Well, the first “Freaky Friday” night at the Castro Theater was a whole lot of fun! Alan and Milford decided not to join us, but from the minute that Ing, Christopher and I met up we had a blast. …As did about a zillion other people. The Castro almost had a full house! A cute guy from some radio show or something hosted the evening and it was much fun.

As I mentioned in an earlier post — the opening feature of The Roller Disco Extravaganza was ROLLER BOOGIE!!! This was so much fun to watch. Some of the audience members came in vintage short shorts with roller skates hanging from their shoulders! (no skating was allowed in the theater! D’oh!) —- And everyone had much to yell up at the screen and one couldn’t help but clap their hands and hoot for that plucky little woman/child that was Linda Blair circa 1979! But, for me the best moment in the film was Jim Bray’s “big solo skate number” to some disco song from hell — with a heartfelt face filled with passion, great moves and a red form fitting shirt with the glitter letters of “BJ” — this screen moment brought out the very best and worst of all of us attendance.

As we watched the painfully thin Jim Bray hoist the hot yet somehow pudgy Linda Blair — Ing and I made a bet. I KNOW I can hoist her up with no problem. Ing is a tiny hot woman! I will be the envy of all the straight guys at the skating rink at Golden Gate Park! However, Ing is quite confident that she can also hoist me up in mid spin! Tho, she has pointed out that she will need a lit cig in the corner of her mouth to do this. That seems fair. My main worry is my natural inclination to be a klutz. I just don’t want to drop Ing while we spin about on skates. There was a pair of rainbow glitter suspenders in ROLLER BOOGIE that I just know would resolve all of the problems and challenges in my life. If I could find those suspenders before Ing and I burn cement in Golden Gate — I think it would help me.

Ing — Will you be sporting a perm and leg warmers for this experiment?

Anyway, we LOVED the movie — and stayed on for XANADU. Reggie joined us for the screening of Xanadu. As it turned out, one or possibly two of us had never seen the “artistry” that is XANADU — so some roller disco cherries were broken along with taste barriers.
…just moments before we were to be Xanaduzzed.

We all marveled at the way cool cinematic effects of highlighting women glad in Hollie Hobbie meets Flash Dance fashions with yellow and blue lines. It was pretty trippy. XANADU drew in the most people. We even had to move up to the balcony so that we could all sit together. The best moments were when several hundred people suddenly discovered the hidden homoerotic tension between Gene Kelly and the guy from THE WARRIORS. Oh, and Micheal Beck’s hot red short shorts where we could clearly something that he wanted us to see but didn’t want us to know that he knew we could see it. And, when Olivia Newton-John asked Gene Kelly if anyone cared about her opinion, a couple of happy San Francisco folks chirped, “NO!” to the screen. However, the absolute highlight of the screening was when everyone lit up their lighters and cell phones waving them thru the air as Olivia crooned to Zeus that she was totally suspended in time! It was, well, magic.

As hard as I tried to convince Ing, Christopher and Reggie that we really needed to stay on to see Marsha Brady, Scott Baio AND Ruth Buzzie burn the screen in SKATETOWN USA — the holy grail of roller disco movies (it has never been on DVD or VHS!) they could not be persuaded — all three claimed that they had to be up bright and early. Damn! I so wanted to be set on fire by the 70’s heaviness that was Scott Baio…

So, we headed across the street to Daddy’s (a really classy establishment that just might be sort of gay) where we hung out till it closed. So much for getting to bed early. But, I hanging out was more fun than the movies! However, I was meeting Kevin at Noon to show him ’round San Francisco. And, I was sort of a walking zombie. But, it was fun. We mostly hung out in The Haight. …and, I took the picture below because I am fascinated by these “art” — what is it? …and, why? Does anyone know????

Well, hopefully Kevin doesn’t think me a total dullard and I hope that Ing, Christopher and Reggie were able to function at their respective jobs today!

OK — hope everyone is having a great weekend! As Cher once sang for ROLLER BOOGIE — “…rock out!”

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  1. ing replied:

    I was wondering why so many guys at Daddy’s had left their (female) wives at home . . . you mean to tell me that was a gay bar?

    I really am sorry you had to miss Scott Baio and Marsha Brady and Patick Swayze. But Linda Blair might just make up for all three.

    Before the rain stops, Matty, I’m going to fix you up with those suspenders. I know just where to goet them. . .


  2. matt replied:

    Oh, ing — all of my problems in life would be resolved if I had suspenders like the ones in ROLLER BOOGIE! I just know it.

    …and, you know — i’m not entirely sure that it was a gay bar. Tho, I am still trying to figure out why those two guys were doing that thing in the corner! Not sure I buy that they were trading gum to test flavor. ????

  3. ginab replied:

    One of those gum traders was a gum stick theif. Remember!

    When you wear the rainbow braces (or, suspenders…please!), remember Ing.

    The three of you look smashing, dashing, and wise. although I cannot help myself from wondering how did that hand get on Ing and wherever did she purchase that succulent sweater jacket?

    It’s good to see you out!

