After a horrible meeting with Satan, uh, I mean, my lawyer and managing to survive the scary bus stop and ride back to civilization — I decided to change the course of my day so that it might end on a good note. And, it did! I had a cup of chili at Little Orphan Andy’s and took in an evening at The Castro Theater where I was treated to original teaser trailers to the classic bad roller disco films, XANADU & ROLLERBOOGIE (!!!), a wonderful organ recital, a vintage Warner Bros Bugs Bunny cartoon and a viewing of the original KING KONG. I actually enjoyed the movie. I kept trying to imagine how it must have been for an audience in 1933 to see such a film. Faye Wray was quite pretty and a really awful actress. But, I think they did it better in 1933 than they did in 2005. Anyway, I don’t think I had ever really seen it. But, hey —

Robert Armstrong was hot! Totally do-able! The romantic leading man was not. Faye should have gone for Mr. Armstrong. You know, am I crazy or was Armstrong revealed to be a big Hollywood homo in that infamous book, Hollywood Babylon?!?!? Maybe I am dreaming that. But, a boy can dream… Right?

Anyway, am in a much better frame of mind. Have some new ideas and am ready to jump back into the fight and ride! Yay!

Um, can someone get me a job?!?!? Just askin’.


January 11, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Tim replied:

    That cinema sounds cool! I love all that old shit. I need to get me to SF some time!!

  2. ing replied:

    I guess Fay Wray was quite the screamer. I also heard that her character was really falling for the monster, which was what had people so upset — he was (supposedly) a stand-in for non-caucasian males.

    I haven’t seen the original King Kong since I was maybe five. What I remember best was my little brother, who was terrified of King Kong. He’d sit there in front of the TV, weeping and shivering.

  3. matt replied:

    Tim — It is settled — you and Y come to SF and I will show you guys all over the Bay Area! And, I come to England and you guys show me all of London and Bath!!! It’s a plan!

    ing – there was a lot of sexual subtext goin’ down in the old King Kong! LOL! I guess this was before the Hayes Office stepped in! I was surprised at how graphic it was with the beasts killing men! Corny looking by today’s standards, but really violent!

  4. Tim replied:

    Yay! Holiday swap!!!

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