…There’s a bit of a romantic adventure coming my way for Christmas. I will not be blogging about it, but it is really making me look forward to the day — which is really quite nice. There have also a major challenge headed my way as I will be unemployed again as of January 13th. But, it’s OK. I am not worried. I’ve got a good feeling about it. Things happen for a reason and all will be falling into place.

Anyway, I had a nice evening hanging out with my pal, Milford. We went high end and shopped at Target in San Bruno. I picked up the new Mary J. Blige CD for $9! …and a bottle of Diet Coke, a can of soup and some socks. Milford bought a lot! Then we had our almost ritual weekly dinner at Red Robyns where I ate waaaaaaay too much and still feel kind of ill. But, it was fun!

So, here this is the time of year where my mind always turns to my Grandmother. I miss her. I always wonder what she would think of me and where I am at now almost 10 years since she passed on. I often miss her advice, her sense of humor and her odd comments.

…my favorite photo of my Grandmother

This is also that time of the year when we all send holiday cards to each other. I didn’t receive as many as usual, but I have found 21 in my mail box thus far and that has filled up my shelves. I love all of the cards which were sent to me, but these two really got me — made me homesick for Boston… I’m going to blink and these beautiful kids are going to be in college!

Have ya ever seen sweeter kids?!?!?

Same for this little one — and doesn’t his mom give great xmas card!?!?!

December 22, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. thomas replied:

    “a bottle of Diet Coke, a can of soup and some socks” matt, my dear, you are a wild man. I never buy my socks and soup together, it raises my blood pressure.

  2. snarl71 replied:

    I’ve always loved Ellen and Chuck’s Christmas cards. Though, my all-time favorites still are the pregnant one where she lifted her shirt on the street and exposed her belly and the one where Chuck’s pupils are all screwed up (one dilated, the other not).

  3. Miss Marisol replied:

    Is this unemployment permanent? You have certainly proven that you take change with stride and grace, so I’m not worried if you aren’t.

    Such a lovely photo of your grandmother as well.

    Happy Holidays, my sweet Matt. I heart you mucho!

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    Oh, and we always welcome you back on this coast if you get really homesick!!!

  5. matt replied:

    Thomas, you know I don’t know why I felt the need to share my list of purchases. …but there ya go!

    Karl — yeah, ellen is the best with those cards!

    Miss Marisol, sigh, yes. I am actively pursuing new employment. I am optimistic, tho. it will all be fine. And, one never knows — I just might end up in NYC —- but I kind of doubt it. I really do love California!

  6. adrock2xander replied:

    Thanks for the greetings Matty, have a happy Christmas.

  7. ginab replied:

    Oh, I’ve been honoring the mem of my grandma all day. It is that time of year. I feel balanced to know that I am not particularly alone on the subject. Grand would not be in the title if they were mediocre. Thanks for posting her image.

    HAPPY Christmas, tho, Matt, and MERRY New Year. I found you because my pal Ing is cool!

  8. matt replied:

    ginab! that is a great way to think about it. …and I think we were both blessed to have such grand women in our lives! ing is quite cool! i need to visit your site!!! …and will!

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