Yes, well the opportunity came my way to ‘sit’ for a real photographer in the buff! Well, I mean, I was without clothing. The dude with the camera was dressed the whole time! I’ve been trying to decide how to explain what the experience felt like for me. It was really quite interesting and most cool, but odd all at once. David, the photographer, is quite talented and good at putting his models at ease. So, after I loosened up a bit it was really fun and rather ‘free-ing’ — it was somehow affirming. Yet, not.

I guess he must have shot close to 300 pictures over the course of 3 hours. Then we reviewed all the shots together. He had this way cool camera that looked like something out of THE EYES OF LAURA MARS, but was actually a really high end digital camera. Instant gratification! We discussed whether or not I was interested in capturing the sensual or the erotic. I just sort of let him guide me through. I am actually rather pleased with the results. Some of the pictures are quite stark. Others are very innoncent. A few are kind of sexy. …I guess. Well, as sexy as I get. None, however really cross into the erotic range.

It was interesting to see the ones that the artist felt were good shots compared to my own opinions. I noticed that the ones he liked I felt more insecure about. I opted to go with his eyes because I was quite impressed with his photos of other models and I am not so sure we are always our own best critics.

As I looked at the pictures it struck me that it didn’t always feel as if I was looking at pictures of me. Partly, I think, because the goatee is currently gone and because he had me remove my glasses. …but also because I was seeing myself thru his eyes. …or the eyes of his camera. When I mentioned this sensation to him he explained that our faces change when we are nude and relaxed. What I saw as vulnerable he saw as open. I thought about this and I think he is right. And, well, I guess he should know.

I was so nervous at first, then he got me to chatting about “Billy’s” vision of me as a Jewish jock in an orange jock strap, basket ball between my knees and menorah at my side — and I laughed. As we talked and he snapped away. I gradually began to feel more comfortable. He never really told me to pose any certain way but more or less guided me.

He seemed to focus more on what was around me than on what I was doing. Or that might have just been my own perception. At one point he had had us go outside in the chilly San Francisco afternoon on his patio — I was sooooooooo cold, but those pix are really pretty funny — or joyfully chilly. LOL!

Some, tho, are kind of introspective.

Of course my insecurities kicked in as I looked at the shots. No, not my feet. But, yes. My nose. Which he seemed to think was cool looking. And my teeth. I hate my teeth. And, not to be rude, but are my balls really that big!?!?! LOL! My favorite picture is probably the silliest. I don’t know what was being discussed but there is a shot of me sort of glaring at him with my eyes on the verge of Popeye like wideness. He had three favorite shots. …that was not one of them.

Hmmmm… I am no model, but it was an interesting experience. I’d do it again. I think. Exhibitionist? Narciscist? Ugly? Crude? Art Whore? Art Whore Wanna Be? Exploring An Experience? Mabye a bit of all? Who knows. But, it is a memory and I enjoyed it. …I’d probably do it again.

I’ve debated what to post much on this site. I am not going to post any of the nude shots. Tho, some of the ones I decided to post have been edited. LOL! Not that I am ashamed and David can do whatever he likes with the pix, but if you wanna see me nude — you’ll have to ask, baby! LOL!

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  1. g8s replied:

    Wow! Look at you! These are nice shots, Matt, and I think it’s a good thing you did sit for someone interested in shooting you, rather than a person in an orange jock strap. And about those insecurities? I still don’t get your fixation on your imaginary nose problem; you’re on your own there, as it looks fine to me. But you have no reason to be self-conscious about any of these.

  2. Dessie replied:

    Don’t make us start a petition.

    Anyway, damn cute pics – but honey you need some meat on your bones! EAT A BURGER TODAY

  3. ginab replied:

    Matty, I like the opposition of open eyes and introspection. Those shots to me are the best. I was coming on here to say, “neat new pic of yourself” and found even more through a whole new you nudie man. Liberating… one day I just might pose, to ward off the dogs.

    Lovely to see you my dear! Have fun tonight.


  4. snarl71 replied:

    OMG – Matt, those are great!

    He really captured you, too.

    And that stomach!!!! You did that without exercise? DAMN.

    Very hot stuff, Matt. Seriously.

  5. ginab replied:

    Trick or treat…I see your feet!

    Shows you were comfortable, unabashed, free. Good for you!

  6. Lubin replied:

    You have a pleasing chest-hair pattern.

  7. Robert replied:

    These are wonderful, but with a subject like that, no one can go wrong really. I’m being honest, I love them. I really like the pensive look on you. It’s refreshing to see without his glass AND goatee.

    Nah, I don’t need to see you nude. I’m happy with these. I think my faves are #2, #6 and #7, #2 being my absolute favourite! So tranquil. I just clicked on it and it’s gorgeous!

  8. Robert replied:

    …see MATT without his glasses and goatee I mean… and see you NAKED I mean… God where’s my red marker!!

  9. matt replied:

    I feel all funny and exposed. I need to write a new post and move past this one. It scares me when I see my pictures pop up on the screen!

  10. Kris replied:

    Oh my goodness…..I’m gonna have to wait ’til I get connection at home before I can look at them. Just had a quick glimpse since I’m at the library but your pictures looked nice even though I just had a glance at them. Looking good Matt.

  11. ing replied:

    2, 5, and 6. You look very hunky in #6, Matty! The broken nose makes you look kind of tough. In #2 you look vulnerable and cute, aww! And the smile in #7 is adorable.

    But introspective! I vote introspective!


  12. Karyn replied:

    Very nice Matty. Too damn cute. I wasn’t sure the first few were even YOU, as you look really young – I mean REALLY. And what is this imaginary nose problem? You’re hot! Just accept it! 🙂

  13. Doug replied:

    Ok..Ill be honest Matt…I wanna see you nude! Those are great pics Matt…not sure which is my favorite, but DAMN you look like a baby without the goatee. I wish I had the nerve to pose nude..but there is just too much of me (weight wise) for one camera…LOL

  14. k replied:

    Great pictures! Others have said it already: You look vulnerable and cute.


  15. Tim replied:

    Blimey Matt, you do look a lot younger than your years. Nice one!! That must have been a very unique experience ….. I don’t think I could do that right now. I used to HATE having my picture taken. I don’t mid so much now, but I still don’t like looking at pictures of myself much when other people are around, I’m very self-conscious. I find it really hard to look at myself without being critical when I’m with other people (but not so much when I’m on my own; funny that).

  16. joe replied:

    wow, that’s pretty cool. I don’t know if I could be a nude model! I’d be so self-conscious. And if the photographer was a cutie.. well! 🙂 but cool shots. very multidimensional, not just a face, body. you should go on Tyra’s Amercia’s Next Top Model!

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