…I often find myself asking this question. So much hope was there for Ms. Farina in the summer of 1978. Playing the female lead, Stawberry Fields, in Robert Stigwood’s film version of SGT PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and thought to be the next Olivia. I mean, wide-eyed — even somehow doe-eyed innocence coupled with large breasts and an Australian accent — the PR guys could not see how she could miss. And, then the singing voice. A sort of Karen Carpenter-lite (no pun intened! Really!) voice — one could tell Ms. Farina learned to sing listening to the fluid song stylings of The Carpenters — however, unlike Karen, Sandy did inflict a bit more emotion thus preventing that somewhat icy and unforgettable voice of Karen. But it wasn’t meant to be. Where is Sandy? What is she doing? Is she bitter? Is she lonely?

Oh, Sandy, where are you?

Meanwhile, I had the following conversation at a public facility in which forms are required to be filled out.

me: “Hi, this is a copy of a form I need to complete as this needs to be renewed but I am not sure of the name of the form or where to find it. Can you help me?”

him: “Let me see that”

me: “Sure”

him: “Sir, this is a copy.”

me: “Yes. I know. I brought it to show you so you could point me to a blank version so I could complete and file for a new action.”

him: “Sir, I can’t work or process from a copy.”

me: “I understand, but I wasn’t bringing that for you to accept as a request for a new order. I was just brining it in to show you the form I need to complete as no name or code number is listed on it. Where would I find a blank form? I will fill that out and bring it back to you.”

him: “Sir, I don’t understand. You’re handing me a copy of an old form and telling me you want a new action taken. I can’t assist you with an old copy.”

me: “Can I have that back? See, I understand that you can’t proces a new action with a copy of the old form for the original action. I just don’t know the name of the form and I don’t know where you guys keep it. Can you point me to the blank versions of that form?”

him: “You’re going to have to complete a new form, sir.”

me: “Ok. Where are those new forms for me to complete”

he stares at me, holding the old form and looking totally confused and annoyed. I am fighting the urge to tell him he is an idiot. I take a deep breath.

me: “You know, maybe I could speak to your supervisor.”

him: (rolling his eyes) “Whatever you want, sir. However, we do not work from old copies.”

15 minutes later, a tired looking woman walks to the glass window with her confused employee. She looks ready for battle.

she: “Sir, how can we assist you?”

me: “See that copy he is holding. I need that back, but I just wanted him to show me where you keep the blank versions of that form so I can complete a new one as I need to file for a new action.”

she: (taking the old form from confused/annoyed employee and handing it to me thru the little slit) Down the hall you will see a row of shelves. The blank versions of this form are in slot number 38b.”

me: “Thanks!”

him: “Why didn’t you just ask me that?”

she: “Jerry.” (not his real name)

me: “Jerry, get a grip. I asked you that question at least 4 times I was about write you off as mentally retarded.”

…amazingly, the tired lady looked amused and laughed. Jerry was not happy. …I brought my completed form to a different person. she couldn’t really speak English, but she got it completed for me!

well, that sums up my day. just about everything went like that…


October 18, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. joe replied:

    where is Sandy? I’ll tell you where Sandy is. She’s somehow being channelled by Jerry, the retarded civil servant. I can just imagine him staring at your form with those big doe eyes. except, maybe his eyes are more stupid than doey & innocent.

  2. matt replied:

    Given some time and space, I think Jerry was just really stupid and then worried that his boss was seeing that. …I wonder if he figured out that she already knew this. I guess not. LOL!

  3. Kris replied:

    One word.. WOW!

    Another interesting day for ya πŸ™‚ Your stories definitely make me wanna move to SF.

    Half of your postings about movies, and music, I usually have no idea who those people are. Thank you Matt-sensei, i Always learn something from you everyday

  4. matt replied:

    Kris — Is it really interesting? LOL! Not sure that any of my knowlege is all that useful, but I do enjoy my pop culture! LOL!

  5. snarl71 replied:

    Oh, Matt. It worries me that you go out in public.

  6. Karyn replied:

    Go, Matt! πŸ™‚ I think we should have big day-glo orange stickers made up that say “I Am Too Stupid To ____________________” And we can write in the applicable phrase (have a job, own a computer, go out in public, dress myself) and slap ’em on people as we see fit.

  7. doug replied:

    Matt! I have a little info for you about Sandy πŸ™‚ She is currently making her living singing commercial jingles. Oh…and YOU of all people should have known this…she is responsible for writing the Barbra Streisand HIT single….Kiss Me in the Rain!!! Who knew they were linked???

    Heres a link to a current picture..


  8. digitic replied:

    Oh my God … Who ARE these people?

