I guess you have to click on the “?” to see the picture …so, you know I love her. But, why-o-why can’t she keep her shoulders covered!?!? And, Barry needs a haircut. Still, can’t wait for 9/20!!!

Ok, my pal on the Cape, Karyn, has tagged me. So here goes —

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. “Ahhhhh” …I’ve been trying to stop this habit for years, but whenever I am asked for a food or beverage order — and even tho I know what I want — I always NEED to put an “Ahhhh” before my choice.

Example: “Can I bring you a drink?’ “Ahhhhhh — yes, I’ll have a Diet Coke, please.”

2. “But, isn’t everything south of market?”
3. “Stop it. My Blythe doll is watching”
4. “I’m sorry.”
5. “Where’s the restroom?”
6. “What is that?”
7. “Cool.”

7 Celebrity Crushes (in no particular order)

1. Jean-Hugues Anglade
2. Tadanobu Asano
3. Andy Gibb (pre death)
4. Judd Nelson (post stardom)/Mickey Rourke (a tie)
5. Tom Petty/Roger Daltrey (a tie)
6. Min-Sik Chow
7. Will Smith
* Joe Dallesandro and John Travolta (any era) — and I can watch Isabelle Huppert for hours on end, tho not sure I’ve a crush

7 Things That Attract Me To Members Of The Same Sex

1. Eyes
2. Smile
3. Touch
4. Scent
5. Hands
6. Kindness
7. Most importantly, a sense of humor

7 Things I Cannot Do

1. Eat garlic
2. Blow bubbles with my gum
3. Save and spend my money wisely (but I’m working on it!)
4. Find my way — I’ve no sense of direction at all
5. Work my cell phone
6. cook
7. Watch a Mel Gibson movie

7 Things I Can Do

1. Be a good friend
2. Take chances
3. Face challenges
4. Find solutions
5. Watch movies from dusk to dawn if given the opportunity
7. A few amazing things that I am not comfortable in publishing

7 Things I Want To Accomplish Before I Die

1. Find true love — I believe it and he are out there
2. See London/Paris/Japan/Korea
3. Satisfy my desires on all levels
4. Find a way to finally close the door on my childhood
5. Get a really comfortable sofa
6. Stop worrying
7. Find a way to ride public transit without having to touch ANYTHING

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The following is a cut/paste from an email my brother, Roy Stanfield, sent out to some of his friends/family. This is his latest show. So, if you’re in the NYC area and want to check it out — please do. Oh, and if you do, take a picture (if it is allowed) and send to me — or, let me know what you think! I wish I could be there.

Here is the info from the artiste:

I’ve got a show in the project space at
SculptureCenter. It opens Saturday, September 10th,
4-6pm. If you are in town, and don’t have to work,
please come by and say hello.

If I seem a little freaked out that day – don’t worry
– that is just my
oh-my-god-I’ve-got-to-survive-this-opening face.
Maybe one of you could lead me through some breathing

The SculptureCenter is near PS1 in Queens. 44-19
Purves St.
Here is a link for directions:



    I failed to mention that the show runs thru to November.

    ..and this is what I found written about Roy’s work on the www: (sorry, not sure who wrote it but it was on a NYC Art Site)

    Roy Stanfield is drawn to transitional spaces: castaway materials on forgotten rooftops, deserted skateboard ramps, or lifted pages from glossy magazines. For the artist, these spaces contain the vitality of lived experience and the entropy of economic malfunctions, and he uses trophy-objects to carry the energy and contradictions of these spaces into the gallery context. At SculptureCenter, the artist reverses his process by considering the basement exhibition space as a transitional space, caught between a place of imagination and one of abandonment, and he puts the site itself on view through a sculptural installation made entirely of Plexiglas. Untitled (plexi) (all works 2005) consists of a Plexi barrier structure – made of found Plexi pieces, and stained with graffiti mark and discolorations – that partially obstructs the viewer from entering the gallery. Further into the space, Untitled (plug) and 2-7 sticks fully blocks any passage by proposing a Plexi wall with foam plugs, thereby prohibiting access to the remaining part of the gallery. Both constructions act as discreet markers of territory, almost invisible in their transparency, but physically potent in their refusal of the space.

    …I wish I could see it.

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    Ok, so I was listening to my iPod on my way home tonight and The Tom Tom Club came on singing “Genius of Love” — I’ve been listening to this song since it came out in the 80’s. But, for some reason I don’t think I had ever paid much notice to the opening portion of the song where the two girls speak…

    “Whatch gonna do when ya get out of jail?”

    “I’m gonna have some fun!”

    “What do you consida fun?”

    “Fun! Natural fun!”

    ..I actually laughed out loud. Not a small laugh, but a hearty bursting out sort of laugh. My face flushed with embarrassment as the bus was packed full. However, being San Francisco, no one even bothered to take notice of the odd man in his headphones laughing to himself in the back of the bus.

    “James Brown! Jaaaaames Brown!”

