I never meant to become an addict. The first time I heard Allyson Goldfrapp she was warbling along with Tricky and I remember thinking, “Hmmmm. She sounds so innocent along side the seedy underbelly that it Tricky.” And, then, during one very cold winter in Salem, MA I happened upon the first GOLDFRAPP CD and heard “Lovely Head” — trip hop meets grande opera by the way of David Lynch. It out Portishead’d Portishead. It rocked my world. I played it constantly. I forced the odd tracks filled with trippy sounds and Ms. Goldfrapp’s unique style of yodeling upon my ex and all of my friends whenever I could. However, it was with the release of the second GOLDFRAPP CD that I was sucked further into the funky world that I now know as Goldfrapp Addiction. “Black Cherry” is this amazing electronica trip into funky, free-floating and mystic eroticism that entertains me for days. Give me some hot tea and this GOLDFRAPP CD and I’m happy for hours.

However, my dear friends, it was late last year that GOLDFRAPP really got me totally hooked. With the release of “Supernature” I was ready to mainline their awesome blend of electric glam euro disco cum twisted trip hop. Hot tea and lubrication were no longer needed.
Yes, I am a GOLDFRAPP junkie.

The more I play this CD and all of the many remixes one can find of their work the more I begin to realize that this is perhaps my favorite band. Sure. Fleetwood Mac, Stevie, Led Zep, Tori, Kate B, Anthony and the Johnsons, Blondie and The Who matter to me deeply — and always will. But, I’m afraid GOLDFRAPP has me trapped into a sick world of electronica addiction that is hard to explain. If you’ve not paid them much attention then you’re losing out. Plug any of their 3 CDs in and just float along. And, where else are you going to find a trip hop re-dux of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”?!?! No where, my friends! No where! But in the Land of GOLDFRAPP.

…a land where all is glam, electric, erotic, trippy, dark and where naked people where animal costumes because they think it to be sexy. Yeah, I wanna ride the white horse.

Speaking of magical music. How many of you have heard the new smash-up remix of The Doors with Blondie?!?!? It is so cool! …and, odd! I can’t seem to play it enough!

Also, I only recently saw the vid-clip to Blondie’s “Good Boys” and it is really cool! I love Debbie black “do”! And, I don’t even mind the scary clowns. Actually, they (or he) is used to good effect. Tho, I do prefer the Georgio Moroder mix version of the song.

Wow, Barbra will be 64 next month. …And, it does look like she will be going on an 8 month charity tour with Tony Bennett. I won’t be attending. That would be just too much. I would faint or die. I can remember just being nervous knowing that I was in the same city as Babs. How could I even handle being in the same auditorium!?!?! And, she could never match my expectations. Still, I eagerly await her duet with Mr. B. I’m just worried that they might get all cheezy on our ass and laugh during the song or something like that. I don’t like it when artistes giggle during the music. I find it off-putting and a bit smarmy. Is “smarmy” a word? Ah, it matters not — I like the way it sounds. …Forty years later, two of these four singers are still workin’ it…

Oh, and the odd pairing of Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian Girrrrrl) and Mark Lanegan (remember Screaming Trees?!?!) is quite good! Sorta country-tinged white trash pop. And, somehow it also feels French. I do love all things French.
Rosanne Cash’s new CD is so beautifully sad. …but, not much fun. And, I wonder. Is love really in the roses? I prefer to think it is in our actions and connections to each other. However, I do understand her lyric. I just find it so horribly sad. Of course, if I had lost my mom, dad and step mom all in the span of a year I would be pretty damn fucked-up, too. I’m still working thru my own father’s death which was almost 10 years ago — and I didn’t even like him. I loved him. I know that. But, I did not like him. Odd, tho. Sometimes I find myself missing the sound of his voice and his ability to really piss me off like no one else ever could.

…My Grandmother would have loved that song, “Love Is In The Roses” …and, I think she would have enjoyed some of GOLDFRAPP, too. In fact, I know she would have.

Since I woke up all I’ve played are the following songs:

“Yes Sir” by Goldfrapp
“Twist (Dimitri Tiko Mix)” by Goldfrapp
“Ride A White Horse (FK Disco Whore Mix) by Goldfrapp
“Deep Honey” by Goldfrapp
“Rapture Riders” by Blondie Vs. The Doors
“Woman on the Moon” by Barbra Streisand

March 25, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. jungle jane replied:

    you know Matty the first step in overcoming addiction is admitting it. you have taken that brave first step. if you can focus on Babs being 64 then it might take the edge off your goldfrapp cravings.

    or maybe that is just swapping one addiction for another?

    life is so hard…

  2. snarl71 replied:

    I love Black Cherry – thanks for exposing me!

  3. matt replied:

    Jungle Jane — I don’t think that would work. Babs is more than an addiction. She is a way of life. But, I am just going to curl up in my warm corner and ride the GOLDFRAPP wave of aural pleasure.

    Karl — The new CD is 3 to 4 times better than Black Cherry. If you don’t have the new one — you should pick it up ASAP!

