Ok, you know how sometimes you think to yourself, “I feel sort of bad” but you don’t really think much of it? Well, that was me yesterday. I woke up at 5am with the worst sore throat! And, now I know I feel bad. Hurts to talk and swallow. This is not a cool way to spend the first day of 2006. I have been lying on the bed since I “got up” —- I was roaming around the internet and noticed the stack of things next to me on my bed and it made me laugh. I took a picture to share the warmth of my New Year’s Day! …yes, Tylenol, Asian Cult Cinema magazine, Felini does Casanova, trash porn mag (I read it for the articles), Joni Mitchell, headphone and the remote. You can’t see the generic cold medicine box or me in my LedZep t-shirt, pjbottoms, sweater and ugly socks. Oh, and my empty tea cup. …but I don’t feel like getting up and making anymore. I will just lay here until I heal.

matt’s first iPod Shuffle of the New Year:
“Out of My Hands” by The Donnas
“Sugar Baby Love” by The Rubbettes
“5/4” by Gorillaz
“The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” by Marianne Faithful
“The Loco-Motion” by Grand Funk Railroad
“Iceblink Luck” by Cocteau Twins
“A Little Sugar In My Bowl” by Nina Simone

…but now it is Joni Mitchell’s classic Blue album all the way. I feel a nap coming on!


January 1, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    Me too, with the nap. I wish it was only a cold, but no, it was Jim Beam and beer.

    Get better!

  2. Elaine replied:

    If I were a little closer, I would love to rub your chest better.

    I have just the remedy, passed down to me by my Grandmother.

    It includes menthol oil and goose grease. Guaranteed to make you feel much better!

  3. ginab replied:

    Lather up and lie back, to feel better soon. The Zep T alone already shows optimism.

  4. snarl71 replied:

    sigh..I love that song: 5/4

    Why is the Unzipped cover covered up? you’re not a convenience store….let us see the hunky porn star!

  5. matt replied:

    Karl — that’s what made me laugh. I had just tossed everything on the bed and hadn’t touched anything excepting the Tylenol. Feeling better, tho. Now, I just hope I can find some food in the kitchen — never got to the store last week! And, I’m starving!!!

  6. g8s replied:

    You just lay there with your porn, kiddo, no matter what your soundtrack is, and no matter how long it takes. No judgements here!

  7. Tim replied:

    Hope you’re better now Matt. I was obsessed with ‘Sugar Baby Love’ for a while when I was in my teens, but I haven’t listened to it for years since. Ah, memories!!–>

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