Sturdy Gal Pal: “Marriage? What’s marriage? A ring, a contract. Fighting, compromising —”

Barbra: “It can be more than that. You know what I envy about people in love? I’d love it if someone really knew me. Really. You know. What I like. What I’m afraid of. What kind of toothpaste I use. Yeah, I think that would really be wonderful.”

Shit. I’d be happy if I got a decent date! Is that too much to ask? Oh, and no Enya. No. Enya is unacceptable in my world at this point in my life. She has no place in my life or with hobits.

…maybe if I had a glam make over like Babs in THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES. You know, go from soft focus/back lit frump to soft focus/back lit Mafia widow? Yeah. I think that would really be wonderful.

March 29, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Dating’s tough. You just have to slow down and accept the fact that the right person is very hard to find and that it might take a long long long time. Maybe even forever (or that’s how I think of it). If you’re lucky, you make some new friends in the process.

    I think it’s kind of fun to be on my own. I want to enjoy this new space I’m in, and it would be hard to do it if I had a boyfriend who wanted me to spend all my time with him or to be a certain way around him.

    Sadly, Enya reminds me of a marriage. Long story, but because a certain couple got married I stayed for a week in this great little cabin in Marin. The hard truth about the rich hippies on the coast: lots of Enya. Sail away, sail away, sail away. . . I’d love it, though, if they played that song at my funeral as they were lowering my coffin into the sea; and wouldn’t it be awesome if, at the last moment, a whale lunged up next to the ship and swallowed me? As the sun was setting? And then two dolphins jumped up and were, for a moment, silhouetted there against the pink sky? And then they fell from this apex and their arcing paths criss-crossed in the air just before their tails disappeared into the sea?

  2. crabcake replied:

    Matty, I think it happens when you’re not expecting it. As soon as you get comfy, just doing your thing, one day….blamo…there he is.

    Course then when you have him you have those tv remote wars. LOL!

    I sat on ours once so he couldn’t get it because I wanted to watch (go ahead and boo) American Idol.

  3. snarl71 replied:

    Since when did you stop liking Enya?

    And that was MY scene in that movie! Oh, I can’t count the times I/we mocked it.

    Or was I simply mocking it and you were serious? HMMMM – that could explain a lot about why you’re in California and I’m in Boston.

  4. ginab replied:

    My heart belongs to Charlie.

  5. Karyn replied:

    Tsk, Matty, come on now, don’t go all anti-Enya on me. I’m still a fan! By the way, I want some of whatever Ing takes in HER tea. (I actually have heard Sail Away played at funerals / wakes etc… it’s rather nice, albeit emotional – well – you know -especially so, being a wake or a funeral or whatever – but um… never as a coffin was lowered into the sea to be swallowed by a whale against the backdrop of pink sky and synchronized dolphin play…hmmm…)

  6. Tim replied:

    Ing, your idea for a funeral sounds great! You should copyright that quickly. I’d pay for it.

    Matty – Don’t worry, you shall have your soft-focus moment!! But, it will come to you when you least expect/want it, as these things always seem to do.

  7. jungle jane replied:

    Matty if i was a guy i would so totally be stalking you. not in a creepy way – you would feel empowered and and very loved. i would be sending you flowers, cases of diet coke and Babs t-shirts. little crop top shirt. i would also do really cute things like surprise you at work with an elegant single stemmed red rose. except on Valentines Day. Then i would buy you 12 dozen red roses.

  8. Jon replied:

    Don’t hate me for saying this, but did you see the old South Park episode from a long time ago where Barbara Streisand represented everything evil, and Robert Smith of The Cure represented everything good? Well, I kind of feel that way too….

    *jumping out of slapping range* ^_~

  9. matt replied:

    Ing — I don’t like to think of my friend’s funerals. But, it is a pretty idea in concept.

    Crabcake — I used to love American Idol! I don’t have TV anymore. Is that show still on?!?!?

    Karl — I just snapped about 2 years ago while listening to Enya sing about trees in that same tune. I’ve decided she is the female yanni.

    Gina — Charile Manson or Charlie Brown? …or is there really a difference when one factors in inflation?

    Karyn – Noooooooo!!!

    Tim – Yes, I know. But the big concern is — will I be back lit at the same time I am in soft focus?!?!?

    Jungle Jane — Awwwwwwww! You made my heart skip a beat!

    Jon – I would never bitch slap you!!! I love that episode of SOUTH PARK! But, I think I enjoyed the halloween episode where they tossed up pictures of Barbra to scare viewers. They are mean to Babs, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

  10. ing replied:

    About Charlies and inflation — do you mean head inflation? I happen to know that Ms. ginab’s Charlie, the one who has her heart, is of the Chaplin Clan.

    And Matty, I don’t like to think of my friends in crop-top shirts. But I think Jane should teach your future new boyfriend how it all works. . .

  11. ginab replied:

    Thank you Ing for the save, and my did you indeed save.

    You know me well. TGIF. Clouds, fluffy clouds (I’m thinking as I type).


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