“Are you a figment of my imagination or am I one of yours?”

Last night Ingrid joined me for a screening of an archival print of Bab’s 1976 ‘barbra-piece” A STAR IS BORN! It was magical! I had such fun and I think even Ingrid had a good time.

This week has sucked. So it was a wonderful break to see my fave Barbra film on the big screen with a dear friend! And the audience was much fun!

Tomorrow comes a day I’ve been dreading since Christmas Eve, 2005. On top of that, they are removing my mother’s thyroid tomorrow at about the same time as I have to go thru my “fun” ordeal. I plan on just staying up all night so I will be numb for tomorrow. However, I think I only got about 5 hours sleep last night. So, I am not sure I will manage to do that.

Anyway, everyone — please send me many positive thoughts at about 2:30 PM Pacific US time. That is when the shit will be hitting the fan.

But — as Kris and Babs sang, “…I can take it! Yeah! I won’t look down!” …and the electric guitar solos amp up and I do my best head shaking with mic in hand! It is always best to turn gloom into glam! Always!

March 16, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    I’m going to watch Miss Jean right now! Well, after I have a smoke & check on Josh Williams. I should be working, but I’m not. I’ll do that tomorrow night.

    2:30 — I’ll remember.

  2. Meredith replied:

    All right, not sure what I missed but I’ll be thinking happy thoughts at 2:30. I wrote it on my hand in indelible ink.

  3. jungle jane replied:

    matty i will construct a shrine called Matty’s Shrine and worship it all day. it will be a giant front tooth.

    i think that’s a nice touch, no?

  4. Dessie replied:

    I thought that if I stood here silently you might realise I was being supportive, but then I realized that doens’t work on a blog 😛

    Good luck babe, not that you’ll need it. The universe is swinging in your favor now.

  5. Kris replied:

    As they say, “People judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You might have a heart of gold, but so does a hard-boiled egg.”

    I’m not sure what exactly happened yesterday at 1430, but you’re always in my thoughts. Hope everything turned out all right.

  6. Kris replied:

    Oooops,sending out some positive thoughts your way. That’s what I meant about the egg comment 😀 Second to what dessie said. We need to let you know these things, instead of just thinking it.

  7. matt replied:

    Ing — Check my response to your film review in the comments section of the Miss Jean Brodie posting. And, thank you for remembering. I am so blessed to have so many great people on my side! …if sides must be taken.

    Meredith — I’ll drop ya an email. And, thank you!

    Jungle Jane! I love the concept of giant tooth shrine but am not sure I am worthy of a shrine. …unless possibly built in the form of a slice of cheese.

    Dessie — You are such a sweetheart. Can’t wait to check your blog! My day is just kind of fucked up tho. ugh!

    Kris — Thank you and I totally understood what you wrote the first time ’round. Kisses.

  8. Bloodgood replied:

    Good Luck on your ordeal, I haven’t read far enough down to figure out what it is, but it sounds painful. Did they show your Barbra flick at one of those Arthouse theaters where they serve beer and pizza? I love those, a new one just opened up down the street from me. We saw ” The Squid and the Whale” Yeah!!! Im channeling so much positive energy right now Im sure you can feel it in SF.

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