  4. Karyn replied:

    Was that YOU in the photo? Jesus! What is up with San Francisco – – do they have a time machine? You look like you’re about 20. WTF? I want in! LOL!

    Rainbow suspenders; All I can think is “Mork”…is that really wrong?

    As to the woman’s legs protruding out the top window; it puts me in mind of what is purported to have been a prize issued by the NeHi soda company way-back-when. (NeHi being pronounced Knee High – this took me a while to sort out, I am ashamed to admit -) Per the movie “Christmas Story” and the book “Wanda Hickey’s Night Of Golden Memories And Other Nightmares”…Jean Shepherd wrote (again, SUPPOSEDLY fiction, but I have grave doubts) of his father winning the NeHi company’s contest and winning a gigantic plastic lamp in the shape of a curvaceous, stocking-and-heel clad leg with a fringed lampshade to top it off…an illuminated version of the Nehi logo – wildly provocative for the era!


    Anyway, that’s what the photo reminded me of; distinctly and definitely different, but there you go… anyway… glad you’re having so much fun Matty! xoxox

  5. ing replied:


    The seats at the Castro Theater have hands that lock across your lap to keep you from jumping up from your seat and shouting hallelujah.

    The sweater coat I bought under the advisement of my personal shopper and fashion consultant. I won’t reveal her name or the name of the store, but rest assured, both are posh. Which I needed in order to fit in at Daddy’s. Matty spotted a celebrity; Willie Nelson was sitting right there in front of the taps. Did you know Willie Nelson wore a studded dog collar?

  6. matt replied:

    ginab — Yes, one has to watch out for those gum stick thieves! Doesn’t ing look hot!?!? That was an awesome outfit she was sporting!

    Karyn — that cute boy in the middle is Christopher, Artiste-extrodinare! He painted “Head” which I posted a week or so ago! LOL! I love CHRISTMAS STORY and always wanted that lamp! My picture doesn’t really capture the size, tho. The legs are at least 5 or 6 feet long. HUGE! Odd that they are there. I don’t understand. But, I understood the beauty of that lamp! …even if his family didn’t! Yeah, I am always having fun. I just need a job. At the moment my challenge is paying my cell phone bill and securing my Feb MUNI pass. …I’ll figure it out. LOL! But, I will worry about it tomorrow. …the Scarlett O’Hara approach works best for me!

    Ing — I was thinking that Willie might have been sitting next to Waylon Jennings (the one with the leash attached to Willie’s collar — but then, I think Jennings is dead. Which makes me wonder if were still high from Xanadu and imagined the whole thing. But, after much thought on the matter. Yes, I do believe we were in a gay bar.

  7. matt replied:

    ginab — just think. if you were living in San Francisco you could see Diana Ross and Anthony “Psycho” Perkins on the big screen in MAHOGANY in early March! Think about it. I mean, there are gay men in Chelsea who would give up years of life for that experience! Of course, you’re not a gay man in a tank top and cut offs, but still — it would be way cool!

    I can’t believe no one has commented on the hottness of Scott Baio circa the era of that Tiger Beat cover!?!?!?

    People, where’s the love????

  8. ing replied:

    I didn’t want to say anything about Scott, in deference to Joanie. Do you think the Chach could lift Joanie above his head?

    Speaking of heads, mine looks like a potato in the pic, but Reggie and Christopher have movie star smiles.

    For our experiment, Matty, I could do the legwarmers and perm, but I’m really all about the little running shorts and elastic belts and shiny spandex tops. Which, don’t you think those stripy knee socks do the trick?

    And for you, Matty, I was hoping you’d be a cop in shorts. Can you combine the rainbow suspenders with the cop look?

  9. ing replied:

    Matty, baby, you’ve been tagged.

  10. matt replied:

    ing — You look great in the picture! I don’t think any of us have the ability to actually see ourselves as others see us.

    Joanie had issues so we don’t have to worry about her. She dumped on the whole cast of Happy Days a while back. Mean! Celebrate Scott! I do think Scott could have lifted Joanie — I suspect he is made of stronger stuff than we realize!

    And, I guess you have a point about the look we want to achieve when we mount our disco roller skating adventure. Yeah, the little running shorts and elastic belts and shiny spandex tops wins out over the Xanadu look. But, I still think you should go for the perm like Linda. You could skip the socks all together if you sport spike heel shoes as you walk to the park!

    I could try to be the cop, but I worry I will look like Barney Fife vs. hot bear bike cop. …and I don’t have a bike. I think the suspenders would totally kill the whole disco daddy cop look. Can’t I wear the form fitting orange BJ shirt with suspenders???? …what is it with me and orange as of late.

    I’ve been tagged? Better go check what that is all about!!! New picture!!! I like it!

  11. ing replied:

    BJ shirt it is, Matty. I’m going to lift you so high, you’ll fly like a Daughter of Zeuss!

  12. matt replied:

    Wow!!!! I can’t wait!!! …maybe I should wear the leg warmers?

  13. Tim replied:

    OMG, I can’t tell you how much I used to fancy Scott Baio when I was young. And that red neckerchief thing tied round his thigh …. so much cooler than the Fonz, who was practically geriatric compared to our Chachi!!

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