I am fighting off a cold so I decided to stay in last night and just chill out with a DVD or two. Imagine my surprise when I plugged in this sick and twisted comedy from Japan. How to explain it? Think BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE on acid and gone all gay. That is the nearest I can come to explaining this bizzare film.

The above is the translated title, however I thought it was called MIDNIGHT PILGRIMS. The story is fairly simple: Two gay lovers, Yaji and Kita, who dress and appear to be living in an era long gone are having issues in their relationship.

Yaji has never formaly ended marriage to his wife and Kita is addicted to the Big H. So, the two decide to solve all of their problems by hitting the road on Yaji’s awesome motorcycle to get to Mt. Fiji so that Kita can kick his heroine habit — and, maybe get his track marks to heal.

As they leave we are treated to lots of slapstick humor ala The 3 Stooges gone queer. One memorable moment features Yaji pulling on Kita’s penis —- out to about 6 feet as Kita screems in agony before Yaji puts the tip in his mouth and says he’s sorry — then, like a spring-loaded rubberband penis would, it snaps back at poor Kita. (sorry, I am not posting a picture of that scene!) And there is much comical tripping about as Yaji tries to prevent Kita from getting to his “works” — ???? We have a very gentle love scene and the boys are off — BUT not before treating us to a big musical number in which they essentially sing about being in love and being gay.

…this was a big musical number with at least 100 extras dancing about while the boys hold hands, and sing. I just enjoyed the subititles for the song which basically read as “Yay! We’re gay! Gay! No women for me! We are gay! Gay!” …and all of the local villigagers just dance about ala GREASE doing funny claps and syncronized jumps.

From this point the film gets fairly unusual. To leave their village they must lose the motorcycle, go on foot (we are treated to an seemingly endless joke of Kita trying to teach Yaji to skip as they hold hands) — but to really get on their journey they must make a tyrant laugh or they will not be permitted to continue their trek to Fiji so that Kita can get off the smack. Their attempts at stand up comedy fail to get a response until Kita starts with convulsions from the heroine withdrawl. This garnishes a great many laughs and the boys are permitted to move on.

The journey continues and a number of odd characters pop up including popular Japanese comedian, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, which is the form our souls take when we die. So we are “treated” to hundreds of Yoshiyoshi Arakawa’s running about doing all matter of slapstick with only small towels covering the naughty bits. Oh, yeah. Maybe you’re wondering why the matter of how our souls look after we die even comes up in a gay musical comedy about fighting drug addiction. ….Well, at the end of an odd musical moment during which Kita is tripping out on “magic mushrooms” he sort of hacks Yaji to death with a sword — and then impales him. This is a very violent scene and come out from nowhere.

The rest of the film involves Yiji trying to cross the river Styxx with a scary dominatrix woman, making peace with his wife who we discover killed herself in a fight with Yaji just after he told her he was leaving her for a boy and poor Kita is stuck in some existensial limbo bar drinking some form of dope which allows him to see an imaginary form of Yaji. It is during all of this that we somehow come to find that all souls take the form of the pudgy comedian. In the end, Yaji must trick a giant version of the comedian to stop crying (because the River Styxx flows from his tears) — Yaji manages to do this, but then must pass under the bare bottom of the giant comedian — in the end it is a fart that blows over Japan which brings Yaji and Kita back together. No more a herioine junkie they celebrate with a big musical finale and decide to eat more of the magic mushrooms!

….this is not a low budget movie. The production values are quite high with loads of extras and lots of interesting CGI imagery. It is also the most f***’d up and weird ass movie I think I’ve ever seen. I loved it. This is the first film from director, Kudo Kankuro, and from what I can gather was one of the bigger hit films of 2005 in Japan. I’ve a feeling that the subtitles are all bad as they didn’t always make much sense, but I don’t think that matters much. It is a trippy road trip movie gone crazy.

See it at your own risk. However, if you enjoy sitting infront of a TV with your jaw stuck in the open position as you try to understand the madness unfolding infront of you — and wondering if someone slipped something in your drink, then this just could be the Krazy Gay Luv movie for you!

November 26, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Aaron replied:

    Unless I misread, you were confused about what “works” were… or maybe anyone else is. Anyway, that’s the term for a junkie’s needle, spoon, etc etc.

    The more you know…

  2. matt replied:

    Hey Aaron, Nope — you read correctly and I did, indded, mean “works” —- what an odd “comedy” eh?!?!? No confusion…

  3. Aaron replied:

    Indeed, it sounds utterly bizarre. Not just lost in translation bizarre, plain full on bizarre!

  4. Lubin replied:

    This film looks amazing. How did you dig it up?

  5. laurenbove replied:

    Oh Yeah. I’m gettin’ it. Thanks for the heads up. Have you heard about the gay cowboy movie starring…(lump in throat) Jake Gyllinhaal? Brokeback Mountain. Oh Joy Oh JOY! Callooo callaaaay! he’s gay he’s gay!

    I can’t wait til it comes out.

  6. Aaron replied:

    Gay cowboys, sigh….

    I would.

  7. Tim replied:

    OK, I’m intrigued!!! Where did you get this from??

  8. joe replied:

    hmmmmm…. I think I’ll rent this one, if I can find it 🙂

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