  4. Jon replied:

    Hi Matt

    I’ve been reading your posts but haven’t commented in a while, mostly because I’m nic fitting from trying to quit smoking cold turkey and have ZERO attention span. However, sending hugs your way!

  5. Bloodgood replied:

    Great band pics, love Goldfrapp, she has just recently got some air time on our crappy stations here in pdx(maybe there is still hope). I dug that Doors Blondie remix too. I want to sit on the easter bunnys lap!! I will have to check out the rest of Rosanne Cash’s album Ive only heard one song so far on KCRW.
    Dont know if your a Zero 7 fan but they have a new one coming out in May.

  6. matt replied:

    Jon — Hey! Good luck with the cold turkey off the ciggies. It worked for me years ago. You can do it!

    Bloodgood — Oh, I hope GOLDFRAPP breaks the US market, but I’ve a feeling they will be a UK/France thing with a select audience here. That’s cool. Who really needs the US mainstream anyway? Yeah! Check out Cash’s CD! I do love Zero 7 and was unaware of a new release heading our way! Cool! You will need to find a little bunny rabbit who will allow you to sit on her lap!!!

  7. Meredith replied:

    More yummy music to feed my senses. I’ve loved most of your suggestions so far. I’m curious about Jim Morrison and Blondie! Bizarre but intriguing.

  8. matt replied:

    Meredith! I hope you like GOLDFRAPP! And, yeah! Check out that Blondie/Doors smash up remix! So odd. Still can’t figure out how that was dreamed up but it works oddly well! Most cool! You can get it off iTunes now, I do believe. And, I believe more remixes of it are on the way. I’m still looking to find out more about the ferry tragedy! Just picked up your email! So sorry! Will send you a note! I’m so glad you guys are OK! Hang in there!!!

  9. ing replied:

    Dang, I still haven’t heard Goldfrapp. I DO want to hear that Blondie/Doors thing. Today we listened to one of those DJ Dangermouse/White Album smashup things. Neat!

  10. matt replied:

    Ing! JollieJoy!!! LOL! I will rip you a CD of GOLDFRAPP and of the Blondie/Doors smash up and give it to ya tomorrow night. yeah, the smash up mixes are really cool. Some, tho, are just odd. The one that was done for Blonde/Doors is way cool, tho. It really blends well. How do they think of doing these things?

  11. ginab replied:

    Hmm, I want Godfrapp’s legs. The thin pair. She’s highly Detriech (I can’t spell). Otherwise I am struck by the phallic-ness of microphones. Why, why, why no wonder the addiction.

    But you must see Barb and Tony, Matty. Not only would you “might die”, you wouldn’t live not attending down. Not you. Of all the people, Matty, you must go!


  12. Trashbinder replied:

    I love Goldfrapp, ever since I heard ‘Lovely Head’ back in 2000. I recall that there was a free audio peer to peer site called ‘Audiogalaxy’ that was brilliant for checking out artists. If I liked something, I would then go and buy the album.

    I love how the band evolved between ‘Felt Mountain’ and ‘Black Cherry’. Almost like two different artists.

    The most amazing thing is that Alison makes all those noises on ‘Lovely Head’ herself. If you see her performing ‘Utopia’ in concert, she’s doing the operatic voice too. Such a talented gal.

  13. matt replied:

    Gina – Yeah, Ms. Goldfrapp is a hottie! And, I do love their look! But, it is their sound that has got me hooked. And each CD is so different to the other one. UTOPIA is so trip hop, BLACK CHERRY is the perfect sex LP and the new one is a sort of salute to the glam rock/disco gone wrong with electronica.

    Oh, but I can’t see Barbra in concert. Back when she performed for the first time in like 30 years at Madison Square Garden a boyfriend got us tix for $500 a seat. I had a panic attack outside the Garden and refused to go in. He got SOOOOOO mad! Luckily, this pair of way-cute little ladies from Long Island bought both tix for $10K!!!!??!??! My then boyfriend was a happy camper over that. We ended up seeing Chita Rivera’s closing night performance in KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN. Kander & Ebb were there and Pete Townsend sat in front of us. I was so nervous in the company of greatness — but he was oh so very old-looking. No longer the sexy guy from the Rough Boys era. But, no I can’t deal with the pressures of seeing Babs in all her buttery glory on stage. No. No. No.

    Trashbinder! Yes! I agree! I do so want to see them perform. I believe they came or are coming to LA, but not to SF. Oh well.

  14. Robert replied:

    Fun-knee, I just saw the new Blondie compilation the other day with the Doors track, omg, at Wal-Mart! haha!

    I have a live Goldfrapp from August 2005, at Creamfields. I can send you a copy if you want it. You’re my Number 1! 🙂 Innit fun-knee she released her CD in the UK last year, and now it just came out in the US. haha!

  15. Tim replied:

    Wow I hadn’t heard that Pature Riders mash-up before …. it’s cool!

    I saw Goldfrapp do a short PA at a gay indie club in London a couple of years ago, and they were so cool! Even though they had just done a full set at proper gig, Alison still did all the amazing vocal gymnastics for Lovely Head. Plus, they had dancers with tit tassles. It was ace!!

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