Stevie Nicks has said that she feels she doesn’t know a person until she knows of what he/she dreams. I like that idea. And, I do enjoy hearing about people’s dreams. But, for me, it is all about the art. When I meet someone who interests me I like to know the movies and books that this person has seen/read/enjoyed. I feel it give me a sort of inside view into that individual’s minutest. However, when I care about a person I want to know his/her soul. I know that sounds ‘corny’ but it is true. I believe we each have a soul. And, if I love you — I want to know your soul’s desires. To me, music is the path that leads one to the soul. I feel like such the child of the late 60’s. But this is how I feel.

So, I recently asked several dear friends to pull together a mix CD each for me comprised of their most favorite songs. The songs that mean the most to each of them. The songs that have formed who they are and which they could not live without. I realize that there are many people to whom music is simply background sound. That’s cool. But, music is the wallpaper that colors my world. I can’t wait to hear what Ingrid, Alan, Milford and Mark put on their CD’s for me. I recently made a CD of my favorite songs for Ingrid. I thought it would be an interesting exercise for me. And, it was.

I love all sorts of music, but there are certain songs that come back to me time and time again.

I’ve always known my 3 favorite songs, but I had never really sat down and sorted out the absolute most favorite songs. And these songs are rigid. I know that my love for them will not fade.

The challenge of creating this mix CD for Ingrid was in trimming down my list to fit the 74 minute time limit of the CD. This was a painful process, but I did it. I think the toughest cut were two Joni Mitchell songs that I adore: “California” and “A Case of You” — it was also tough for me to let go of “Dog & Butterfly” by Heart. But, one has to make choices when limited to 74 minutes. I started out with 2.8 hours of music. It was also hard for me to rid the playlist of “Garbo” by Stevie Nicks and “Somewhere” by Tom Waits. …It was rough.

And, then, I had to put the songs into an order. I can’t really defend or explain the order in which I placed my favorite songs. But, I will write that this is the order in which they belong in my particular head space. The order does not signify one song being better or more important than the other.

Tho, I will state that the following three songs are my all time favorites;
1. Total Eclipse of the Heart
2. Evergreen
3. Sara (Fleetwood Mac, please! Not Starship! …they may have built this city but that doesn’t mean I have to listen to them drone on about it!)

I thought about sharing stories of why these songs mean something to me, but I’m not sure you would care to know. I was surprised to discover only two Barbra Streisand songs made my listing. I was equally surprised to come to the realization that no matter how much you might wish to tease me — The Captain & Tennille created one of my favorite songs in life. I was also surprised to discover that one of my favorite songs is quite new. …but, it makes me think of a certain person who rocked my world, re-formed it and then left me alone to deal with the new shape. …a wounded heart but more full of love than ever before. However, ….I won’t hold the tail of his kite. He must fly where he must fly.

This is my list — and this is the track listing of my favorite songs. I plan on offering up a copy to Alan, Milford and Mark when they give me their CD’s. If anyone out there wants to share their songs on CD with me I will be more than happy to exchange. These songs are a sort of key to me. (and, in this order)

“Boys In The Trees” by Carly Simon
“Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush
“Sara” by Fleetwood Mac
“Sweet Blindness” by Laura Nyro
“Suzanne” by Lenny Cohen
“On Saturday Afternoons in 1963” by Rickie Lee Jones
“Disney Girls” by Captain & Tennille
“Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)” by Barbra Streisand
“Going to California” by Led Zep
“Sleeps With Butterflies” by Tori Amos
“Lost Inside of You” by Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson
“Atomic” by Blondie
“Pissing In A River” by Patti Smith Group
“Storms” by Fleetwood Mac
“Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday
“1000 Oceans” by Tori Amos

I don’t think I can bare more about myself…

March 7, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    I’m right with you on “Sweet Blindness”! But wait — what are those blue things beaming from Bonnie Tyler’s temples?

    You have a sweet soul, Matty. Thanks for letting me in on it. You’ll get mine, soon. (Ooooh, is this starting to sound kind of Satanic?)

  2. snarl71 replied:

    WHAT? You no longer have a fourth favorite song? Where did Andrea Boccelli and Sarah Brightman’s popera song go?

  3. ginab replied:

    Okay, I love “Goin’ to California”.



