…naughty Jill
…thank you
“…so, you have to die before I get your money. Right?”

Yes. It arrived today. The second series of NIGHTY NIGHT!!!! Alan and I just watched the first 3 episodes — and, I have to admit. My jaw fell a couple of times. And, I even cried. …with laughter. Ms. Julia Davis really cranked the dark/twisted humor meter up to 11 for this round! I think it so strange that Oprah aided in the production of series 2!??!?!? Color me impressed. Oprah — the dark side. Too bad she will NEVER be able to show much of this on American TV!?!?!

I can hardly wait to see what happens in the final 3 episodes!

Um, Dessie or Lubin — can you tell me what “Linder” was doing with that fish when Jill ran down the poor black woman? I think I might have an idea but am not quite sure. And, when they brought in the horse and the vid cam I got a wee bit worried about where we were heading.

God bless the BBC!!!!

I wanna live in London! Or, anywhere in the UK for that matter! The midlands! Maybe I could meet someone like Jill and be her PA!

April 24, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Kris replied:

    Matt, just where did you obtain the second season? I am now hooked to this show, thank you very much.

  2. matt replied:

    Kris! Well, for those outside of the UK — the only way to see series 2 is to purchase the DVD via Amazon.com UK or some other UK based store. And, you need to have a region free DVD player. I am wondering if maybe you already have one from living in Japan. ??? I secured my copy long ago, but it was only released on this past week. I am sure it will be released on DVD to the US, but it took about a year for series one. ??? You can get a region free player at Radio Shack for under $50.

  3. ginab replied:

    Not heard of Night-night. I’ll need to check in with Netflicks. Just so busy and not so busy. In a state of flux I ‘spose.

    Sorry I haven’t been around to say hi Or…there are just to many good reasons to say “sorry”.

    howz our gal pal?


  4. Me replied:

    I love this show! I find myself alternating between laughing my ass off and feeling slightly guilty for doing so. Perfect combination. My only guess as to Oprah’s involvement is that, like her “book club” she relies on someone else to choose for her. (Oh shut up! She does so!) Perhaps they’re playing a practical joke on her? “Hey, Oprah, look what we signed your name too! hee hee!”

  5. ing replied:

    Maybe there’s more than one Oprah. . .

    Does anyone name their kid Oprah? I’ve never heard of such a thing, but it seems like a great idea.

  6. ing replied:



  7. Dessie replied:

    She had the fish stuck up… well you know. If you listen to what she says before about how she got the fiver, she had two in the front bottom, one in thr back bottom – then he used a fish.

    Utterly vile, and deliciously so.

  8. ginab replied:

    plucky-plucky eye browies.

  9. Jon replied:

    You want to live in the Midlands with pale chav people in tracksuits??!!

  10. ginab replied:

    Hey, I have series one in line through Netflicks. And both series of the Office (BBC). I should be in stiches for a few weeks.

    so glad.

  11. matt replied:

    Gina — It is the sickest, most vile, dark and excessively funny TV show I’ve seen since AbFab. …well, much darker and twisted that AbFab ever dared be! I LOVE it! Can’t wait to show it to Ing! I’ve not seen her since Saturday, but we’ll be hangin’ this weekend! They are showing THE SHINNING at The Castro. …a Kubrick retrospective!!!! Yay!

    Meredith — You really need to see the uncut versions on DVD! Series Two is beyond belief. It takes a lot to shock me, but several scenes did just that!

    Ing — Oprah is Harpo spelled backward. Says a lot when you think about it. …maybe Oprah IS marketing and not a real person. Just a thought. …and, that was a scary link. Why do you want to hurt me?!?!?

    Dessie — Alan and I would not have understood this if you hadn’t pointed that out — we were too busy laughing to catch the lines. Oh my! How far can that envelope be pushed?!!?? LOL!

    Jon – Yeah, I think I’d be happy anywhere in the UK! I just love everything I see about the culture. The midlands would be ok!

  12. Dessie replied:

    So did you get to the part where Linda and Jill are in the hospital… and ruin someone’s lunch? Ewwwwwww

  13. matt replied:

    Dessie! LOL! YES! …we finished series 2 last night!!!!

    This is my fave scene from the whole series — then it would be where Jill just sort of spazes at the dinner table just after asking everyone to ignore her. LOL!

    Oh my God — what kind of mind does that woman have to think of that stuff?!?!? I love her! I adore her! I tip my hat!

  14. Lubin replied:

    I haven’t seen any of season 2 yet, but am looking forward to it.

    I love how you want to live in the Midlands. I guess exotic doesn’t have to equate with glamorous. But there are cooler places in the UK to live though. I think you’d like Brighton.

  15. Dessie replied:

    lol @ Lubin, nicely put.

    Yess Matty spend a day in the Midlands and then see how you feel about it 😉

  16. matt replied:

    I guess it must be like where I grew up only with better accents. ?????

  17. Kris replied:

    Umm Linder is alive in this season? what the??

    Nah, I never acquired a region-free DVD player when I was in Japan. DVD’s over there are like $40 so didn’t really buy any at the local market. Either the BX or amazon baby..

  18. matt replied:

    Oh, Kris — yes. Linder is alive and well and providing many laughs! …well, you get a region free player at Radio Shack for pretty cheap. ???

  19. Trashbinder replied:

    For sure, there are some dreadful places in the Midlands, but equally there are some lovely dwellings.

    You should try Quorn, home of the lovely Elaine McVey. Rural Leicestershire is quite adorable. Barbour jackets and green wellington boots ahoy.

    Lubin is right though, Brighton is possibly one of the loveliest places. Great coffee shops and quaint traditional cafeterias, oh and hot boys.

    PS Nighty Night is genius.

  20. Kris replied:

    Nope, can’t buy one at this time hehe. You can rip it and send me *whistles

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