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    So, there I was — standing on the subway platform. One of the few times in life when I was not listening to my iPod. A woman is talking with a great deal of animation to a guy — they are next to me. We board the train. She looks so familiar. I find myself looking at her as if, “Hey, I know you.” — she looks at me.

    We smile. She looks at me as if waiting for me to say “Hi” but I can’t decide if I know her.

    Awkward moment. And, the it hits me! It’s Julie from “One Day At A Time” —- so, being so very suave and sophisticated, I can’t fight the urge to address her. And this is what was said:

    “Oh wow! You’re Makenzie Phillips!”

    “Yes, I am.”

    I have nothing further to say. In fact, I can think of nothing better to do than to smile at her and feel really stupid for just having pointed out to her who she is. She looks quite uncomfortable. …but, then the worst thing happened —

    A lone voice behind me asked, “Who is Makenzie Phillips?”

    I hope she didn’t hear that. She was quite pretty. I believe she is here appearing as Mrs. Hanigan in ANNIE. Or, at least, I know she is here in ANNIE. Pretty sure she wouldn’t be the one in the red fright wig belting out “Tomorrow”

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    …i didn’t know that “todd” ever made mens clothing??!?!?

    So, I last night I noticed that my thrift shop jeans were actually made by Todd Oldham. …that cute designer who was on MTV for a while and now creates furnishings for Target. I didn’t know he even made jeans much less jeans for men. Was $5 a good deal for a pair of Todd jeans?!?!?

    Well, I saw a couple more movies this past long weekend —

    ASYLUM — well acted, but somehow not all that great. And, in the end, rather pointless and miserable. However, the crazy guy who Natasha Richardson “does” is quite hot. I think he was in the LORD OF THE RINGS movies. I think. Only, he takes his clothes off in this one!

    THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN — It was actually quite funny. Still not sure why Catherine Keener bothered with it, but whatever.


    REEL PARADISE — John Pierson takes his family to Fiji for a year to operate an old movie theatre for the natives. Essentially, close to 2 hours of watching a spoiled daughter give her self-absorbed parents a hard time as she sluts about with the cute Fiji boys and the young son defends the merits of JACKASS. It was not good.

    The weather was fantastic today! I took a long stroll thru Nob Hill — wish I had thought to bring my camera. Visited Lombard Street with all of the tourists. This really is a lovely city. Now, I just need my first full pay check so I can afford to live in it! LOL!

    Hope everyone was able to enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

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    We celebrated Milford’s birthday last night at this really cool restaurant, LuLu. As always, any event with Milford is fun! Great food, fun conversation and a great evening for all! There were six of us, but am only slipping in two pix from the evening because I know that Milford and Alan won’t mind me posting their pix! I took the above picture just after Milford made his wish and blew out the candle. I took a second one and caught a smile, but I like this picture the best!

    That’s Alan, me and Milford!

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    it had been TWO WEEKS since I went to a movie! Yes, 2 weeks! Talk about “cold turkey” — I had to stay late at the office. I almost went straight home after I left as I was tired, but I decided to take in a movie.

    Jun Ichikawa’s film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s TONY TAKITANI opened today. I had been waiting to see it for some time. Excellent film, but very sad. By the way, should you fall in love and the object of your affection has a hang up for buying lots and lots of clothes — just let her/him buy as much as she/he wants because if you try to change her/his ways — well, the results could be rather tragic on o-so many levels. Using a husband’s frustration with his wife’s obsession with shopping as a metaphor for the temptation to try and “change” our lovers is only one layer of the short story from which the film is based. Of course the larger themes of loneliness, isolation and loss are the more crucial. Translating to film one is left with a certain dark comic view — however, that is not really a bad thing. And, the score by Ryuichi Sakamato was so beautiful!!! For some reaon, there has been no soundtrack release other than on iTunes. Odd. …Not that I can buy music at the moment! LOL! …I’m just sayin’.

    Oh, and what is it about me that seems to make people feel free to just chat with me at any given time? San Francisco is a very friendly city, but I don’t think this happens to most people. The film was not sold out, but there was a substantial number of people in the cinema. I was seated in the center of the third row from the screen. It’s time for new glasses and, as I was alone, I prefer not to be seated within a cluster of fellow film viewers. I figured I could be “isolated and lonely” on the the 3rd row as that is quite close to the screen. But, of course, this strategy failed. Two couples (one gay and one straight) sat on either side of me and a group of intellectual friends sat behind me. And, a little old man decided to sit directly infront of me — preventing me from pushing up against the chair with my knees (my optimal sitting preference when this close to the screen) — ANYWAY, the film ended and I wanted to close my eyes and just enjoy Sakamoto’s piano playing but the woman next to me said, “What was the point of that?”

    Her boyfriend was not answering.

    A slightly fem voice to my left said, “Yeah, we’re not sure”

    No one else spoke. Then, the woman’s voice — “So, you’ve no opinion?”

