bubble heart in Union Square…

I had a really nice weekend. Saw some great movies (JESUS IS MAGIC — see it at all costs! & GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK — really quite good!) and one really bad movie (ELIIE something or other staring Naomi Watts — waste of her talent and my time)

I also had an exceptional couple of dates, some lovely walks about San Francisco and perfect weather all weekend!

I had three invitations for Thanksgiving, but found another soul who has no family to spend it with so we are going to spend it together — probably go to a nice hotel for dinner. Sure hope he remembers to make our reservation!

Oh, and Milford is home from his adventures in New Zeland!!! Yay! Will be seeing him Tuesday night to find out all about his trip!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

November 20, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. snarl71 replied:


    …no details about these dates?

  2. James Stanfield replied:

    I’m fairly sure I haven’t seen a bubble heart in Union Square here. There must be a Union Square out there. You would tell me if you came to NYC, right? I have to say, when I read Union Square – for a split second – I was super sad you didn’t tell me you were in town. Miss you tons. You gonna let me live on your couch again?

  3. snarl71 replied:

    Roy? You’re moving to San Francisco?

  4. matt replied:

    Nope — no details on the dates! Besides, Karl, I am just not that “cosmopolitan” — how does one discuss dates with his/her ex of close to a decade? Don’t know how to do that. LOL!

    And, Roy, I would NEVER not see you if I were anywhere or in anyway near to you!!!! There is a Union Park in San Francisco. Once I secure a place of my own and a sofa — you will always have a place. However, for now, I’ve sofa for you! But soon!

  5. Kris replied:

    Oh darn..and I was just about to ask for details.. lol…How many are we talking about though?Figures would suffice 😀

    Yeah thought the same thing that you spent your weekend at NY.

    Good to hear you had a nice weekend. Man, I hope that movie will run til about mid-December at least. I’m dying to see that movie. That, and Memoirs of a Geisha.

  6. matt replied:

    Kris — Oy! I know this will jinx everything! LOL! 2 dates — very romantic, gorgeous, talented and sweet man. Actually, maybe I should list it as 3 dates. Spending Thanksgiving with him and looking forward to it. …he had no one to spend it with and I thought it would make for an ideal 3rd (or 4th) date!

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