Gay Celebs in LITTLE BRITAIN or I Don’t Have Much to Blog About Today…

I really like that show, LITTLE BRITAIN. Who doesn’t? But, I was just watching the Comic Relief speacial which was just chock full of gay Brit celebs!

Robbie Williams made an uncomfortable appearance with the ladies in their new shoppee of lady things…

(I just think Robbie is sooooo cute!)

…but not as a lady called Roberta Williams.

computer says no…

However, one has to give Robbie credit for being a bit more daring than the others. But the guest spots of George Michael and Elton John were much better! Actually, Elton’s spot with the only gay in the villiage was really very funny.

Elton getting asked if he enjoys Vegas and “filling Celine’s slot”

Well, worth watching! I find it so interesting what makes it on British TV but gets cut out when they ship it over to BBC America. Blessings to region free DVD players!! I really enjoyed the segments that the BBC opted not to air — particularly the Granny sex scenes. I couldn’t decide what was funnier — the actual site or the expression of the grandkids watching on in horror.

November 15, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. joe replied:

    why must Americans get cut versions of tv or movies from abroad? It’s especially annoying when it affects us here, when the only available version of something is the sanitized American version. 😦

    and yes, robbie is cute. but in a weird way.

  2. Aaron replied:

    But what I’ve always wondered is… do you American guys understand the stereotypes in Little Britain at all, or is it the farce that makes it funny?

    For me, it’s seeing people on TV that I could see anywhere in my town, doing things in caricature.

  3. matt replied:

    You know, the thing I love about British humor is that it is always grounded in reality. No matter how outlandish or cartoonish it might become — there is truth in it. And topics that would be considered “too edgy” or faced without fear.

    …tho, probably not a great comparision. I think of the very first 3 seasons of Saturday Night Live which joked about things and went places no other shows would go.

    LITTLE BRITAIN is absurd, but still — somehow — there is truth in it. Like the vomiting old lady at the church bake-off. Same is true with shows like SPACED, AbFAB, THE OFFICE, PEEPSHOW or 15 STORIES — over-the-top but hitting on things that we all know are there. You don’t see this in American television.

  4. Aaron replied:

    I see Jonathan Hari has got on his soapbox about this one now. I used to respect him but he’s not even trying any more, just being completely assinine about everything

  5. Tim replied:

    Ooh, I haven’t seen that Comic Relief special …. I must get me those DVDs!! Where would you be without that region-free DVD player, eh Matt?!!

  6. Aaron replied:

    Pretty sure the Comic Relief sketches all turned up on the season 2 DVD anyway…

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