I always aim to be a supportive, loyal and solid friend. It was this aim in mind when I explained to Ing that, while I understood her need to clean her home in preparation for the arrival of her parental unit, I could not let her move forward with her plans. We had plans for last night but they all had to be amended when I discovered that we had the opportunity to see Matthew Barney’s film version of his latest artistic vision, DRAWING RESTRAINT 9. The 2.5 hour film is a glimpse into what will make up his show and collaborative effort with his life partner, Bjork. So, you see, Ing had no choice. She had to trek with me and Alan to see the masterpiece that Barney and Bjork have wrought. Ing understood the gravity of the situation and we proceeded to walk toward our destination.

I’ve had a cold since Monday. I think this is my month to be sick. Anyway, my nose bleeds when I have a cold or great sex. But, as Ing and I walked up this street my nose started bleeding without warning. …All over me. So, I did what anyone would do and screamed, “Ingrid! Ouch! Stop hitting me!!!!” — and ran several paces in front of her. As always, Ing caught that ball with grace and started chasing up the street shaking her fist screaming words that would make her parental unit blush. Once we made our way to one of the many Tacorio thing-i-ees all over the city — I ran to the restroom, stripped off my way cool but now blood stained OP hoodie and soaked it. Then Ing and I sat for a while and discussed life, love, sex, the meaning of life, God and Matthew Barney’s DRAWING RESTRAINT 9. You know. The things that really matter in life.

Wow. It’s been a long road from that imp of a little girl who warmed our hearts as she fronted that odd little outfit we now remember as The Sugarcubes to the clubster sprite of the very early 90’s to the head mistress of electronica to the daring performance on the OSCARS wearing a dead swan. But, who would have guess that our fave little pixie of eccentricity would land in the arms of hunky but VERY odd conceptual video artist, Matthew Barney?!?!? Actually, it all makes perfect sense if one charts our Bjork’s sonic adventure. I do, however, worry for what it might be like for their love child. That poor kid must have “trouble” written all over his little face! yeah, Matthew Barney is fucking hot but he knows it and you better remember it, baby!!!

Anyway, DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 seems to be a meditation on the need of both nature and man to draw on restraint in an attempt to prevent the natural course of things. Now, this idea goes against the very grain of nature. But, that is how I viewed what we saw displayed on the screen. Ritualistically human formalities contrasted with ritualistic workings of a rig crew on the great seas to those of native women collecting things from a reef and the very “nature” of nature fighting against them all. Yes, it is all quite heavy and metaphorical. It is also oddly pretty with all of it’s metallic. lubed and blue glory. And, Bjork has created an amazing musical score for her man’s film. …giving it all for art.

It is a cool bit of experimental film. I was never bored for all 160 minutes. However, there were more than a couple of audience members who opted to leave before it ended. However, let’s be honest. The scene for which this film will always be remembered is the one in which Bjork and Matthew sort of make love while using huge butcher knives to hack off each other limbs in a pool of liquid composed of sea water, blood, tea and Vaselilne. As the flesh is pulled away and appendages are hacked off we discover what we knew all along. Yes, kids. Bjork and Mr. Barney are little whales.

anyway, during one of the more graphic moments — Bjork tenderly pulls away the meat from Matthew’s leg — Ing was cringing uncomfortably in her seat — I leaned over to Ing and whispered, “Ahhhhh. True love”

I am not sure what this was all about, but I kind of like it. And it was cool to see the film for which the music I’ve been playing on my iPod for over a year was written. Oh, and I’d like to say that I am all for drawing restraint if that is what floats your boat but count me out if knives are involved. I don’t think I am up for that. No. I am not a little whale. I’m a little tea cup with glitter flowers ’round the edges. …when life gives you lemons, toss them in a tub with Bjork. It works.

May 14, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Dessie replied:

    Wow, that first image is… wow

  2. matt replied:

    Dessie — yeah, it was pretty intense. I really did like it. Not sure that my two friends enjoyed it all that much, but I thought it “neat” — tho, not sure I understood it. Felt the same way about CREMASTER

  3. thomas replied:

    sweetie, you watch the strangest things.

  4. josh williams replied:

    Whens it coming to Indy? I like to sneak in my snacks and drinks in my dates purse. I tell her its performance art, saves me some jing and really drives the woman wild to be hanging with a scofflaw.

  5. joe replied:

    bjork is super cool. that swan dress was just crazy. and super cool. kinda like a reverse MJ. and the music… 🙂 super cool. I’m just so super today!

  6. ing replied:

    Oh, Matty, I liked the movie because it was beautiful to watch — but I have such a hard time with these theme-based movies . . . I’m usually most drawn in by a compelling character.

    I’m really glad I saw it, though, and I’d definitely see it again. I just didn’t feel like I understood it. But as you know, everything’s fun to me as long as I get to do those things with you. I’d see any concert or show with you, just because you recommended it. You’re like ginab to me — you fill me out & make me more whole.

    Besides, I hate cleaning my room : ).

  7. matt replied:

    Tommy!! Yes, the stranger and darker — the better!

    Commander Josh — You know the ladies and how to work it! Rock on! …might want to skip the snak during the last 40 minutes. It’s a bit, um, graphic.

    Joe! I could have told you were super! Any day of the week!

    Ing — Ever consider that it is you who fills me out and makes me whole?!!??! It would not have been the same without your being there! …I don’t think it really made much sense — I just think it was neat to look at and that the music was quite pleasing.

  8. ginab replied:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  9. ginab replied:

    Boy I do remember Happy Birthday by the SCubes. Played all over London back in the day. The little lady from the little island set forth then and found, at last, a man worthy of her.

    Now where did I put my suitcase?


    PS: f parents.

  10. CHRIS-REMIXED replied:

    that’s a great film and Bjork is fab. I love her, I love her, I love her, she’s mine!!

  11. matt replied:

    Gina — yes, and certain parents deserve that ‘f’ more than others. ugh! …the more I think about what I heard and saw the more angry I become. Sucks.

    Chris-ReMixed!!! Yes! She is supreme! I am so glad to live in a world where an artist can still do what she/he likes on a major label. …it is fantastic!

    Thomas – You know, you’ll be watching these things with me when you get your fine ass over here!!!

  12. Jon replied:

    Bjork has gotten too weird, even for me. I listen to Medula every once in a while and have to turn it off. Sigh.

  13. matt replied:

    Jon — Medulla creeps me out. Parts of it sound like THE EXORCIST to me — but the soundtrack to DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 is really quite good. Seriously. Very cool music. I rec. it!!!
    …my roommate has the vinyl double set and it sounds so incredible. ..it is what Medulla should have been. I think.

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