…a cool gift from my pal, Milford. It is very cute, very loud and very birght!

39 years old. So, where did the time go? Wasn’t I just 28? LOL!


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Voting in San Francisco is odd. Or, so it seems odd to me. It is not unusual to cast your vote in someone’s garage. That is often where the voting places are, actually. The little Mexican cantina a few blocks from the house is also a voting place. Cast your vote and pick up a taco. …Or go up the street about 10 blocks and meet that odd neighbor who has rented out his garage for the day. Odd. I am feeling rather guilty. I did not vote today. I failed to get myself registered to vote in California and I still need to change my MA drivers license to a CA one. So, I hope that there were enough people in my city who were able to get to their neighbor’s house or the bar to cast their vote and shoot Gov Arnold’s lame/big business initiatives down. I won’t let this happen again. No need to lecture me. I know I suck. Tracy Flick would be most annoyed.

But, let’s ponder something of real importance: What is up with Andrew WK and his new look?

andrew wk goes-a-stylin’

Are we to expect those heavy metal tunes to now morph into Roxy Music-inspired ballads of love and lust? From the new look one might think so! This is certainly a far cry from the busted nose, oily metal hair look to which he previoulsy aspired.

I am sure there will be those who will say that he is a poser, but his work has always been on the side of lampoon anyway. Still, it is an odd transformation. Did he get new management?!??!

And, what of the new Kate Bush CD? Hmmmm…

I am still thinking it through and it will take a few more listens. However, I do know that I prefer disc 2. This is most definitely the more experimental of the two. The first disc opens strong with that first single (even if it is about Elvis) but then there is a track written for her child which seems cloying. And, the song which I guess is about her partner and his love of math is seeming somehow lame to me.

But, the oddest is the song called “Mrs. Bartolozzi” …It is about doing the laundry, but has the sound of some important piano moment. …but it is about laundry washing. A sort of ode to the washing machine. Actually, I’ve only listened to it once, but I think the chorus is “…washing machine, washing machine, washing machine” Is that cool or just bad? I can’t decide. I want to like track 5, “How to be Invisible” but am having issues with getting up close and personal to it.

But, I’ve played disc 2 several times. I love the three tracks which are inspired by her child speaking about the sounds that the birds are making — and then the odd vocals which seem to imitate those sounds as if part of the song is in a new language — or a tounge of birds. Now, this is a great tribute to her child. Children can be so beautifully poetic — and this section of the album captures that so well. This actually makes the purchase of the CD more than worth it!

I have to wonder why is the release called “Aerial” when the work is called “Sea of Honey/Sky of Honey” —- I guess these are the names of the two divisions of the works as a whole. However, I like the sound of those two titles better than Aerial. But, “honey” is one of my favorite words. Like “water” “glass” “reflection” — those words just sound nice when spoken aloud.

Ah, yes — no need to worry about elections, war, riots in Paris or assisinations. Andrew WK’s new look and new Kate Bush CD are where we really need to focus our collective attentions.

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Well, I overheard two well-heeled ladies chatting on the streetcar this morning discussing if one of their daughters was dating a girl who was too young for her. One of the ladies informed the mother of the craddle-snatching lesbian that Oprah had settled the whole thing recently. She then proceeded to explain how one can determine if someone is too young for you to date — with math!!! Now, I should tell you that this is the second time I’ve heard Oprah’s math approach to age appropriate dating determination. The first time was on public transit as well, but it was on the 38 Geary Street bus so it wasn’s as sophisticated and the conversation did not involve lesbians and rich moms.

Here is how the wealthy lady explained to the concerned mother. (and I suspect this is one of those public conversations would one only hear in San Francisco — they could care less who was listening and i just love that!)

OK — so here is how you do it.

Divide your age 2 then add 7. If the object of your affection is younger than that number he/she is just too damned young for you. I don’t know. That would mean I could date a 26 year old without guilt.

That just seems odd to me — and, far too young.

But, what do I know? Oprah is God. Right?

…nobody can break a mirror better than Sally Kirkland circa 1969!

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As I just advised a dear friend, when you’re a-scared or nervous —- simply close your eyeys, relax your legs, feet, toes, arms, hands, fingers, visualize George Clooney naked, follow where ever that visualization might lead you — and the fear/anxiety should melt away. …or, at the very least, decrease in intesnsity.

If you’re straight guy, replace George Clooney with Kate Bosworth or someone like that.

Actually, no — let’s all just focus on George Clooney naked and allow that to lead us where it might. You’re bound to lose interest in what scares you!

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“Hmmmmm… Who is going to be the next big thing?”

I finally saw that documentary about Klaus Nomi, NOMI SONG. It wasn’t as interesting as I was expecting but it did get me to thinking. …about David Bowie and the Velvet Goldmine that IS his world.

Perhaps Klaus Nomi’s most significant moment in the fame spotlight was thanks to Mr. Bowie who utilized Nomi’s look and sound to back him up on an appearance on Saturday Night Live. No doubt one of the many reasons for Bowie’s success as an artist is his keen sense of what is or what is about to be cool. His use of Klaus went far beyond that appearance on SNL. The Nomi influence is all over the “Scary Monsters” LP — particularly the look.

