I’ve never been very smart when it comes to “healing” or whatever. I had a cup of tea and some rice — then, when I was feeling pretty good — I had a cheese sandwich and a Diet Coke. I guess when one has been sick for a good 24 hours one should drink some water. And, I guess a cup of tea isn’t really good enough. I never really thought much about it. I felt better. …so, when I woke up bright and early this morning. I was all psyched to be getting back to my fab gay job! Sure, I felt a tad weak and a little sluggish — but I had been pretty sick. So, I ate my cup of oatmeal and was out the door at 6am! I boarded the MUNI M train and took note that I needed to buy my May pass today. As per the way of the M train, we were instructed to exit the train at West Portal and board the L train that was coming up behind us. I remember feeling kind of odd and annoyed that my iPod was playing music I did not want to hear. Next thing I know — I am lying on the grimy floor of the M train. My head hurts and Toni Basil is screeching about Mickey somewhere not too far from my head. A sweet little lady was standing over me asking me if I was OK. At least I think that is what she was asking. She was not speaking English.

Then a beefy MUNI guy was helping me up and I spent the next hour chatting with two MUNI reps and a couple of “medics” doing my very best to talk them out of forcing me to go to the city hospital — especially as I still have no insurance. Soon, but not yet. After downing a Gatoraide (yuck!) and a bottle of water — and several odd examinations of my head — they agreed that they would “escort” me back home and that I was to take it easy for the day and drink lots of water. I was lectured. I had to sign something which I think excused MUNI from any responsibility. I called one of my bosses who was really sweet about it.

So, here I sit. Bored. Feeling OK. Not great, but not sick enough to be stuck in the house — AGAIN! I am drinking water, but wanting Diet Coke. Led Zep is singing on the CD player. I am worried that I will not be able to get a MUNI pass as I think today is the last day that they can be purchased. Ugh! I thought I might have a dinner date tonight. That is not happening. Not tonight, anyway. Oh, and my headset broke in half when I landed on the floor of the train. …that probably helped me from hurting myself anymore than I could have. I just taped it together so that I will not be music-less on my way to work tomorrow. …and I WILL be at work tomorrow. No matter what.

oy. …I know that this was my own stupid fault, but I prefer to blame Toni Basil for today’s misfortune. So, don’t blame me or my wild heart — blame Toni and her cheerleading pop.

Oh! And, Thugfucker will be appearing at The Wierd Festival this Sunday! Yes, I actually email with Thugfucker! They are the future of dance and I can say I knew ’em when. Anyway, they are putting me and “my posse” on the guest list at Pink and some other place. I hope I get to go. I LOVE “Pocket Rocket” — the CD is out in France and should be headed to the UK and the US any day now!!! Exciting stuff, kids! …THUGFUCKER. …today, the dance floor. tomorrow, the world will fall into the thugfucker trance. Tho, I do worry that middle america might have trouble embracing them due to their name. However, they are not too concerned with this! If you’re in SF or the Bay Area — get to the Weird Festival this Sunday!!!

May 3, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Dessie replied:

    You know you’re gonna get a rep on the MUNI…

  2. ginab replied:

    fainting scares me from the inside. I can’t imagine what happens to people they experience it on the outside.

    just a thought.

    how’d the date swing? hmm? Hmm?

    I must run. hello-hello!


  3. matt replied:

    Dessie — Aw, I know. Soon they are going to refuse me entry. And, I fear I missed the last day to secure a new pass for May. Argh!

    Gina — I never think about it. I think I was more annoyed than scared. …annoyed with myself that I didn’t think of drinking water. Idiot that I am. The date last weekend was great! Second one scheduled for this Saturday! I was to have another today, but that won’t be happening. I just feel so guilty for having missed work like this! Ugh! And, I am so bored of being stuck here!!!

  4. Kris replied:

    Awww, Matty. Sorry to hear about you fainting. Hope you feel better soon, and was able to find something/someone to make time pass lol
    Drink, drink water. The Coke might have dehydrated you somehow. Hmm, that was the night before.
    That’s real nice though that they made our Matty was safe and sound.
    I didn’t know that there are only certain dates you can get a pass, I used to think you can get it anytime you please.

  5. jungle jane replied:

    Thugfucker? Holy smoke Matty what would Barabara Streisand think?

    I wonder if the Gatorade had anything to do with you fainting? sort of an allergic reaction to not drinking Diet Coke?

  6. matt replied:

    Kris — I hope you’re correct about the pass thing, but I am almost certain that today was the final day to buy one. I think you have the last 5 days of the month and the first 3 days of the current. I hope I’m wrong. All better now. Have had soooooo much water!!

    Jungle Jane — No, they gave me the gatorade and water after they got me up from having passed out. But someone told me that gatorade should only be used when you’ve exerted yourself — no dehydration from being ill. Hmmmmm…

  7. matt replied:

    Oh, and Barbra would love Thugfucker! They rock! And, we all know that Babs rocks with the best of ’em!

  8. Mone replied:

    Hi Matt, Crabby thought I should check you out and thats how I came here. I’ll find some Thugfucker demos to listen to. You are lucky that your boss was’nt to upset about not showing for work. Have fun at the Weird Festival, wish I could be there. SF is the most beautiful city on earth I’ve seen so far, just love it. TTFN says Mone

  9. digitic replied:

    Matt — I think you’re thinking of the grace period for not having a pass. I may be wrong since I get my pass sticker mailed to me every month.

    Give it a try anyway. Can’t imagine MUNI not willing to sell passes for less that a month’s time — that’s just pure “profit” for them.

    And anything with caffiene is a diuretic and that includes sodas and tea and diet pills. Caffiene makes you pee.

    And, *darnit*, be more aware of what you’re doing to your body!


  10. ing replied:

    Yes, be aware! Drink water! Cranberry juice! C’mon, Matty!

    Why do you pass out so often? Are you eating enough? Eat! Eat! I do not like this passing-out-thing! I’m healthy as a horse and have only passed out once, when Tammy Bright banged my head into a closed locker (I went to a really rough junior high & I was such the dork).

  11. Karyn replied:

    Matty? Sweetie darling? Ok. Let’s review. As a friend who is also plagued by chronic stomach ills, I’m not bothered by the puking too much. I’m quite good at it now actually – perhaps I ought to look into Bulimia -much cheaper than Weight Watchers – but I digress.

    You. Need. To. Eat. Regularly! And possibly more than you’ve been eating.

    When Sick: COKE, not diet coke, works nicely to help settle the stomach per the syrup content. Gatorade is also good; there are some flavours now which are quite nice.
    The BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) is for when you have diarrhea. Grilled cheese is right out, whether you are vomiting or having any other g.i. problem.

    Nauseous? Puking? Go clear liquids and bland bland food. Toast. Jello. Popsicles. Non Acidic Juice (ie: apple, not orange). Chicken soup.

    Sheesh. I wish you were nearer so I could help take care of you. (It’s what I do.) Do you need anything???

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