This past weekend, I met up with one of my “myspace” pals, Kevin, and we came across an old CD single from 1992 that brought me back to my days of going out to the clubs and dancing. “Sesame’s Treet” by the smart e’s. Sudle, eh? …all those boys in rubber shorts with glow sticks and caps. It was fun and my head would bop about for hours on end to that silly little drug song. Oh, but that is not the point of this post.

No, I want to write a bit about the OSCAR nominations. Now, I don’t expect much from the OSCARS in terms of who that organization chooses to recognize. I seldom agree with much of anything they seem to go for. However, this year they did do some cool things. I am THRILLED that Felicity Huffman, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams were nominated for their work. I actually think PSH will win. If the Academy had any balls Ms. Huffman would be the hands down winner, but I don’t think they have much in the groin area.

I was also pleased to see MUNICH score a nomination. And, THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT.

But, it has been so long since the OSCAR did anything cool or bold. The last time I remember was when they gave the award to Hillary Swank for BOYS DON’T CRY. Wasn’t that in 2000? Now, that was cool and right.

And, I know that art is all subjective but I’m sorry — GRIZZLY MAN was the best documentary I have seen in years and it was ignored. It’s almost as if the OSCARS were trying to give a kick in the ball to Werner Herzog. A waste of effort as I suspect his are made of steel. I’m sure he doesn’t care, but it is just wrong. Sure, it was disturbing and pushed the envelope but that was what made it so effective, tragic and fascinating. And I am just so annoyed that CACHE was forgotten in the foreign film category. How was that even possible? Argh! Once again, I doubt that Mr. Haneke is losing any sleep over it, but still!

I sit back and wonder how so many great movies are just ignored while MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and BATMAN BEGINS score ANY nominations!?!?!?

I sometimes try to imagine members of the Academy casing their votes. Can Courtney Love concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes? Would Mel Gibson watch BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN? But, most of all — I think of Charlton Heston. I mean, this guy votes along with a lot of other old, scary movie stars. Maybe he was having a polyp removed from crevice and Mel Gibson was busy practicing the ultimate masculine spitting when votes were being taken for Ms. Swank.

Let’s hope Moses forgets to cast his ballot and maybe Ms. Huffman has a shot at what she deserves.

January 31, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ginab replied:

    Maybe he’ll, um, you know, before casting his votes?

    It’s an idea. Not especially novel or nice, but an idea with possibilities.

    I don’t like F Huffman’s pout, tho; I don’t. Or,am I confusing her? Do I sound too old to know?

    Oh my faculties.

  2. matt replied:

    ginab — hee hee. evil. you know, I didn’t know who Huffman was until this film came out. i’ve never seen that tv show. i know. only one in the world. but, she is truly amazing in that movie. totally believable. …and not at all an easy role for any actor.

  3. Karyn replied:

    I want to give all the awards to George.



  4. matt replied:

    Oh, Karyn — there is so very much I want to give George.

    …i love him.

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