It is no big deal. Money is tight right now. And, until I secure a job I have to be as creative and frugal as I know how to be. So, if you know me you know that I essentially have a collection of DVD’s from around the world which can rival most video stores. In fact, I have far too many. More than I could ever watch! A while back I converted to a cool storge system utilyzing plastic envelopes which has allowed me to discard the bulky jewel boxes that DVD’s come in. While this saved an enormous amount of space for me — it also prevents one from selling most of the DVD’s to used stores because there are no jewel boxes and most of the artwork must be cut into two sections to fit in the envelopes. Also, most of my DVD’s are from other countries — the UK, China and Japan specifically. So, that also prevents easy resale as the viewer must have a region free player to watch most of these DVD’s.

Anyway, I need money. So, I posted an ad to Craig’s List — and sold 175 of my movies. Sold them this morning and put the money in the bank. This cool business man bought them.

In an odd way, I feel like I am somewhat freed. I really don’t like having a lot of stuff. So, it is kind of cool to just get rid of all those DVD’s. But, still, I gave up some true gems. And, a few of them I had yet to even watch — I still never saw EL TOPO or HOLY MOUNTAIN — two cult classics that I had been meaning to see. And, it was hard for me to let go of the controversail and hard-to-find films like KEN PARK (Larry Clark/Rosario Dawson) and all those campy Pam Grier films of the 70’s that you can’t find in the US.

But, the only one I find myself regretting having sold is the mysterious and hypnotic Japanese film from 2004 by Shin’ya Tsukamoto, VITAL. Starring Tadanobu Asano at his sexiest and most twisted! Am still puzzled why this film failed to find a US distributor.

I think it was shown at a few film fests, but nothing else. As the guy was looking thru the films this morning and I was counting his money he pulled that one out and examined the strange/disturbing artwork on the jacket. He made a negative comment — that he wasn’t sure that he and his wife would ever watch that one. I asked if he wanted me to keept it and give subtract the value from the paying price. I was thinking I might get to keep it, but he said no — he thought he might take a peek at it. I sighed internally. I warned him that it is a very Japanese film — meaning that there is much violence/gore but that it is all metaphorical. He tossed it back in the back and started focusing on GATE OF FLESH and TOKYO ELEGY.

Oh, well. No worries for Feb’s phone or MUNI expenses! Even if I secure a job tomorrow — at this point, I won’t be seeing a pay check till the last day of the month. And, I suspect I will be into Feburary. There are still more I can sell. But, it kind of sucks. But, on the other hand it is a sort of a luxury to purge.

This evening’s iPod Shuffle coming home from the Bridge Cinema:
“Dear Diary” by Roisin Murphy
“Hey Ya!” by OutKast
“16 Military Wives” by The Decemberists
“The Time Warp” by Rocky Horror
“Sugar” by Ladytron
“I Constantly Thank God for Estaban” by Panic At The Disco
“Honey Come Love Me” by Captain & Tennille

January 17, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Dessie replied:

    2 things. 1, get a removable hard drive and COPY the ones you want before you sell them! 2, use eBay. People won’t care what condition it’s in… believe me

  2. joe replied:

    Vital was my favourite movie I saw at the Toronto film fest two years ago. I thought it was touching, twisted, sad and uplifting, all at the same time. Even today, I can remember some of that haunting feeling of loss. ….Um, kinda like the feeling that you might have after selling all those DVDs!

  3. Tim replied:

    Yeah Matt, copy copy copy! If I really HAD to sell any of my things, I think I would start with the CDs that I’ve already copied into iTunes, and go from there. I could do with downsizing as well, it’s quite a tempting idea …. Anyway, I hope you got a good price for all those rarities, I’m sure they weren’t cheap to buy!

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