I can’t believe the week is already almost over and I’ve not posted anything since Sunday! Well, it has been a busy week. I’ve made mention of a certain boy I’ve been dating but I’ve yet to name him. I don’t want to blog too much about this part of my life because it isn’t only mine, you know? Also, I don’t want to “curse” or “jinx” a good thing. Anyway, he is gorgeous and his name is Rick. He walked away from a very successful career in the world of Big Business about 3 years ago to pursue his dream — to be a performer. And, he has been pursuing this with a vengance ever since to a great deal of success. He has already had his own cabaret show at San Francisco’s Purple Onion — not too bad. And he sits on the board of a very well respected theatre company. He has lots of connections to the world of stage and music entertainment. So, he was able to get us into the “world premiere” of Terence McNally’s latest play, CRUCIFIXION.

This is a play which McNally has been “workshoping/developing” with 13 actors for the past couple of years and it opens here in San Francisco on October 8th! I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but it is not to be missed. A very post-modern stage set and all actors are on stage at all times. intesting concepts, design and amazing performances. An amazing evening of theatre. Funny, touching, scary, disturbing and very human — I was transfixed by the script and the actors who brought it to life! I should also add that I think this might be the first play I’ve seen where I agreed with the use of full frontal male nudity. Normally, I think this just gets in the way (so to speak) of the plot and breaks the audience concentration — but it made sense in this play. Up until now my favorite McNally work was MASTER CLASS, but this takes its place easy! And, don’t get panty-knotted, but I did not care for LOVE, VALOR AND COMPASSION. I know, I know. I am the only queer man who disliked it. I just didn’t get it.

Rick and I also saw a really unusual evening of experimental music at the Herbst Theatre on Monday, followed by a nice dinner. One composer seemed to be a cross of Bjork, M. Monk and Philip Glass. It was uncomfortable. However, not as uncomfortable as watching Bjork and her wacky artiste hubby hacking at their feet with butcher knives while her wailing score plays in the background. …but that is an entirely different post.

Oh! And, the main reason I am making mention of Rick is that he is going to be appearing on stage with a friend of his who normally performs in NYC but is doing a show at The Purple Onion starting next week. Her name is Lau Hadar and you can learn more at http://www.luahadar.com — my understanding is that this is going to be a very fun show which will feature a “re-working” of “I’m Tired” from BLAZZING SADDLES. …this is the portion of the show in which Rick will be appearing. If you’re in SF, check it out!

I had a rough day at work today and an even tougher day due to a personal issue that has been on-going but is close to coming to a resolution. I felt so down until I quite accidentally walked into a Sanrio store! In the Ingleside area! Who knew? So I purchased a Hello Kitty pen for the office! Cheered me a great deal!

Hey, Jon — have you seen the new ChocoCat Giant Calculator!?!?!? It totally rocks! I think you might need it. LOL!

Today I had to ride BART and was sitting next to two cute girls. I would guess that they were about 14 or 15 years old. I would love to attempt to transcribe their conversation, but fear it would come across as if I were making fun of them and I would not want to give that impression — but their use of slang and excitement was great for my listening and viewing pleasure! Anyway, aside from the general glee and urban hooting — the topic of their conversation caught my attention. One of the girls was insisting that she found some great make out music and her friend was giving her grief until she finally agreed to listen to a bit of it on her friend’s Mini iPod. And, she agreed — calling her pal’s music “smooth and mellow-funked-up” …at least I think that was what she said — she might have said “smooth and mellow crunked-up” —- anyway, they were discussing the new Barbra/Bee Gees CD! Barbra is finding a whole new audience with playing a Focker and groovin’ along wtih Barry Gibb!

I really envision this album being more of a hit with the over 35 crowd, but maybe I am wrong. I noticed that Junior V and several other DJ’s have remixed a couple of the songs and they came out on vinyl this past Tuesday. I’ve not heard those remixes and I don’t know if there are plans to release them to CD. But, could Babs be getting club play? I do not go to clubs anymore. I am far too old. However, according to the newspaper the CD debuted at #5 on the Billboard Chart, #3 in the UK and is currently the #1 seller on Amazon.com. Babs is sellin’ — out. …but, selling.

I am all excited about seeing MIRROR MASK tomorrow night! Tho, I wonder what sort of vision will spring from the combo of Gaiman and the Jim Henson Group — but it can’t possibly be dull! Milford and Alan are meeting me at the Lumiere for
7:30pm tomorrow night. We will be having a light dinner of Korean BBQ and then the movie at the later showing! Can’t wait!

The Castro Street Fair is this weekend, but I am feeling the need for some “alone” time, I think. So, at this point my plan is to go to the beach on Saturday and just chill out with my iPod. And, maybe take in a movie Saturday night. Not sure what I will do on Sunday.

One of my dearest friends on the planet, Bethie, just called me to let me know that her crazy step mother decided to pierce her father’s cat’s ears. Not positive, but I should think that PETA needs to be alerted. Is that not animal abuse?!?! Aside from the pain, cruelty and possible infection — but even worse — should a beautiful red cat be forced to wear cheap hoop earrings from Wal-Mart?!!?!? I think not!

Oh, and I am so upset for poor Kate Moss! H&M fired her when those pix surfaced of her doing blow with that loser British rock star. I can’t think of his name. So, is that how she stays so thin? I wonder what she will look like in another 2 years at this rate? Still, Kate needs the work!

