Points if you know from where the title of my post comes! Yes, well. These are my shoes.

Sad, isn’t it? I so love shoes. I usually have at least 30 pairs, but times are hard and I find that my shoe size has gotten a bit smaller. Hmmm…

Anyway, I’ve been getting hints that I need to buy new shoes but it will have to wait. I figure it will take at least 2 more paychecks before life is back on a sort of track. …Not on track, but on a track. I have to manage to coast on a rather sum of money and my brother will be visiting me this weekend. But, I’ve gone on far less over the course of the past year. So, no biggie. But, shoes. Well, shoes will have to wait.

However, I know that some night in my not so far future I might just have a night of a thousand shoes. Speaking of great titles never used. I was chatting with a friend today and made the following observation: “You know, it is sort of like he carries the personality of a man with a small penis.” …and, my friend commented that this sentence would make for a great song title. Not sure, but I have noticed that white men who have been denied endowment seem to be real jerks. It’s like they roam thru life all pissy, egocentric and pushy to take out their frustration on all the rest of us. Attempting to compensate I guess.

I wish I could give them a pair of shoes and make ’em feel all better. But, first, I need to get some new shoes for me!

March 28, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Bloodgood replied:

    Man I wish I had a pair of those when I went swing dancing a few weeks back. The pair of black shoes next to the brown one would have been perfect. I only have about 2 pair of shoes and they are dirty tennis shoes.

  2. matt replied:

    I would gladly trade my Fluevogs for a cool pair of tennis shoes! I don’t have any of those!

  3. Jon replied:

    I’ve fallen in love with Onitsuka Tiger sneakers by Asics- not expensive and so comfortable!

    So tell us, where does the title come from?

  4. k replied:

    I don’t know what it is that makes gays and women be obsessed with shoes. Not too long ago, I had at least thirty pairs, too, but I found out that I was wearing a few pairs only and I got rid of all of the other ones. I have about six or seven pairs now and am happy with those because they don’t take up so much space. I am all for ‘Out with the old, out with the infrequently used!’

  5. matt replied:

    Jon — Ohhhhh, I need to look into those! The title comes from Carrie Fisher. She used a number of her fave fake titles for movie titles in her novel, “Postcards From The Edge” — that was my favorite title. LOL!

    K — I am most impressed with your sensibility. I don’t like to own much, but I do enjoy owning shoes, DVD’s and CD’s. …I enjoy these 3 things far too much. However, I’ve not been able to indulge in some time now. wahhhhhhh!

  6. ing replied:

    I have lots of shoes that I never wear — all high heels. But I just love them and don’t plan on getting rid of any. . .

    I’m soooo glad to hear that the less-well-endowed ones are pissy creeps. That takes them out of the race before I bother to find out for myself.

    Matty, PLEASE take me with you the next time you want to shoe shop! I LOVE shopping for shoes! You need something that is not black — I’m thinking a suede slip-on. Yessss.

    Hey, where are your man-clogs?

  7. ing replied:

    p.s. the two pairs in the center are super snazzy — why don’t you wear them to work?

  8. matt replied:

    Ing — Work those heels! LOL! Of course you’re going with me when I shop for shoes! I do wear those two pairs in the middle to work. …probably not on Fridays, tho. I am wondering the same thing about my man-clogs. How I loved them! …but I can’t find them. I fear Milford might have taken them in a fit of shoe envy!

    …I want some orange shoes.

  9. Dessie replied:

    I picked up on the fact you said “the rest of us”. Does this mean should I accidentally sit on you on a tram I’d have a hard time getting back up…?

    Just wondering.

  10. crabcake replied:

    sigh. I would be such an embarrassment to you if we ever went anywhere together. For the longest time I assumed that since they were all the way down on the floor, nobody could really see my feet that well anyway.

    Getting me into a pair of decent shoes is like pulling teeth. It has to be some kind of special occasion and even then they have to be comfy. I know. It’s bad.

    I think I know a guy with a teesy penis. I was taking my cue from his short fingers but he’s also a horse’s ass. The clues are adding up fast.

  11. joe replied:

    maybe you can throw out one of each shoe and see if you can find your cinderfella. There are plenty of gay men who love shoes!

  12. Tim replied:

    Carrie Fisher cracks me up. I used to love it when she was on Graham Norton. For years I only had one pair of shoes (although 6 pais of trainers), and they were for work only, but I finally bought a second pair last November, so I now have some casual shoes. I must be getting old!

  13. ginab replied:

    Steve McFadden makes rock hard but cool shoes. But I heard a report that the average woman has only five pairs of shoes. I’m average. Clogs, on pair of slip ons, one pair of heels, one pair of flats, and one pair of ballerina oh how i wanna be (these were bought for the pleasure of an ex so for sale these are). Oh, I have two pairs of trainers but do these count?


    ps: bea bea once had booties. She looked at me like I was insane for putting these on her four paws and commenced to shaking the booties off willy-nilly. Was a challenge and a sight, what with the matching coat.

  14. matt replied:

    Dessie — …you wouldn’t want to get up! Are we wanting for a ruler? LOL!

    Crabcake – No! I would not care what shoes you wear! I think you rock!

    Joe! Yes, painfully aware of how so many gay boys love shoes! LOL!

    Tim — You’re not getting older, you’re geting better (and better dressed!)

    Gina — I do love Steve’s shoes! Is he still in prison?

  15. g8s replied:

    Well, I haven’t heard of ‘Night of a Thousand Shoes’, but there’s an annual party in NYC called ‘Night of a Thousand Stevies’ where everyone dresses up like Stevie Nicks…

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