Today, as I was walking about the Union Square area enjoying the soft breeze, the sun and all the happy tourists it suddenly hit me that my iPod shuffle was just not cutting it. No. Today was calling for a different sort of musical wallpaper. Yes. Today, I needed to not only hear, but really feel the impact of Big 80’s Corporate Ballad Rock. At first I set my iPod to a playlist of the greats of this sort — every hair band had at least one great power ballad. However, as I was walking down Powell Street listening to Vince Neil croon about “home” — I realized that this was not the level of quality I needed. Yes, kids. Today was a day that demanded the power of 80’s ballads that only Heart circa mid-to-late 80’s could provide.

I had no need of a magic man, a little queen, a barracuda, a dog or a butterfly much less the need to simply kick it out and the idea of evening it up just wasn’t going to fit the bill. No, I wanted to know about love today. Never was the operative word. If looks could kill then these dreams of mine were going to prevent me from being alone. I didn’t even care who I might run to — all I knew was that it was this era and sound of Heart I wanted! Well, how could I refuse? Maybe there was a bit of a sell out when Ann started putting on the pounds and Nance married a mainstream film director, but that was then and today I loved every minute of those gorgeous “big” songs.

Last night Alan, Milford and I saw MIRRORMASK at The Lumiere Cinema on California Street. It was an amazing film. Run, don’t walk to see it. It is so cool to see a film that spends as much time on the visuals (and the visuals in this film are astounding!) as on the script (Gaiman rocks) — Great movie!

I had no plans for today to speak of — other than a possible day at the beach and taking in a showing of this new thriller, KEANE. However, I ended up running some errands. One of which turned into a half day “adventure” which I did enjoy. Alan does not read my blog so I can write about this without too much fear of him finding out my secrets regarding the following. Alan is one of my dearest and oldest friends — he’s always been there for me. …And the past 6 months have been no exception. He has given me a home for the past 4 months with not a mention of rent.

Next weekend is his birthday! His parents are taking him to Vegas so I will not see him on his big day. So, I wanted to be sure to have his present ready for him prior to the arrival of his parents at the end of the week. Anyway, at first I decided to select some stylin’ clothes for him — and did. However, upon further reflection — even tho I did my best to apply his taste to what I had selected I couldn’t decide if Alan would really like what I had bought. I don’t ever see him in any designer stuff other than what I have given him. I had picked up a couple of cool Penguin shirts and way cool Puma jacket. But, I took them back today. This was quite challenging as we rode the M train into Castro together this afternoon. I was “whip smart” and threw a few random clothes over the ones I had bought for him and told him I had found some more clothing that was now too big for me and was going to sell them at one of the thrift shops. He fell for it. …but, the bastard made fun of one of my new medium size favorite shirts! As we rode thru the West Portal train station he pointed to my way-cool Ben Sherman shirt and asked, “When did Julie Andrews find the time to turn those curtains into a shirt for you?” …jerk. Actually, that is not exactly how he phrased it, but I wanted to infuse it with a bit more humor. He actually said, “Is that a curtain?’ …well, maybe his line was funnier. You be the judge.

Anyway, I returned the clothing I purchased for him. Probably a VERY good decision based upon his opinion of my B Sherman shirt. How can a gay man not LOVE Ben Sherman?!?!? I don’t get that!

Alan recently set up a wicked cool turn table DJ sort of thing downstairs. New speakers, new turntable and he re-arranged the entire room. It is awesome. We share some similar musical tastes with Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd, Bauhaus, Fleetwood Mac, Brian Eno, etc. So, I’ve been enjoying listening when he cranks it up. Not so nuts about some of the Miles Davis or Pink Floyd, but still cool. I just don’t get “Bitch’s Brew” and I lost interest in all things PF after I graduated college. …only sometimes craving a bit of The Wall, but not that often.

