My best friend/roommate/persona savior, Alan, and my new pal, Christopher, took in a viewing of the new documentary, GAY SEX IN THE 70’s tonight.

Enjoyable and of interest, but I was hoping it would focus on the celebratory/liberation of that decade and not drag us into the whole “crashing of ‘the party’ ” thing — Just seems we are all too painfully aware of where everything led. It would have carried a bigger impact to just investigate the joys of sexual freedom and discovery. How many times do we need to see LONGTIME COMPANION or read DANCER FROM THE DANCE?!?!? I swear, we noticed a sort of heavy sigh pass over the audience when the film switched gears to the gay cancer. But, still, a good film and a great piece of queer history. Just wanted it something different and a bit more positive and thrilling vs. sad and dread. I guess.

Oh, now I must tell you a bit about Mr. Christopher Shields. He is an artist newly re-located to San Francisco. I feel his talent is destined to make him a big deal any day now! And, he is a total babe! Seriously, the man is quite gifted. Below is one of my favorite pieces he has created. Blows me away. …so to speak. I wanted to share it because he has yet to create his own website and I just want people to see a bit of his work. He gave me permission to post this piece. It is even more interesting to see it in person. What strikes me when I actually see the painting is the lushness of the hair and the hardcore eroticism of the moment captured. Interesting stuff. Notice the studded arm band and the nipple. Pushes the envelope, but not too far. Genius! Remember his name…


January 22, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Well blow me down!

    (I, too, like the subtle nipple. But what do you think my poor mother would say if I had that hanging on my dining room wall?)

  2. matt replied:

    …but isn’t it always fun to shock and piss off the parentals? However, one must consider — “Will it go with the sofa?”

    …as I don’t have one, (sofa, I mean. I do have one mother) it really doesn’t matter.

    I wish I could afford it. I would hang it up with great pride. And, when I eventually get a sofa — I would simply find one to match Christopher’s painting!

  3. ing replied:

    Now that would be some kind of sofa! Hee hee!

    Um, why am I still awake?

  4. ginab replied:

    Matty, it’s Sunday. ‘Sides, that’s the tidest head I’ve ever, ever seen. Wins for idyllic or idle-lick or i’d-lick-dick.

    LOOK what you have done to my speech!

    Off with my fingers!

  5. Dessie replied:

    rofl @ gina

  6. ginab replied:

    Oops! I meant tidiest.

    What is rolf? To do with stomach churning?

    If so, I’m genuinely sorry!

  7. Dessie replied:

    rofl = rolling on floor laughing

    (with you not at you, dear 😉 )

  8. matt replied:

    Isn’t it a great painting? And there are many more! I hope Christopher will get a web site up soon. I have volunteered my Mac for him to use to get that up. However, I am sure it is much more work than just sitting at a laptop. LOL!

  9. Jon replied:

    Sure, the whole pre AIDS thing must have been nice, but I hae to say– WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH ALL THE MOUSTACHES???? I can’t stand moustches! I know, it was all about trying to look like a macho man, but ewwww ^_~

  10. ginab replied:

    Oh Dessie, YEAH! woo-hoo!

    And Matty, probably a painting of you…in place of the photo? Hmm.


    PS: word verification spells “mud hi gae”

  11. Tim replied:

    It took me a while to find that nipple! But I got there in the end. I never was good at biology 😉

  12. matt replied:

    Jon — I don’t know, there is something kind of hot with those stached dudes ala Burt Reynolds circa 1975! …but after about 1978, it just wasn’t cool anymore, I guess. And there is nothing worse than a stache on a really skinny guy! Just my opinion. Gotees are cool, tho. Did I spell that right? I kant spel et al all of the cudin.

    Gina — Hmmmm… A painting of me instead of a photo. Now, that is an idea. Tho, I think I would prefer an anime version of myself!

    Tim — I’m glad you were able to locate the nipple! That could be quite worrying for Y!

  13. Dessie replied:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  14. Dessie replied:

    Tim, please. We all know where your eyes were drawn to, you big ole slut. xx 😉

    (Removed a typo)

  15. Tim replied:

    Lol @ Aaron – takes one to know one, slaaaag ;-p

  16. Dessie replied:

    I have no shame 😀

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