    LeTigre? Sandy Farina? John Legend? Andy Stone?

    Have I been in a coma these past 40 years?

    Matt — where did you gain all this knowledge? Is there a book on Amazon.com that will lighten the path?

  9. matt replied:

    Doug and Karyn! — WOW!!! So, Sandy is writing and seeing jingles! And, you know I can remember thinking it funny that one of the writers of “Kiss Me in the Rain” was written by a S. Farina — that came off Bab’s aptly titled “Wet” LP so it was less than a year after the flop of SGT PEPPER movie, but I never thought that the “S” was for Sandy!!?!? …I have to confess this is one of the few songs by Babs I do not care for and I only liked 3 songs off Wet — and one, her cover of “Splish Splash” strictly for camp value. But that is really interesting and I didn’t know. I had also forgotten that the song (penned by Ms. Farina) was a number 1 hit for Babs.

    Milford — Honey, not “Andy Stone” — that’s Angie Stone. Quite possibly the most important soul goddess to come our way in years. She really does old school R&B Soul. …with just enough Hip Hop to keep her “current” She is awesome.

    I just love music and movies so I guess I keep up with it. I usually know what I will like or what I won’t. Like I knew I would love The Magic Numbers but not the Kings of Leon. And, this turned to be quite true.

    Sometime I must write something about the incredible Antony & The Jonsons. They are art in musical motion. …plus great taste in graphic design for their packaging.

  10. Aaron replied:

    Completely nothing to do with this (excellent) post but I just read your profile… nice send up of Lucille πŸ˜€

  11. herbmalsmanvisions replied:

    Hey Matt,

    I had the pleasure of working with Sandy Feldman, uhh Farina…in the very-early ’70’s.

    The town was: Tannersville, NY. The place was: Snowshoe Thompson’s. The band: Mariah. She was it’s lead singer. Sandy was vocally-impeccable. I don’t ever recall her missing a note, or disappointing her audience.

    Vocally, she was truly one-of-a-kind…though her ‘body-language was more-than-a-bit Joe Cocker. She was absolutely natural!

    As I remember the moments I spent with her that Winter…I recall an afternoon when she was quite under the weather, suffering from the onset of a cold. That evening, just moments before taking to the stage for her first set, we spoke briefly. It was clear she was not well. I kissed her on the cheek, and told her that “her second-best, was better than anybody else’s best!”

    With that send-off, she stepped on-stage.

    It was perhaps, her greatest night ever at Snowshoe’s. She was amazing!!!

    Another Sandy Farina-Snowshoe Thompson moment was: “The Spaghetti-Set.” This was an experimental early-evening set, featuring free spaghetti.

    On its maiden, (and only) voyage, I invited a few “locals” to attend. Their party was a party of 4…and the only party of any number…to attend.

    I went back to the band-bungalow, to tell Sandy and the guys, of the poor turn-out. I mentioned they were friends of mine, and asked them to kick-ass. THEY KICKED-ASS!!! Mariah was a great band, and Sandy was their great voice.

    Sorry to learn that she went on to do studio and jingles work. What a waste. Her place was on-stage!

    Herb Malsman

  12. Sandy replied:

    Hey guys!
    I’ts sandy Farina!!
    Thanks for the nice comments. Hey Herb whats up?

  13. matt replied:

    Oh my God!!!! Sandy Farina read this blog!

    THE Sandy Farina read my blog!

    I am so excited!!!

    Sandy — you totally rock and made my year! Yay!

  14. Sandy replied:

    Hey Matt!
    You made my day!!

  15. matt replied:

    Sandy – I just called my best childhood friend to let her know that you posted a comment on my blog! She remembers how much I played your recording of Strawberry Fields! So cool! I sent Herb an email to let him know that you had sent him a message via this blog! He will be thrilled!

  16. herbmalsmanvisions replied:

    Hey Sandy,

    Good to see your comments. Been doing radio since 1979. As a talk-show host. Currently, I’m producing pieces for the Library of Congress.

    Sure miss hearing your wonderful voice!


  17. herbmalsmanvisions replied:

    Hey Sandy,

    A “PS.” And spending of quality-time with my daughter…Kimberly Beth Anne!!!


  18. spidi replied:

    I recently saw Lonely Hearts Club (for the umpteen time) and truely loved it as always. Dont like picture of you grabbing your crotch. Grow up dude!

  19. matty replied:

    spidi — Yes! Sandy Farina rocks! No, I don’t wanna grow up!

  20. matty replied:

    …but that picture was changed a while back as I was growing tired of it. However, one never knows what one might do when dancing to Prince at a party! (which is where that shot was taken!)

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