Now, vinyl may be making a comeback but it is not cheap and it is hard to find. However, I tracked down that really odd but strangely addictive new CD by Bjork, “The Music from Drawing Restraint 9” in LP format — with way cool art work. If you enjoy experimental, Bjork, Aphex Twin or the more edgy ways of Eno — then I suggest you check it out. Tho, I think it has only been released in the UK. I also found one of Alan’s favorite CD’s by Portishead on LP as well as “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning” by Bright Eyes (briliant CD!) on LP! Now, that is just 3 records — but you would NOT believe how much that cost!!?!? Let’s just say the Puma jacket and the 2 Penguin shirts were cheaper!!??!? I had wanted to pick up the first and the newest Goldfrapp LP’s as well as LeTigre for him, but I just didn’t have the doe. The manager rang me up at Rasputin and she gave me a $5 cupon because she said she loved my taste was relieved to see someone by vinyl by “decent” artists instead of Madonna or Nelly. I tried to act really cool and “hep” — but I was craving to hear that Madonna remix LP on Alan’s turntable!

I had also picked up a t-shirt for him which I went ahead and kept because I had lost the receipt. So, I found a really neat card with a quote from Goethe quote. …did I spell his name right? Always get the “o” and “e” mixed up. Anyway, they are all wrapped and waiting for him. I sure hope he likes them. The t-shirt is green (he tends to like green shirts) so I don’t really see how he won’t like it.

Let’s see, I actually ran into a friend on Van Ness this afternoon! First time that has happened in SF! We chatted for a few. I only had 2 scary people strike up conversations with me. I forgot to eat lunch — so at 4pm I was starving. So, on my way home, I jumped off the M train at West Portal with a nice dinner on my mind but I couldn’t decide on a place to eat. So, I ended up going to see a movie. I saw the film version of that play, PROOF. It was quite good. I never saw the play, but I was annoyed that Mary Louise Parker was yet again screwed out of the film version of a role she created on stage — and I cringed that the role had gone to Miramax babe, Gwenyth. Not to diss her. I think my “issue” with her has more to do with her public persona — I am always quite impressed with her work as an actress. I loved her as Syvia Plath. She actually captured the spirit that I imagined would have been Plath and that was not the work of the screen writer(s) — that was her.
Well worth seeing, but not near as good as MIRRORMASK.

Oh, and I gave in to a desire today. Even though, I am still not caught up and should not be spending money on myself — I bought a used CD for me today. Oh well. I find it both funny and sad when I realize the little things I sometimes miss about my once “life” partner, Karl. We quite often clashed in our musical tastes — but, at the same time, exposed each other to some stuff that the the other would never have heard. Tho, at the time, we normally just teased each other. One band that Karl loved and about which I loved to tease him was a band called Cake. Well, I’ve missed Cake. So, I broke down and picked up a used copy of “Fashion Nugget” — I am sure that this will please him and he will make fun of me. However, I am going to fully resist the urge to give in and buy that Weezer CD. Just say NO! Race car ya-ya’s!

— but I’m still listening to Heart at this moment. However, I shall soon be watching the infamous documentary of gay porn star Colton Ford’s attempted journey from hardcore porn to a career in pop music. …NAKED FAME on DVD. I don’t think it ever got a full theatrical release — only festival showings. And, I’ve yet to hear a single song from Ms. Ford. Poor Colton. …but, that is whole other rambling post.

October 1, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Aaron replied:

    Didn’t Cake do a version of “I Will Survive”? Maybe it was subliminal…. ooooOOOooo

  2. Underling replied:

    Yes, Cake did cover “I Will Survive”. It’s an awesome version.

    Matt, I”m so glad you’re down with the Cake love. I’m a huge fan of theirs.

    And which Weezer are you attempting not to buy?

  3. matt replied:

    Yeah, it was their cover of “I Will Survive” and “Perhaps, Perhaps” that I was missing the most.

    I don’t know the name of the Weezer CD, but it was a simple picture of the band against a blue backdrop.

  4. snarl71 replied:

    OH, Matt. I’m so happy for you. I’ve never been paternal, but I think I feel like how a parent would feel when their kid first uses the toilet, or goes to school.

    YAY YOU! I’ve done good. The two songs you list as faves are also my faves on that album. Though, I also like Friend is a Four Letter Word.

  5. joe replied:

    um, I think Ben Sherman shirts are nice. “nice” in that polite sort of way.

  6. matt replied:

    Karl — don’t get too excited. am still recovering from all of that complaint rock you used to play! LOL! …and Natalie Merchant covering Patti Smith. …that is just wrong! …tho, TIGER LILY will one day be remembered as THE TAPESTRY of the 90’s!

    Joe — How can one not love Ben Sherman??!? …of course, I would still be wearing my OP tshirts if possible.–>

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