I swear. My iPod is magical when I press the “shuffle” song function. Is it because I got the pretty pink one?

Here is the musical start of my day:

“Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” — Tom Waits
“Eggs And Their Shells” — Cocteau Twins
“Ashes to Ashes” — David Bowie
“Somewhere” — Tom Waits
“Glass Onion” — The Beatles
“Linus & Lucy” — Vince Guaraldi Trio
“For All We Know — Babs Streisand
“Pretty In Pink” — The Psch Furs
“Chocolate Jesus” — Tom Waits

I’m sorry, but I think that was an incredible start to the day! What is it about Tom Waits that so touches me? I don’t quite understand, but I love his work. And, I’m sorry — but that tired, whiskey/cig burned, world weary and desperate rasp of a voice singing Sondheim just makes sense. It is a combination of pure magic. And, it is so rare for an artist to continue to grow and experiment as they move thru his/her career and still maintain a visible presence. I mean my ipod picked songs that were decades apart. I believe I believe “Chocolate Jesus” is from the Mule Variations CD (1999/2000) but the other tracks are from back in 1978/1979. And each track is just as fresh as the other. Tom Waits will go to the grave creative, orginal and mysterious. And, on top of everything else he has that dirty/ugly/sexy thing happening. …romeo is bleeding.

My brother actually called me yesterday! He continues to make me so proud. His art career is really taking off — soon he will take Manhattan! Anyway, he met some up and coming artist who is dating a German actress whom he got to meet. I do believe that the actress is Hanna Schygulla (One of the great Fassbinder muses) — so jealous!!!

As I am doing my best to get my crap together — my goal is to have my own apartment by the spring — I announced to my friends that I was not doing the whole holiday gift thing this year. But, my friends are so sweet — I continue to receive gifts at the mail center. I feel so loved but also quite guilty. Oy! A pal in Texas sent me the DVD of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS! A movie that totally freaked me out when I was a kid! Can’t wait to watch it! Haven’t seen it since I was a teenager. Wonder if it will still freak me out. “The call is coming from inside the house!” …poor Carol Kane! …who so totally rules.

Some things in my life are sucking right now, but some things are showing great promise. So, as I hear many Californians say — “It’s all good” I can’t write about it because I am certain it will be cursed if I do. And I can’t write about what sucks for fear that the wrong person will read it and I will be screwed. Not even sure I am writing this at all. This is a free form blog, you know.
This is blogging my way, boys and girls!

Oh, I came across a really cool blog, well worth checking out! Along with my pal, “Dessie”
I’ve added “ing” —

  • I Smell Bear
    to my links!

    December 15, 2005. Uncategorized.


    1. Dessie replied:

      Shucks, top billing 😉


    2. ing replied:

      Me too, I want my own apartment. A distant, distant goal.

      Not to keep hammering my obsession, but I love Mr. Waits because

      1. He tells a really good story, and
      2. He inhabits every character he creates in a song.

      I used to work for this truly cool old lady at a bookstore in Capitola, CA. Incredibly sweet, modest, and she could lift these like fifty-pound boxes of magazines. One morning I was playing Tom Waits, and she tells me that she met the man in a bar. She said he was geniune, kind, and compassionate.

    3. matt replied:

      Dessie — bigwetone right back at ya, baby!

      ing — Oh, I love that! I would like to think he would be the kind of fellow you could just sit down and have a chat with. I should think he and his wife would be endlessly interesting. But, I think you hit it right on the head. He is a story teller who becomes the story as he tells it. I just love him and I love that my iPod played so much of his stuff this morning. This afternoon’s shuffle was a big ol’ mess of The Donnas to The Bee Gees — not sure what my little pink mp3 player was thinking. However, The Donnas and Bee Gees don’t really mix all that well.

    4. Tim replied:

      I don’t really use the shuffle feature (despite the fact that I own an iPod shuffle ….), as it generally choses things that I DON’T want to hear. I only use it as a starting point in iTunes if I’m really not sure what to play, but generally when it starts playing something it triggers something inside me and I suddenly decide what I want to listen to. With my iPod, I just let the whole thing play through, but then I carefully hand-pick the albums first, it’s not random at all. Maybe I’m just a control-freak?!

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