Well, tomorrow marks my 28th week since I left Boston and moved to San Francisco. So much has happened! And, I have to say — all good stuff!

I’ve great friends, am dating, have a job, a safe/nice place to live, have gotten myself back in physical shape (tho, still more I can do on that front!) and am getting myself together financially.

It is looking pretty good! …and, pretty strange and a bit scary if you should be down near The Castro! I was there briefly today to pick up my mail and they were blocking off parts of Market Street. …and the sites on the subway as we rolled down to and past the MUNI Castro station! Too bad I do not enjoy Halloween. Makes me all nervous and twitchy.

Just got home. Alan and I are about to watch the 1978 remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS which was filmed here in San Francisco in 1978. …what is it with that year and the movies I’ve been watching as of late?!?!!?

Oh, the League of Gentlemen movie was not very good. The 3 series were so good — not sure why they felt the need to make the movie. But, so it goes. It did have a few laughs. But, far too little of the Local Shop Owners, Tubbs & Edward. And, not enough of the highly offensive and scary French Minstral who steals wives. …and no Ross — tho the actor who plays him was in it a lot. …I prefer him in his Ross-wig.

Happy Halloween, kids!

October 31, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Kris replied:

    Well i can say Congratulations! It’s really nice to know that everything’s going great with you up there at St Frankie.

    That twitching part just had me laughing Matt! Just picturing you doing that because of Halloween.

    Advance Happy Birthday by the way. Enjoy the rest of Tuesday

  2. laurenbove replied:

    It’s wonderful that you have made such a positive move in your life. It’s also very brave. It sounds like you did the right thing. If I had to live on the west coast, I’d love San Franciso the best.

    Hope your Halloween was fantastic!

  3. joe replied:

    I’d ask you why you moved to SF. but I’m sure it’s in a post somewhere. oh Invasion of the Body Snatcher 78 version was pretty good! I remember the original one being a little tame and a little funny, but maybe cos i as only 12 at that time watching it on tv.

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