There is this wicked-cool place about the size of a small bedroom that acts as a bar/restaurant in The Mission district of San Francisco. It’s called Radio Havana and it is rather magical. My pal, ING, turned me on to this place. And, I can’t see myself ever going there without her. It is the coolest place to just chill out. It is owned by an artist from Cuba who has decorated every single square inch of the place with his art which can be beautiful, odd, funny, creepy, haunting and touching all at once.
One could spend hours in the restroom just looking at the walls which are covered with art. The ceiling drips with doll parts turned to art, the walls are filled with more stuff than the eye can absorb. And, on top of everything else — the food is fucking awesome! Authentic, yummy and cheap! My ONLY complaint is that they do not serve Diet Coke. However, they are totally cool with my brining my own. It is an exceptional place for people watching, but more important — I think what I love about it is that one gets the feeling that an adventure could take place at any given moment. It is joint that is alive, burning and ready to roll you to a good place.…taken one minute before the infamous ‘spoon incident’ took place. I shall not go into detail, but trust me when I tell you that one should not interfere with a Radio Havana photo op — even it with only a spoon! The Mission is still reeling from this tragic incident. Luckily, we all escaped without being captured by the authorities.
…devil woman
…devil man in a silly free shirt

And, for me it will always be Ing’s place. We were recently there and I snapped some pix. There is no way to capture the ambiance of this fun place. This magical space. This place called Radio Havana. A place far more magical than Xanadu and a hell of a lot cooler! Don’t ask me how to find it. I don’t know how. I just follow Ingrid.

…get there early or ya ain’t gonna get in!

March 26, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Bloodgood replied:

    Nice!!!! That is a sweet place. My uncle used to draw sad clowns like those, they have always scared me. That is so great you guys get to hang out.

  2. ginab replied:

    Oh, I’ve been there Matty! Yes, The waitress is a real kicker. I liked her so darn much. She has a way of making everyone feel alright.

    Ing looks marvelous except for the cig. Yeesh. I am stopping!

    She looks grand and I love I know that locket she wears. (and wears!).


  3. matt replied:

    Bloodgood! Yeah, it is such a cool place and great company! Clowns of any mood are evil and are to be avoided at all cost! Have you seen the Diane Keaton book where she collected all these clown paintings and had her celeb friends write poems/stories/commentary with each painting? I gave it out as Xmas gifts a few years ago. I think it horrified more than entertained. Oh well.

    Gina! Isn’t she awesome!!?!? I love that waitress. I sort of think of her as the boss of the place. She is so funny and has some interesting insights/observations. Actually, everyone there shares this with her. …Other than she is the boss! And, Ing is a total hottie! …and she doesn’t realize it. However, I think this is part of her charm. She carries a great deal of style. There were better shots of her, but I was thinking she might want to use some of them.

  4. Karyn replied:

    So jealous! Ing has beautiful bone structure and gets to hang out with Matty too in a funky place with a happening vibe. So very jealous!

  5. Dessie replied:

    What’s with the whole hands-in-front-of-your-chest thing though?

  6. Tim replied:

    That looks like a cool place! And it looks like you had a great night there. The internet is so great – thanks to blogs like yours I almost feel like I live in several places at once – San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, and other places without leaving the comfort of my bed. It’s great!

  7. Jon replied:

    How cool, though I’m not sure it’s suited for food. I would definitely get a drink there, though! It’s always a nice feeling when you become a regular at an intimate spot

  8. Meredith replied:

    Wow! It was almost like being there except I wasn’t bumming ciggarettes and talking 90 miles a minute. I examined each pic until I started to feel all creepy and stalker like. sigh.

  9. matt replied:

    Karyn — Yes, Ingrid is gorgeous and even more important has a personality that soars and intelligence that rocks the world! However, you’re pretty damn hot your own self, Miss Thang!

    Dessie — I don’t know! Stop making fun of me! LOL! I use my hands a lot when I speak — especially if I am into the discussion. I forget what Ingrid was discussing with me as she shot that picture but I was in mid-rant. Do I look stoopid? …I wonder, tho, why no one ever captures my hands out vs inward. Hmmm…

    Tim — You and Y need to come to SF and explore!

    Jon — I swear! You would LOVE the food! It is totally authentic and totally delicious! I swear!

    Meredith — Leave the rock for a while and come play with us!!!

    Gina — Come on and move here!!!!! There are so many intelectual straight art boys who need you! And lots of cool schools at which to teach! We could work on creating a whole new Dorothy Parker set in 21st Century SF!!!!

  10. ing replied:

    Ha ha, you were telling me why you love the color orange.

    “Hands out” is a defensive/agressive posture — that’s why.

  11. matt replied:

    Ing — Oh, yeah! I am quite passionate about the color orange! Do I talk too much with my hands? Am I too expressive? Why does it bother Dessie so?!?!?

  12. Dessie replied:

    It was something I noticed. I find patterns, that’s my gift. Unfortunately it mostly makes people uncomfortable when people realize I’ve spotted one of their tells. Don’t stress over it honey, you are what you are 😉

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