I’ve been keeping this blog for quite a while now. I write it for myself — it is the closest I can get to creative expression. I don’t think I’ve ever had that many readers. I read the blogs that are linked on my page and some of them read mine. I do get emails from time to time from people who do not have a blogger account and who have something to say or ask me. I guess it is normal that some posts would get more comments than usual, but the post I made in which I joked about the death of disco being blamed on the film, XANADU, got more emails than any post I’ve done! So many in fact, that I have given up getting thru all of them. I think I got 50 emails regarding the post yesterday.

People love XANADU — and so do I!

Anway, more than a few people have noted that I failed to mention something very important attrocity committed by MCA/Universal when the soundtrack LP was released. Yes, they opted to not include the wonderous medly/finale — which was introduced as Gene Kelly and all those rollerboogie skaters chanting “Ho! Ho! Ho!” — and a marvelous showcase for a number of costume and wig changes for Olivia Newton-John — and lots of songs including a fun C&W disco dittty! But, it was never captured on the LP. And, this friends, is a tragedy. So, I just wanted to acknowledge this for those of you who were upset that I failed to include this audio tragedy.

Now, I hope some of you will go ahead and create a blogger account and word verification is not that big a deal. For now, it is beating all those obnoxious spam bloggers. Then you can comment away!

October 16, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. joe replied:

    50 emails?! I’ll just have to write a post about xanadu, too! well, actually, maybe I’m more likely to write about xanax instead. 🙂

    and I hope olivia’s missing bf is found.

  2. Karyn replied:

    To be honest Matt, I never watched Xanadu! I did get the album for my birthday though when I was a kid and I liked to look at the pictures in the center of the album – remember how they would open up like a book kind of ? I wanted to BE ONJ! LOL! Mom & Dad said I could not watch the movie, it was too ‘adult’. WHATEVER! I don’t think they knew what it was about. They let me watch Grease when I was little, and THAT sure wasn’t a kid’s movie!

    Now Xanax… THAT’S something I know about. 🙂

  3. Jon replied:

    I’ve never watched it, either. Am I missing out?

    Not being able to enter a few simple letters shows that spammers are StoOPid ^_^

  4. matt replied:

    Joe — I know! Go figure!

    Karyn & Jon — Well, it is very bad movie, but if in the right mood can be quite fun to watch.

    Re: Xanax — that might make for an exceptional fantasy musical! Or, would “I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can” count? No musical numbers, but it was Danny DeVito’s first big screen role. …I think.

  5. Robert replied:

    Oh yeah, I remember that friggin’ gate-fold album! I love the movie, it just signifies a lot during that time, for me. It’s like the “cheesiest of cheese”, but it’s the good cheese y’know!

    Hey Matt, did you ever hear ELO’s version of Xanadu? It rocks… I think I like their rendition better! Now let’s see if you’ll get another 50 emails! heh!

  6. Robert replied:

    Oh and there was this small play called ‘Xanadu Live!’ that came out like 2 years ago… Did you ever see it? It was HILARIOUS!!!

    Course I had to see it twice!

  7. laurenbove replied:

    Poor Olivia, my teen dream queen. I cannot belive the shit she’s been through! I heard he “disappeared” on purpose. Hope it’s not true.

    Greatest compliment ever made to me by my first and favoritest boyfriend (who was gay)…”you remind me of Olivia”

    I’ll never forget that or understand it.


    Koala Blue Forever!

  8. matt replied:

    Joe — You totally need to do a post regarding Xanadu! You know far more than me! But, please share with us — on what recording can we hear ELO perform the theme song?!?!? And, no! I had never heard of the play! …and today I had only 4 emails so I think the Xanadu Blog Rush is all over.

    Lauren — Wasn’t she pretty? Actually, she is still pretty. But, she was a total dream back then. I remember wishing that Andy Gibb had been her costar because he was so dreamy too. Well, your blog picture is pretty hot and I’ve told you it has a rock star look to it! So, maybe the boyfriend wasn’t far off!

  9. eyia replied:

    How can the wonder that is Xanadu, every be over… I love and I sure I’m not alone. If I was to fully tell you how I love that movie I’m sure you would think me a lot strange (which I’m happy to say I am… always in a fabulous way…). I have watched the movie sooooo many times that I can’t believe I have not had to go out and buy a new one. In fact when the time come I shall buy a couple to save on having to go out and re-purchase.
    When I was being a techno phob’ (I didn’t want to by the sound track online), I took my sister to New York as her graduation gift and went to the incredibly large record store by Brooklyn bridge and bought two copies of the sound track for a friends and myself… what a joy! Only when I played the album (which I did immediately) I was deeply disappointed to find that that the medley was not on the album- it brought me to tears! which I am still not over…. I love that medley!!!

    People always reluctantly admit to being fans of the movie. Why? It is a brilliant fusion of embellished Greek mythology, fused with rock, disco, funk and forties groove. It’s full of artist dreamy fun. – I don’t think it was ever meant to be anything more than that.
    So for those of you who have not watched it – Do! Watch it in the lighthearted fun, freeing and joy of living a creative happy life….it about living your dream, that the manor it was created in….
    With all that said me thinks I have shared enough on this my favourite of pass times.
    Oh I almost forgot why and who I found you in the first place it was about the medley so thank you Joe for answering the first part of the question for me the another part is: if any one has any ideas were I could get hold of the medley on CD or download and I’m sure I shall kill the movie soon if I continue to keep playing the end of the video and dvd over and over again…please do tell.

    Thanking you for letting me ramble on about my love for Xanadu with you all
    Ciao for now

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