It isn’t always easy to meet new friends in a big city. …or a small one. Sex is easy, but beyond that can be hard. This is a new website. It is a cool idea. A chat room is on the way and the site will become more interactive and will be largely what the user makes it.

Check it out.

And, now I am on my way to see the new French film, GARCON STUPIDE. I love that title!

  • scene404
  • October 23, 2005. Uncategorized.


    1. Aaron replied:

      Looks pretty cool, not sure about the “we’re a business element” though, something about that makes me not want to trust them. But then, web hosting isn’t free. What is these days?

    2. thomas replied:

      The concept is interesting, and I look forward to seeing how it grows. I have already checked out some of the forums and am pretty impressed that the people there were literate– unlike some of the guys on other personals sites. I would love to see this concept take off and really become an alternative to the “how big is your dick?” personals that so predominate the other sites.

    3. matt replied:

      Yeah, I think there is great potential for this site. It is only going to grow if people start posting their profiles and visiting the site. I think the chat room function will be key.

      Aaron — yes, you said it. Nothing is really free on the Internet anymore.

    4. Jon replied:

      Robbie?? Shudder. he really gets uner my skin, even if I do love the song ‘Millenium’ 😉

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