the incline of the street. Only, he wasn’t just running — He was sort of jumping and flapping his arms hysterically. Even from a distance he had a sort of manic high-impact energy. Oh, and his pants had fallen and were at his angles. This was causing some challenges for him as he ran/skipped/jumped his way down the steep street.

“I think someone is still tweaking” …was my comment.

“B” agreed.

Now, this is where it got strange. We both stood watching Fish Club Boi sort of flapping down the hill when suddenly (and without any sort of warning) he just fell. …flat on his face. I am not exaggerating when I write that I think we heard him “splat” on the pavement. We both started walking slowly up the hill. I guess we were going to make sure he was OK. But, as we edged closer — Fish Club Boi sort of sprung back to life. He slowly pushed himself up. Clearly, the impact on the street had knocked him out. I didn’t want to see the blood — so I just sort of looked at his feet. Expensive foot gear and underwear. He had nice legs. He pulled his pants up. And, then, he was jumping up and down again — flapping on down the street toward the many queer brunchers of The Castro. Someone let Fish Club Boi leave the party too soon. It was one of those moments distinctly San Francisco. I’ve a feeling he is in a hospital right now. At the very least, his nose had to be have been broken. Oh, when will these cute little boys learn.

We then spent the day exploring Berkeley where I was shown a very odd place filled with discarded items such as old photo albums of memories and families long forgotten. Kind of sad. But, wild and cool clown paintings, pianos and vinyl!!! Oh, and there were two customers there whom I really liked. They were a couple and it was as if they had been transported from 1969. She was in a hippie prairie dress with long flat hair and he had the same hair only with an unkept beard and really vintage bell bottom jeans with boots. I think they were on their way home to enjoy some hash, tofu and Melanie records.

Alan is on his way to see Julie Andrews present the city with some sort of award. I am jealous, but will be adult about and not tell him. I wanna meet Mary Poppins!!!

Oh, here are my way cool pink/brown shoes! I received many compliments on them today! …this is my pose for my cool new $12 shoes…

We closed shop early but I was there till normal time doing all the things that have to be done. Oh well. At least I got to blast my fave music. I was riding the white horse as I closed the day and posted monies received.
…it’s a ring. isn’t it cool???

*”B” will now refer to The Boyfriend who is seriously rocking my world. sigh. …I hope I didn’t just curse myself.

May 22, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. thomas replied:

    Lord, I’m confused. You go from shoes to work, then a pic of a ring? And then comments about B. are you engaged? What exactly is the significance of the ring? Are you being purposely vague? I thought everyone agreed that was my job.

  2. matt replied:

    I am practicing being “discreet” and “mysterious”

    but, isn’t it a cool ring???

  3. ing replied:

    Jaysus, I go on three dates with “Tomboy” and I don’t even get a kiss! I think it’s your monkey charm that’s doing it. . . I must have a monkey-penis-necklace, I must!

    Matty, sweets, I emailed you days ago & did not get a reply. I figured you were, um, too busy. . . It makes me kind of sad, but I understand, honest!

    Wednesday, though, I’m there! Somersault!

  4. matt replied:

    Ing — “Tomboy” is a total loser! We can get you a monkey charm if you want!!! …and, I am sending you an email now. I never got any emails from you since after ART SCHOOL. ???? Don’t be sad!! I am NEVER too busy for you or my friends!!!! Sending a big hug!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jon replied:

    I have zero tolerance for guys into ‘PNP’. I actually once hooked up with this cute guy who was on Tina and he scared the crap out of me. I mean, he seemed sweet, but we were making out and every time there was the slightest noise, he would run to the window and stare out, thinking people were watching him. Anyway, I left before anything hot and heavy happened since he said I could barback him since he’s negative, or so he said…but if he offers to be barebacked when he’s tweaking, surely some guys would oblige. I just said good bye and went home, what a freak show.

    For all I know he’s dead, but it’s not really my problem.

  6. matt replied:

    Jon – He probably heads up the Queer Theory courses at NYU. …guys like that don’t die. They either excel into the big time or go flapping down steep hills in SF in silly bird costumes. Sad.

  7. Dessie replied:

    Woah back up here… you slept at his place?

  8. k replied:

    From yesterday’s post I’d have expected your sneakers to be a lot pinker. If it were not for the pink laces, they’d be – almost – ungayishly plain.

    And, btw, you are incredibly thin!!!


  9. Kris replied:

    Ahh, those sneakers aren’t bad at all. When you mentioned pink, I was thinking more towards hello kitty pink but that’s settled.

    Naks, way to go Matt.. Nah, at least now we know so we can cheer you on..Ganbatte kawaii Mattsu!!!
    Glad to hear everything’s good.

  10. ginab replied:

    neat shoes, and nice ring (!).

    the fish boi makes me wonder “why”.

  11. joe replied:

    ooooh you got the one ring to rule them all! precious! and ruby pink shoes. a whole outfit that even a tweaky boy could love!

  12. Tim replied:

    Mysterious my ass, you’re just a big tease Matty!! But seriously, sounds like things are going ‘swimmingly’ with B, if you’ll pardon the fish-related pun. I’m really happy for you.

  13. Brooke replied:

    Why are all the good ones taken? And gay?

  14. matt replied:

    Dessie — I know what you’re trying to get at! Just because I easy doesn’t mean I’m a slut. Does it?

    Kai!!! Big kiss! I’m thin!!!! Well, they have pink lines all around them and on the back. They didn’t photo very well. Uber-cool, tho!

    Kris — Oh, no! The sneakers totally rule!!! I love ’em!

    Gina — Yeah, I wonder “why” as well. If only to understand the mind as it races on meth. Probably best not to, tho.

    Joe — I’m blushing!

    Tim — I know. I’m not really very mysterious at all. But, I’m trying. I wore a veil today.

    Brooke — Oh, they are not all taken. And, they can’t all be gay. There is a hot “B” for you just waiting to be found — or, to find you!

  15. Matt replied:

    Happy engagement! LOL I’m happy for ya Matty. 🙂

    BTW from now on there’s a reason to popo my head into Sweet Inspiration. The lady who just took over is always sweeping….

  16. Dessie replied:

    I never even suggested you topped him. But now you said it, you slut you….


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