(you may WANT to forget it, but you won’t be able to)

As I was riding home tonight I decided that I had been listening to far too much Kate Bush and Madonna. Now, I know you’re probably saying to yourselves,

But, Matt, is it even possible to hear too much Kate Bush or Madonna?!?!

Well, kids, the answer to that question would be “yes”

So, I decided to shift back to my ever fave iPod song shuffle mode to see what the musical gods sent my way. And, the very first song that came on was Debby Boone singing “You Light Up My Life”

…and, it hit me. Does this song sum up all of my desires and dreams? Is this the boat I wish to row? …yet, not all alone adrift on the water? Yes, please, find me a man to say — “Hey, I love you” …because, then, never again am I to be all alone.

Sure! I want someone to light up my life! You know, to give me hope to carry on. …Dammit.

And then I thought of the movie from which the song came. Set in California — a mousey a girl (Didi) struggles with the really important questions we all face in life?

“Do I want to spend the rest of my life with this man?”
“Do I want to spend the rest of my life with THAT man?”
“Will my best friend lose the perm, get a nose job and secure a spot on a TV show about 30-somethings?”
“Will I ever get the chance to sing my song AND find true love?”
“Are my clogs flattering or do you prefer my platform boots?”
“Should I continue to do a puppet show to keep my Dad happy?”

…and, perhaps the most pressing question that crosses MY mind at least once a day —

“Will they know I’m lip syncing? That I’m faking it? That I’m a fraud? Will they know that my nasal voice is not really able to crank out that belt of a chorus or will they really believe that I am singing?!?!?” …not to just dismiss the concern of clogs vs. platform boots, but somehow this other question just seems to carry a bit more import at the moment.

And, then I had to ask myself — “Am I Didi Conn? Am I living the life set forth in a bad movie?”

…if I am, at least I know my head phones are of a smaller size!

I mean, you know. Why can’t I be Debby Boone?

Sure, I might end up washed up, married to the less attractive Clooney offspring and singing my mother-in-laws songs at dinner theatres and county fairs — but I would have had my moment in the sun!

Is it better to lip synch your way thru or be the one who provides the voice?

Oh, let’s not get caught up in technicalities — we all know that Debby’s voice was not used in the movie. It was another actress who could sing, but not act as well as me, uh, er, I mean — as well as Didi. But, we also all know that the film’s director and Columbia Pictures decided to have Debby Boone record the song to promote the movie — and who could forget that moment when she sang it at the Oscars with over a 1,000 deaf kids sigining the words along with HER voice?!?! Or was it 2,000 deaf kids? I don’t know. It was a lot. But the point is — I bet is was much more fun to be Debby!

Of course, pink wigs are kind of cool. There are, after all — worse things a girl could do —- or be. I guess.

Has anyone noticed I seem to be stuck in the 1977 – 1978 era as of late? What’s up with that, anyway?


November 17, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. g8s replied:

    Matt, sometimes I wish it was still the ’70s, too.

  2. snarl71 replied:

    Oh, Matt. I’ve known for years that you lived in the 70’s. Hell, living with you for 9 years was like living in the 70’s for almost a decade…which I suppose is a good thing since I was so young in the original 1970’s that I missed out on a lot.

  3. matt replied:

    Yes, but am I turning into Didi Conn?!?!?

  4. Karyn replied:

    No lovey you are not. The seventies are tres hip and very popular and you are just caught up in it. As a 70s baby, I will always have a strong tug of the heartstrings for the 80s. I think it is that way for you 60s babies, with your fondness for the 70s. Just a theory.

    Karl, you probably were too busy scoring with other kids in the nap closet at nursery school to notice the seventies whizzing by, you big ho.

  5. thomas replied:

    Yes, hon, you’re becoming Didi Conn. Its okay, we still love you. It’s not a bad thing. I was on the phone with Didi the other night and I mentioned your entry, and she goes, “he better not mind being me.” And I said, “It’s not like that.” And she was all like, “It better not be!” And I was like, “simmer, bitch, he was talking ‘big picture’ here and you are just a small piece of that picture.” And she starts yelling, “We aren’t friends anymore and I want my jacket back! You go to hell you crazy fucker!” And I told her that she needed some time to see things in a different light, that she didn’t mean it. And she said, “no, I want my fucking jacket back.” And I said, it’s too late, my cat peed in it.”

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