“Eddie, is it — a bee?”

“Oh — it’s a small — shoe.”

And, for David Bowie, half of what he does is related to ‘the look’

Klaus influence 75% Bauhaus Design 20% Drugs 5%

Please do not misunderstand — I am a big fan of David Bowie. I think he is a briliant artiste — and a damn good actor — MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE — THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH — THE HUNGER …and, like a rare number of rock artists — he will be cool to the grave. But, let’s face it — the man “borrows” a lot without giving much in the way of props to those from whom he borrows.

Does anyone remember Bongwater — the extreme and experimental collaborative between eccentric stoner/rocker/would-be-record-executive, Kramer and performance artist/actress/writer, Ann Magnuson? Well, on their first ep from the 80’s Ms. Magnuson spoke a seemingly free-stream of thought against Kramer guitar noise called “David Bowie Wants Ideas” in which she recounts a dream she has had where she is invited to a private party given by David Bowie only to discover that the only reason for the party is because he needs ideas. And, while she is excited to be at his party she doesn’t really want to reveal her artistic ideas for him to steal for his own work. At the time I first heard that “song” I thought, “How odd” …as I had always thought she and Kramer worshiped at the alter of Bowie/Eno/Led Zep/Ono — and I knew she had been really psyched that her first big break came as the first victim in the classic Bowie/Denueve/Sarandon opus, THE HUNGER. However, I guess she discovered or already knew something about Mr. B. She was, after all a pal of Nomi.

Still, if one were to have an artistic idea “borrowed” or even “stolen” it would be kind of cool to have David Bowie be the one who did it. I mean, who would not be honored to be a part of the Bowie Edge?!?!?!

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“Easy does not enter into an adult’s life” —- true words from the horribly depressing film, THE WEATHER MAN.

I am not going to post much about this, but those of you who know me know that I have a very important and humilating thing I have to go through today. It has been months in the making and it all comes to a close this afternoon. I am quite literally sick —- I haven’t really discussed it with anyone, but I’ve been to the doctor several times now as I can’t afford to be sick like this. Looks like I most likely do have some sort of bacterial infection (not a big deal) and am waiting for the test reults to come back, but me thinks I will be feeling better after this day is over. Stress can really make a person ill. And, trust me — I am sick. I guess I was able to get 3 hours sleep last night between “fun” visits to toilet. I know you will appreciate these details! Not.

But, it will all be better soon and things should get back on track. I had to call in sick to the office today and have been trying to get a bit of sleep before I have to leave, but my stomache is too busy rolling about for me to rest. Oy! Anxiety — she is not my friend! …nor are bacterial infections, but they can be easily treated with anti-biotics. I just feel like such a wimp and loser.

And, it is so not cool to get sick this early in employment! Ugh! But, so it goes. There are some things which we just can’t control. Now, I just have to figure out how to pull it together for the appointment this afternoon. However, as I lay about waiting till I have to get myself out the door and headed to my appointment my mind turns to the ever-pressing concerns of pop culture…

I was thinking of my frustration regarding the new Kate Bush vid clip for the first single from her new CD. Now, I like the video. It is funny, quirky and cool but it totally does not mesh with what I had in my head after listening to the song several times. The song, “King of the Mountain” features a really cute child’s picture of a stick figure man on top of a mountain. See above. So, looking at the art (I think done by Ms. Bush’s child) one expects an upbeat/happy song. However, this is Kate Bush. The song is quite drum heavy so there is a cool rhythm to it all, but the “feel” of the song is quite dark, creepy and even a bit sinister. If you’ve heard it, you probably know what I mean. The repetition of the words, “…the wind is whistling through the house” backed by the strange backing voals and guitar wailing —- the song is cryptic but not at all what one would expect seeing the marketing art. I thought that maybe the song was about the state of the world and the US/UK’s current place in this nightmare of a war being waged.

However, the vid clip presents a very different meaning —- if you’ve not seen it, you can watch it at http://www.katebush.com and a few other sites. Apparently, the song is about Elvis. …or, maybe the fear of becoming “an” Elvis. The video takes us into a very dark simulation of Graceland and we watch the infamous Vegas Elvis jumpsuit come to life attempting to dance about but consistently failing or running out of steam — at one point after, dancing with K. Bush, — “he” is then cradleled by Ms Bush as if the outfit is a dying person — but then Elvis’ tacky Vegas suit takes flight to somewhere quite cold with lots of snow where it appears to be reunited with the real Elvis (now a very old man) who is riding a sled somewhere in the mountains. …the sled is called “Rosebud”

…cringe. twitch.

I guess if I had seen the video first I might not be so bummed, but the vid-clip is a real bummer when compared to the much richer “work” of the song. At least, this is my opinion. Am really quite eager to hear the rest of the songs. I wonder if they are all going to be about Elvis. Is this what Kate has been singing about for years?!?!?! …Eat the music, indeed. LOL!

