Last weekend as I was on my way to meet up with that Goddess otherwise known as “Ing” — she, Alan and I later met up with my brother to hang out for the evening. Anyway, I looked out the streetcar and saw a beautiful woman painting a huge mural over a wall that has always been rather ugly. I checked in with my pal and then ran back down the street and asked the painter if I could take her picture. She was about my age and was working a sort of Kate Bush look that was really working for her. She had this lovely Eastern European accent. I wanted to ask her from where in Europe she came but I was worried that she might think I was hitting on her. Instead I asked her about the painting. She had been there since the morning and was determined to hide the cracks and damage of the wall. She pointed out that she feared the next earthquake would take it down anyway, but she wanted to make it pretty. I told her that I felt it was always good to try and make your corner of the world as beautiful as possible. We only chatted for a few minutes. We talked about the weather and how this rainy season seems to be without end. She mentioned that she felt part of her drive had to do with the fact that we had a respite from the rain for a little while.

I spent over 3 hours completing paperwork for the evil lawyers representing AmEx in their lawsuit against me. I am now having to have it copied at a copy shop. It is going to take them 2 hours. Hard to believe all the crap that I had to provide and enter. I figure AmEx has spent whatever it is that they feel I owe them just on pursuing this. But, whatever. In another hour I will return to the copy shop, walk over to UPS and have it sent to the court, the lawyers and one to me because I AM NOT going to carry that beast of burden around with me tonight.

I located my MonkeyWithGiantPenis necklace. …It was in the dryer. I had to go to that odd little bead store on Castro and have the leather cord replaced. It cost me $1.98. The cool bead riot girrrrrrrl explained to me that this is a Thai symbol for financial good luck. Cool! Someone out there — thank you for sending my monkey penis necklace!!! It is on as I type. It feels good to have it back on!

Well, I have a couple of dates getting lined up for the coming week. Yeah, well. And, it looks like I might be going to LA in August. It will be an adventure! A couple of people whom I love deeply are going to be concerned about this little trip, but I think I want to make it. I think I need to make it.

Oh, and tonight!!! So, tonight Ingrid and I are seeing the new documentary about brilliant songsmith, Daniel Johnston. It is called DANIEL JOHNSTON AND THE DEVIL. I think it is going to focus on his creativity and how he believes that this creative side comes from his mental illness. He is in town this weekend and was at the showing at the Lumiere last night. I hope he might be there tonight, but I hope he isn’t in one of his downward spiral moods. LOL! Poor guy. However, I have very strong feelings about his opinion that meds are wrong. I now put him in the same nut boat as Tommy Cruise. Yeah, I call him “Tommy” …We’re tight. I don’t agree with his opinions and am upset that he left me for that Katie Holmes girl but you know — I did cheat on him with George Clooney. Oh, um. Wait. Time for my meds. Milford is going to hook up with us after we get out of the movie and hang with us at some cool place that only Ing knows about. Ing knows all the cool hidden places in this magical city.

I fear I look silly today. I am in my cowboy button down shirt, untucked, with a red sport coat, flare-leg’d jeans and my black man clogs. I was getting attention from “the boys” as I walked here but I think that they may have been making fun of me vs. wanting to sex me up. Oh well. This seemed the approprate costume for the day. Good fashion intentions are better than none. I think. I felt about 20 of you recoil as I typed “man clogs” (sorry)

Anyway, as I ramble away I can see the sun attempting to shine down on us. But we all know that the winds from Japan are sending us a whooper of a storm later this afternoon. Someone said that this will be the last week of it and that the sunny days return next week. I hope they are right. However, if they are wrong — I hope this lovely lady will paint up another mural to help us wish away all this rain.

April 8, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Dessie replied:

    Hey Matty! Guess what! I bought both seasons of Nighty Night on DVD with the voucher I got for my birthday. I’ve only ever seen one episode but I got it on your recommendation… sometimes you have to do things just on faith alone, yaknow?

  2. matt replied:

    Dessie!!! I’m so excited for you! That is my fave TV show since AbFab/Candy With Strangers!!!! Is the second series out already!!?!?! According to my “sources” it isn’t out till 4/24 — but can I get it now?!?!? Tell me!!! I’m dying to see the further adventures of Evil Jill!!!!!

  3. Me replied:

    Darlin, have no fear, you could totally pull off “man clogs”. I’m sure the boys were eying you with lust in their eyes.

  4. ing replied:

    All the boys eye Matty! I’m jealous! Both my roommate and my guy-pal are man-magnets!

    I’m sorry, Matty, that I teased you about the clogs-with-sportcoat thing. You really did look cute (as always). The pink shirt with the red coat was perfect.

    Sheesh, that movie was sad! I do think DJ is extremely talented. He writes great love songs.

    Okay, tomorrow I’ll get some eye screws so I can hang the painting you got me — and batteries for my camera so I can post it.

    What was the name of that DVD you played?

  5. matt replied:

    Meredith — LOL! No, I think they were looking at me with concern! But, thank you!

    Ing — Awwwww! The film rocked! And, I agree. Daniel Johnston is the artist’s artist. So glad you like Peet’s art! That was “Human Remains” we were watching! Vile, cruel and brilliant British humor! LOL! …All over my glasses!

  6. Karyn replied:

    …flared jeans ? Clogs? …well…if anyone could make it work, baby, you could! xox

  7. sage replied:

    she is doing a nice job with the mural, too bad she couldn’t paint the mailbox so it could blend in, but the post office might frown on that…

    btw, I had already sent the DVD (Grizzly Man) back to Netflix when you asked about director’s cuts on the DVD. I never looked. Sorry I can’t help you.

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