    It then strikes me that she is speaking to me. I open my eyes to discover that four sets of eyes are looking at me. Why? But, I’m not shy. I apologized and told her that I hadn’t realized she was speaking to me. I told she and her boyfriend about the short story and what I felt the writer had tried to convey. The boyfriend said, “Honey, I’m giving you my credit card. I don’t want to lose you.” The gay boy to my left laughed and demanded the same from his boyfriend who responded with a “you wish” — then somone behind me asked if I had read any of Haruki Murakami’s novels. I haven’t, but plan to get around to it one of these days. Then a whole new discussion broke out. In short, I didn’t get to listen to Sakamoto’s closing theme. However, the conversation was interesting.

    Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else?

    I had a similar interaction with an older lady when I saw MA MERE for the second time (don’t ask) — but she was upset by the movie and felt the need to tell me what “trash” we had just sat through. Of course, I was unable to just “smile and wave” I had to ask her why, if she felt it was complete garbage did she sit thru all 2 hours and 15 minutes of it. …she found it interesting. LOL!

    Oh, and the new Goldfrapp CD has totally grown on me and I LOVE it! Ooh la la, indeed! Think Kylie M gone all S&M on your ass — and you can sort of get a grasp for the general sound.

    Stalker — Thanks again. And, just in case you were wondering — I would love to have the new CD’s by Petra Jean Phillipson and Babyshambles. LOL! And, you can go ahead and tell me who you are now, please because you are really creeping me OUT. So, stop it please.

    OH, and a big Happy Birthday to Milford! His bday party is this evening and I can’t wait!

  • Happy Birthday to Milford!!!

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    “…mmmmmm. Delicious”

    I got home from work and decided to just chill out and watch one of my favorite movies of which there are many. However, Nicolas Roeg and John Boskovichs’ adaptation of Sandy Bernhard’s fantastic Broadway Show, WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING, never ceases to amaze me. Certainly, Ms. Bernhard had a strong hand in this adaptation or ‘reinvention’ of the show to the medium of film — but it does have “the feel” of something which Nicolas Roeg would be involved.

    Where the play was so funny, the film is just strange and full of what I can only define as a sort of self-contempt held by Bernhard. Her obsessions with pop culture and fantasies which revolve around that are turned inside out by her desire to celebrate her “outsider” status — and, yet, a sense of somehow being embarassed by her Jewish heritage and wishing she were more connected to African Americans. Throughout the film we follow a beautiful young woman of color as she does the mundane which Bernhard mimics on a shabby night club stage filled with a disinterested black audience which appears at various times thru the film to either be bored, annoyed or confused by what Bernhard is doing on the stage. No one laughs at her jokes. No one claps. And, in the final scene which was so celebratory on stage — Sandy Bernhard strips and dances to “Little Red Corvette” by Prince. …to an empty nightclub save for one audience member — the young woman who we have followed throughout the movie.

    The sounds of Prince fades away to be replaced by a dramatic swelling of orchestrated music. The beautiful young woman who seems to be all that Bernhard wants to be is writing something on the table with her lipstick. Bernhard watches, naked, from the barren stage as this woman walks out of the night club. …and, then the camera reveals that the woman has scrawled, “Fuck Sandra Bernhard” — and, with that, the film ends. Odd and unforgetable.

    As with everything Bernhard does in performance, stand-up, music and writing you’re left wondering what exactly she was getting at. I think part of her charm is that you never quite know if she’s joking or trying to say something she feels is important. You sometimes wonder if she is making fun of you — or herself and her own compulstions and confusions. Are her rants real? Does she love Sylvester, Nina Simone, Madonna, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Andy Warhol, Jodie Foster, Patti Smith or any of the fashion designers of whom she speaks? Or does she hate them. Is she jealous or annoyed? All lines get blurry and you never quite know where she might take you next. And, why would she opt to make a film in which she performs for an audience who dislikes her? And, why end it all so strange? Why was the stripping which was a celebration of her sexuality and dedication to believing that she is hot no matter what the conventions of society dictate turned into something pathetic and strange?

    Who knows? But, I love it.

    The film was a major bomb and did more harm than good to her career, but it stands up well with time. And, where else can you see Sandra Bernhard and John Doe scat to an old country song? Or see her dressed in full over-the-top African attire performing Nina Simone’s “Four Women” ??!!?? …only in this film.

    When I saw this movie at the Midnight Show in Beaumont, TX I left the cinema quite frustrated. Now, I watch it and I just love it. As all things “Sandy Bernhard” — it is cool. Like her gardener once asked her and inspired the title of her most recent book, “May I kiss you on the lips, Miss Sandra?”

    CORRECTION!!!! As I was riding the train into work this morning it struck me that I had made an error in this post and in my thinking. Bernhard did not strip in the original run of her B’Way show from which this film was created. I was confusing her infamous Playboy spread and racy cable special where she first revealed an interest in showing her body. The magazine pix and the special came out around the same time as the film. Just thought I would mention that. However, the ending of the film still puzzles me.

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