So, I’ve already been lectured by one friend! LOL! But, I like to share the little things that happen in life. As you all know, I am on a big job search. And am running on close to empty cash wise so I have to be clever. When I first arrived in lovely San Francisco I adapted to my limited budget by eating one to two meals per day. It worked. I took my vitamins and drank lots of water and plenty of caffeine! And, I lost lots of weight!!! And, it has stayed off! Yay!

Well, I guess since I am back in shape I have to be a bit more cautious about budgeting when it comes to food intake.

Since yesterday I was doing the two meal a day thing plus my cookie and cup of tea! Well, this late afternoon as I was on the “L” train I felt a wee bit woozy. …Luckily the train was jammed packed because I think I sort of passed out. Whooooosh!!! Everyone was so sweet. In Boston they probably would have just let me lie on a filthy subway floor — but my fellow passengers caught me and laid me down on the row of seats normally used for the physically challenged. Well, I don’t think I was out long at all. I was just really embarrassed. I had to beg the conductor not to call 911 or medics. Luckily it worked after I sat up and showed up him I was OK. I explained that the whole problem was that I had eaten since 9am.

…other than a Diet Coke while I reviewed the postings in the Chronicle and read about our silly mayor and his disregard for disabled tenants — but I digress. Anyway, this sweet college girl invited me back to her dorm for a nice meal. That was so sweet. It took me a few to realize that I think she was flirting with me. Am always surprised when a woman can’t tell I am gay. But, whatever. It made me feel good because she was a baby! However, it hit me that I had shaved off my goatee on the advice of a head hunter friend and I think that seems to make me look younger. But, I think I might grow one of those soul patches cuz I think they’re hot!

Anyway, I got off the train and headed over to this little dive and got a slice of pizza. I felt sooooo much better after I ate! So, no more skimping out on that middle meal! Damn! You know, kids — you can save a lot of money by skipping a meal or two!

I was able to sale my DJ case this morning but had to cut the price. Still, that covered a hair cut and will cover my fun plans for Friday! Yes, a boy MUST have fun! Me, Christopher and Ing are going to share in the splendor that will be the Roller Disco Extravaganza at the Castro Theatre. Alan suddenly has other plans. …Jerk! LOL! And, Milford and Mark are threatening to go to Gold’s Gym to work out. And, yes, they really work out. No cruising. But, on a Friday night when they could see Linda Blair jiggling along to Disco Cher!?!?!? I just don’t get this skewed priorities. But, maybe they will catch up with us after the movie. And, if we are brave enough to stomach the big midnight finale they will join us for that! I mean, Scott Baio, Patrick Swazzzy, Ruth Buzzi AND Marsha Brady (!?!?!) with a bunch of disco roller skaters circa 1978!!?!?!? How can one go wrong???? Seriously! I mean look at Patrick’s arms and Marsha’s hair!?!?!?

If anyone out here in SF wants to go with — drop me an email! It will be most fun! It will be worth it for she sheer company of both Ing and Christopher!

….Hmmm. Dinner or Roller Boogie???? Well, the choice seems obvious to moi!

January 24, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. k replied:

    When I went to bed last night, I had done all my blog reading for the day, when I got up this morning, there were three new posts – that’s power blogging at its best.

    I hope your little incident was nothing serious and you are alright again. Please skip the odd movie and buy stuff to eat instead.


  2. g8s replied:

    So jealous about the Roller Boogie; NYC has nothing on that! But seriously, Matt, this fainting because you haven’t eaten business is going to get you in trouble. I mean, at the very least, buy yourself some celery or bodega tofu or an orange to bite on. Nutritious food does not have to be pricey, and we’d rather have you conscious than skinny.

    ps — do we get a glimpse of the freshly shaven you?

  3. Jon replied:

    Ah, fainting in public. Isn’t it the worst?

    I think you need to eat more and get the hell out of San Fran. It’s just full of sprout eating poseurs…. ^_^V

  4. ing replied:


    Oatmeal! Rice! Cheap eats!

    And you gots to eat. It’s more important, even, than Scott Baio (though just barely). Dang it, Matty, if you’re fainting from hunger, I don’t feel so good about this whole movie bizniz. How ’bout we take you out for dinner instead?

    My next question is, why go to the gym if you’re not cruising? Me, I get enough exercise opening beers with my bare hands (I’m too tough to use those kid gloves they sell at the liquor store).

    If you’ll excuse me, now, I have a tub full of sprouts in the fridge and they’re calling my name.

    (I’m coming, darlings! Just let me turn off my computer!)

  5. Dessie replied:

    Pasta. Cheap, easy to cook, keeps for ages.

  6. snarl71 replied:

    OK – Now I’m worried.

    Not just because of the passing out…but because you’re considering a soul patch. You HATED those things..and used to make fun of people for them!!!! Remembe that cute violinist Justin dated on QAF? I thought he was adorable with his soul patch and you said it looked like he had a bug on his face.

    Now they’re sexy? What gives?

  7. Robert replied:

    Oh Matt. Take good care of yourself my friend. You can have oatmeal for breakfast. It fills you up and it’s good for you [what I’ve heard anyway]. Tho personally I loathe that stuff, I prefer grits myself.

  8. matt replied:

    Oh! Man, I called myself an unemployed idiot! LOL! Don’t worry, kids, I’m eating!!!! LOL! I should have never shared my story, but I feel so loved! LOL! I have food — I was just trying to stretch it out longer! Won’t work this time ’round, tho.

    Kai — You posted a comment!! Yay!

    Gator — I know! Roller Boogie!!! But, what’s “celery”
    “bodega tofu”???? No, I really do have food. I was trying to stretch it out. I might just take some photos and post a new profile picture. I grow weary of the current one. Tho, I might wait for the soul patch.

