My Movie Views Shared With The Greater New England Area…

I volunteer as the Asian Film Programmer for the Rhode Island Film Festival. Tho, I haven’t done much of anything for them in the past 5 months. Anyway, this was an interview that ran in the RI news paper about a year ago but is just now showing up on the Film Fest site. I thought I would share the warmth for 3 reasons:
1. Everyone should see OldBoy
2. Promote the RI Film Festival which is saving one of the most historic cinemas in the US
3. And, the whole “Look, Ma” factor

As this illustrates, my head is full of useless information…

  • Matt Got Interviewed

    February 20, 2006. Uncategorized.


    1. ing replied:

      I missed OldBoy when it was showing, but I remember thinking that it sounded like my kind of film. Some of the best films I’ve seen have subtitles. I’m sure you’ve seen Roshomon and Woman in the Dunes — I loved both of those films.

    2. matt replied:

      Oh, I smell an OldBoy screening coming up at Alan’s! I LOVE that movie. I think it is the most significant work of originality I’ve seen since BLUE VELVET.

      …CACHE has had a similar impact on me.

      It has been that long since two films got me so entranced.

    3. ginab replied:

      Nobody Knows

    4. matt replied:

      Gina — NOBODY KNOWS is an incredible film, but devestatingly tragic. Have you seen it? I was lucky enough to see it a year or so before it found a US distributor.

      The actress who played the mother was brilliant in her performance. And the children were all so natural and believable.

      Broke my heart — even more so to know it is based on truth.

    5. ginab replied:

      Yeah, no… I mean, I see the intelligence of the children who, sure they’re abandoned by their mother and they cannot live securely, live well (as only children can). As the director states, “I didn’t want to show the “hell” as seen from the outside, but the “richness” of their life as seen from inside.” That’s what I love about the movie.

      It took fifteen years to craft a first draft of the script (all of this info is on the link I provided). You’ll see what a crappy paraphraser I am. But I don’t see “Nobody Knows” as being a film about child abuse. It would be had their mother stuck around, if you get me. They lived anonymously, resilient, outside of the system entirely.

      I was thinking “Asian film”. Odd, but in Britain…but over here, in the USA, Japan counts.

    6. matt replied:

      Gina — Yes, I agree.

      I guess, tho, to me — to abandon your children is abuse. …and a child died.

      Rough film, but masterfully done and without the grandstanding we would most likey get from an American or British filmmaker.

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