I know the debate among fans of Kate Bush and Tori Amos is how much or how little Kate Bush has influenced the career of T. Amos. I am a fan of both — but when you hear Tori Amos it is almost impossible not to think of Kate Bush. And, vid-clip aside, when you listen to Kate Bush’s work it is really in a whole different sphere.

I have deep respect for the artistry of both Tori Amos and Bjork — and am consistently impressed that they are able to do what they do while working for such major labels. I also think that they are two of the few truly original artistes working within the context of the mainstream music biz, but I also always wonder if they both aren’t just a little bit crazy. Seriously. I officially gave up on trying to get thru the Tori Amos autobiography a couple weeks ago. And, Bjork. Come on. she is a bit off the deep end. I love her work, but I think she is a nutter.

There is nothing crazy about Kate Bush — she is just in her own head dreaming up soundscapes. Sadly, I think she only shares a few of them with her audience. Now, if she will just stop with the videos!

Well, I think I am going to shoot for chicken soup so I don’t collapse on my way to the appointment! …King of the mountain. Well, maybe next week!

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I am so very excited about the upcoming release of this film! You have to check out the preview! It is a bit different than the one being screened in cinemas. If you see it screened in the cinema there is about a minute more of the preview that involves a classic look between Sarah Silverman and the two actors at the end of the clip. This is going to be a must see for me!! Click on the link and check it out!


    …the first time I saw this was at a screening of THE ARISTOCRATS and it really set the tone for that movie. From the various scenes I’ve been able to see, my favorite is where Silverman is asked to explain the concept of her movie to her sister and she says something like (and this is a total paraphrase – hence no quotation marks): Well, it’s about the holocaust. (sister looks surprised) …and also about AIDS and the 9/11 tragedies. (sister looks quite concerned and confused) …but, like, don’t worry because it’s really funny!! (great shot of sister’s look of absolute horror!!!)

    Milford — Are you out there? Can you be my witness that this looks to be like a GREAT comedy!!!

    I also thought Silverman did the best delivery of the joke in THE ARISTOCRATS. …or, at least one of the best. I think Jimmy Kimmel is her husband/boyfriend. I wonder if they are fun to be around or total sad sacks like so many comics. Hmmmm…

    I think it opens in San Francisco just in time for my birthday! A great gift!!!

    I am quite perplexed regarding what I might give myself for my bday. I decided to cancel my order for the Kate Bush CD as I suspect someone has already gotten that for me. Hello Mister/Ms Blog Stalker! …who are you anyway, please!?!?!?

    I think I’ve narrowed it down to between either the DVD release of Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagners’ SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE or (and I think this one is probably going to win out) — the infamous 1975 Diana Ross/Anthony Hopkins/Berry Gordy/Motown Films oddity, MAHOGANY! …Yeah, do you know where you’re going to?!?!?!? Can’t beat a bad movie — no matter how big the stick!

    Well, kids — that is my rambling post for the evening. Am thinking of watching a double feature of Robert Altman’s A WEDDING (Carol Burnett totally rules in it!) and the Dutch comedy/musical, YES NURSE! NO NURSE! …or, maybe not. Maybe I will just watch one of my fave stand-by’s — Jennifer Jason Leigh in GEORGIA — love that movie! Can watch it over and over!

    Hope everyone has a lovely night!!!!!

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    …taken from the latest edition of Erick Lyle’s SCAM Zine (full of great and challenging ideas)

    So, I really do not have much to share today. I had a really nice dinner with an old pal from Boston, Doug. It was really nice seeing and visiting with him.

    But, as I was coming home this evening and listening to the musical journey dictated by my Mini iPod I realized that the chorus portion of a particular song is acutally one of my favorite sounds. In fact, I would be happy hearing this small part of the chorus over and over again and never tire of the sound. The harmony and discord all at once is like a bit of musical rapture.

    Oh, thank you, Ms. Newton-John and Mr. John Farrar! From their 1981 release, “Physical” — the 9th track called “Recovery” features this great blend of two male voices mixing with what sounds like 3 different recordings of Olivia Newton-John’s voice. As the chorus goes, “Lover, don’t you worry about my recovery” — these 5 different voices sort of harmonize together and yet fully apart — and, just for maybe 2 seconds, almost go out of tune but then pull in together making the prettiest sound. I love that part of the song and listened to it all the way home. Does anyone know of what I “speak”?

    …Far from punk, but former Prez Reagan is still dead.

    Oh, if you have a bent toward the far left — or if you enjoy getting a view far from your own or what you read/hear from the mainstream media —- pick up a copy of Scam #5. I believe it can be found at various stores/newstands in the Bay Area and in NYC. A most refreshing read! Technically, it is the January 2005 issue, but I am only seeing it pop up now. ? There is a great interview with Mattilda (AKA Matt Bernstein Sycamore) of Gay Shame fame and recent editor of THAT’S REVOLTING. Also, features some interesting interviews with artistes on the fringe — and a great tribute to Joey Ramone!

    OK — time for bed!

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