    Jon — Yes, it is not too cool — but it can happen. No, I really love SF. The question is — does it love me? where oh where is my job??? Interview in a few hours! But the pay is probably not enough! Oi! And, I will eat! In fact, I’ve a bowl of sprouts infront of me as I type. LOL!

    Oh, Ing — Honey, nothing is more important than Scott Baio, Linda Blair and the Van Patten Boys circa late 70’s! The gym. Yeah. Well, for me the interesting thing is watching the folks come out of “spin class” — they all look like they have just been tortured except for about 3 who are all jazzed up. I find this fun to watch! My sprouts have demanded that I grill them for later.

    Dessie — I just don’t care much for pasta.

    Robert — I didn’t know that grits were still available in the 21st Century!?!?! My Grandmother used to love grits. I, however, have a bowl of no sugar oatmeal every morning. That used to be enough to go on till about 3 or 4. Guess not anymore, tho.

  9. ginab replied:

    Damnit Matty we have a LOT in common. You’re beautiful, you’re thin, you love men, you’re 39, you’ve pert near starved to death.

    I once fainted from famine while riding a train into Boston. I was returning to the city after a romp, yep, in the burbs. I was standing up and looking out the window and just when the windows were starting to blurr like horse legs during a horse race (try staring at those some time), I hit the floor. But I couldn’t have been on a more ideal train. A train from the burbs into the City. Into the City of medical schools and world renowned hospitals. It was probably my one chance to marry rich, according to my aunt. no she doesn’t know any details except that I fainted on a train into Boston and woke to four doctors and two nurses hovering me. Somebody gave me some water, and like a dopey baby I was fed a Saltine cracker. The health people were avid, keen workers. And they were beginning to scare me. Let’s just say old rompsicle wasn’t a chef, unfortunately, and probably he wasn’t real fond of watching me eat food. I was at least a day if not two, which wasn’t unusual,on an empty stomach. I knew why I had fainted, but the healthy people wanted maybe to draw my blood and take my temp and slide a me-bob up the chute until they were satisfied I would be okay.

    So glad I was close to the ground then, lying on the floor of the train above the carriage boggies and rolling stock and tram, my mind dirty, I fought them off–no kidding–to let me go. I told them they didn’t know a gd thing. What were they, blind? “Thanks for the Saltine!”. Really, I blamed the world for so much it’s no wonder no one offered to cook me a meal or take me home for real.

    Blair should feel so damn embarrassed. Poor Marcia. What is she, a perpetual virgin? Enjoy the flick. And get a job. Pixar is right in the Bay area. APPLY! You know you’re good. You probably faint well, Matty.


  10. Dessie replied:

    I’m picturing some of kind of “hold-lace-handkerchief-to-head” Faye Wray style fainting, am I right? Sort of, more of a wilting gracefully into a chair (probably with a guy already sitting in it)?

    Some days, it’s like I’m just psychic.


  11. laurenbove replied:

    matt matt matt. You don’t want to fool with your sugar levels like that. Always eat protein at breakfast, especially if you may not get to eat in the near future. If you’re eating mini meals keep a powerbar in your bag so you can have a bite or two when you feel fuzzy headed.

    Take it from a intermittent meal skipper. At one point I’d gotten myself down to 87 lbs out of sheer willpower not so much vanity. I didn’t feel well and I didn’t look well. (they don’t sell cocktail dresses in the toddler sizes.) However, I’m f’ed up enough to miss the control I had that last time.

    Be careful dear. Get that Powerbar and drink your water.


    PS Roller Boogie ROCKS! I’m totally jealous right now. Good luck job hunting.

  12. matt replied:

    Gina! I feel so bonded with you know! We’ve both passed out on public transit. Tho, your experience was much more exciting than mine! I would love to work for Pixar. Too bad they don’t feel the same way. Also, they are way out — once must have a car.
    Oh, see I think Linda Blair should be oh so proud! So, Jodie Foster went on to win an OSCAR and such. Jodie can hardly lay claim to starring opposite a Canadian Olympic figure skater and dancing to Cher disco!!! …and, yeah. Pretty sure Marsha is still a virgin even tho she has children.

    Dessie — Oh, how I wish it had been a Faye moment. But, no. It was me sort of fading out. But at least I wasn’t drooling or anything! That would have been pathetic.

    Karl — Well, I remember SOMEONE saying that they could never stay up past midnight, go to a club, live in Dorchester or fly in a plane. Guess we all change a bit in our tastes. However, that kid did look like there was a bug hanging out on his chin. Yuck.

    Lauren!!! Hi! Yes! I shall pick up some powerbars. Probably a good idea. But, I was just trying to save some money. Movies are by far more important than food! LOL!

    My interview today went fine, but no dice. He was afraid I would be too bored and he was unwilling to up the salary to a point that I would be able to live and commute daily to Berkeley. Sigh. All dressed up for no good reason. Well, that’s not true. I was in jeans with a sport coat.

  13. jungle jane replied:

    Matt what a terribly good idea – if ever you fancy a little sit down on public transport the way to get rid of those pesky old people and retain your dignity would be to feign a faint. if you look lean and hungry too even better.

    you have inspired me!

  14. Tim replied:

    Aiya Matty!! Your body is a temple; love it, feed it, or it will surely perish. And soul patches can really suit some faces; try it out, you can always shave it off if it makes you look odd!!

  15. Tim replied:

    Forgot to say that soul patches often look best on people with mad hair …. maybe you need to get a mini fro goin’ on or something?

  16. joe replied:

    you are such a damsel in distress! careful, or we’ll have to start mailing you kraft dinner. 🙂

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