  4. jungle jane replied:

    tut tut matty – that new glamorous job must be affecting your judgement. there is NO alice cooper or AC/DC on that list. Amend it before you burn the CD – quick!

  5. matt replied:

    Ing — I think that is the shining light of the early 80’s beaming from Bonnie’s temples! …that or the evil light of the scary gay choir boyz who fly around her in the vid-clip!

    Soul worship! Cool! Let’s do it! I mean, we’re in SF! We could start our own cult! Can’t wait to listen to your CD mix for tomorrow!!!

    Karl — Yeah, you know it just didn’t have staying power, I guess.

    Gina — I had 4 Led Zep songs when I started. …but that is my fave. It was hard to let “Boggie With Stu” and “Kashmir” go, but I had to. “Goin’ to California” is my fave LZ song, and one of my all time fave songs!

    Jungle Jane! I actually did have 2 Alice Cooper songs on my original listing — “I Never Cry” and “Teenage Lament ’74” but they just didn’t make it to the finals for me. But one has gotta love Alice. You know, I think I ever only got into one AC/DC song. …tho I used to play “For Those About To Rock” tape in my car for years as a teenager. Now, I want to hear it!

  6. g8s replied:

    Matt, I applaud you for being able to confine it to the length of one CD. Personally, music is so conditional for me that I don’t think I’d be capable of it.

  7. ing replied:

    I do love Hell’s Belles, though nothing beats the originals. And Matty, because of the 80-minute constraint I ended up cutting “Going to California” from me own mix — this was before I’d heard yours in its entirety and is only a coincidence. But as you know, “When The Levee Breaks” is one of my girly songs.

    And okay, we are now vampires. Can I be Deneuve if I let you be Bowie?

  8. Chris Capp replied:

    I admire any man who can admit to loving the Stevie/Fleetwood Mac version of “Sara”!!! That’s awesome.

    “You’re poet in my heart/
    Never change, never part”

  9. matt replied:

    Gator! Thanks! I know it is hard, but you could do it if you had to! It is an interesting test of how far you love for certain songs go.

    Ing — Oh, there aren’t any good male roles in THE HUNGER. If I am Bowie I have to kill the cute little girl to whom we give music lessons, age to 120 and then rot in a box for the second half of the movie. But, for you — anything. Ok. Can we play LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT later? Then I can be Gene Kelly to your Deneuve…

    Chirs! I could not live without Fleetwood Mac’s “Sara” sigh. I saw her/them live in 1980. But I can only remember her singing Sister of the Moon. the rest is a blur of fabulocity.

  10. ing replied:

    Okay, but first will you do that thing with the lamp post and the umbrella?

  11. crabcake replied:

    Billy Holliday? Now that is cool. How do feel about Etta James? Actually, you could do my cds for me any time, Matt. Total Eclipse of the Heart has always been one of my favs but the guys in my house snort when they hear it. Hrmph!

    So it ends up with my car cds. That’s where I go when I want to jam to my own kinda stuff without man snorts.

    Agree on Alice Cooper.

  12. Captain Carla replied:

    ohhhhhhhhh you are a hip young thing!

  13. ginab replied:

    Hey Matty!

    Here’s Bonnie Tyler today!



  14. ing replied:


    Here’s Bonnie Taylor today.

  15. ginab replied:

    And, I don’t know that this makes sense, but what about Carly Simon’s reflective twin Carl Simon?

  16. ing replied:

    And lo! Look at the mand on the left! Is that. . . no — yes! It’s Teri Amos.

  17. matt replied:

    Ing — Oh, I do that thing with the umbrella and the lamp post every time it rains! So, sure thing! By the way, your CD of fave songs blew me away! Can’t wait to talk to you about it!

    Crabcake — Oh, I LOVE Etta James! And, yes, I do want a Sunday kind of love! What a voice! I know this will sound kind of mean, but I think Bonnie Tyler was meant to be heard on 8 track tape in a speeding car. …faster than the speed of “night”

    Cptn Carla — Is it Crabcake who is a hip young thing or me? Or are we both hip young things? …I’d rather be a pretty young thing. How do you feel about that sort of distinction, Crabcake?

    Gina & Ing — Oh, you two kids! I know all about Bonnie Tyler! Heard her most recent CD which I didn’t like but she still looks luminous, and yet, trashy all at once! …and, poor Tori has no brother.


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