OH! And my brother continues to make way-cool connections in the world of NY art, but this is the coolest in my book! His pal, Susan Domelsmith, is making quite a name for herself as a jewlery designer and all the “cool” celebs are pursuing her work. I guess her biggest supportor/client is Goldie Hawn’s daughter, Kate Hudson. But look at this client sporting Susan’s latest design!

…I mean, come on! No one is cooler than Debbie Harry! No matter how old they might get — Debbie and Iggy are always going to be cool! I am most impressed. You know I would be happy to just sit in a room and stare at Ms. Harry for hours on end. Of course, this would probably really creep Debbie out — but I would be happy!

Oh, and Alan and I scored tix to see Bauhaus at the Warfield next month! Yay! And, I do believe Alan got us great seats! This will be the second time I’ve seen Bauhaus — the last time was about 8 or 9 years ago when they did that reunion tour. And I’ve seen Daniel Ash live 2 other times. I don’t really care to go to rock shows much anymore, but one must make an exception for the band who warned us that Bela Lugosi’s Dead… And, then went on to tell us again in THE HUNGER just before David Bowie “off’s” Ann Magnuson.

Writing of Ann Magnuson makes me think of Bongwater — the band I miss a great deal and the band to which I offered myself as a personal slave in 1991. I got a letter and a free shirt from Kramer for my offer. This then makes me think of Paper Magazine which is still pretty cool and for which Magnuson writes a column. This then makes me think of Details Magazine which used to be wicked cool in the 1980’s — and fairly gay. Remember Cookie Meuller’s column on the downtown NY art scene? This then bums me out because Cookie died and Details magazine went all corporate on our asses. Oh well.

Time for my cup of tea, a bit of music — am thinking Marianne Faithful for this evening — and then bed time!

Happy Friday, kids!

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  1. Aaron replied:

    Oh Matt I do love your blog, even though it makes me late for work. Kisses to you.

    And if anyone finds a Sanrio calculator which has a little character sitting in the corner of it, which taps its own calculator as you hit the keys PLEASE let me know, I *must* have it! Therealdestyn@gmail.com ta muchly

  2. snarl71 replied:

    Jeez – there’s simply too much to respond to in that posting.

    Glad things are still going well with Rick.

    And you never did see Love! Valour! Compassion! on stage. You saw the movie version. I must admit that the stage version was much better. Then again, it was more timely in the early 90’s versus the movie version that came out much later.

  3. matt replied:

    Oh, Aaron — You need to send that idea to Sanrio HQ! If such an item were to exist I would be ever so exited! Especially if it were Choco Cat or Deery Lou!

    Karl — Right you are. I did only see the film, but I had to read that awful play 3 times for 3 different reading groups and I just never got it. …seeing it performed live would not have provided me with any additional understanding. When you speak of it, you only spoke of the unleashed nakedness. …which might be fun, but would it not be easier just to go to a strip bar?

  4. Robert replied:

    Bauhaus is playing again? I’m gonna check for tix here in LA. Thanks for the tip! I saw Peter Murphy, he was damn good!

  5. Underling replied:

    Sanrio? Really?


    Boy, when you decide to blog, you blog.

    Congrats on things with Rick. I’m so happy for you.

    I’m actually going to buy this album you’ve been going on and on about…I’ve heard good things about it from you and everyone else that’s listened to it. So, I’ll break down and buy some Babs.

  6. Aaron replied:

    Well love, that’s the problem – it does exist! J List had them for a while and I considered whether I needed a large $50 calculator.

    I really wish I had acted on impulse šŸ˜¦

  7. Aaron replied:

    Okay so here it is:


  8. laurenbove replied:

    Oooh! A new cute boy! Very exciting. I hope good things for you. He sounds smart and creative. My favorite combination.

    Have a fabulous Friday and thanks for coming by to cheer me up when I was a miserable SOB.


  9. Karyn replied:

    Piercing…the cat’s…ears… and making him wear…earrings….from…Wal*Mart…

    *shaking off sleep*

    Did I really read that correctly? Why is this necessary?

    And perhaps I should not throw stones but hey, I count on you to blog lots! Don’t make us wait a week! :)xoxoxoxo

  10. Karyn replied:

    PS: I do so love Hello Kitty! The merchandise used to be sold here only in the Hallmark store and upstairs in Filene’s swanky children’s department. Sigh. I almost , ALMOST, bought a Hello Kitty “bed in a bag” set for fun and whimsy (some people, snarl, think I am anti-whimsy)but decided against it since C. would probably have me committed to the psych. center at the hospital for it. Or possibly have me in divorce court. Can’t take those chances… but I do love the Kitty!

  11. Lubin replied:

    Marianne Faithful and Debbie Harry in the same posting! You rock.

    Have you heard Marianne singing “Sister Morphine” or “Why d’you do it?” Two amazing bizarre tracks.


  12. matt replied:

    Robert — Yes, they are back on the road! I shall be seeing them on October 26th and I can’t wait!!!

    Underling — Uh, oh — I hope you enjoy it! LOL!

    Aaron — such connections and links! …If I only had money to buy this!!!

    LaurenAbove — I don’t think you’ve every come across as miserable — much less an SOB! You always rock!

    Karyn — I know! Isn’t that horrible!??! I will try to do better with my posting! The week just got away from me!

    Lubin — Oh, yes! I’ve EVERYTHING by Ms. Marianne Faithful! …I even have that odd encounter she had with Metalica! LOL! Her biography is one of the best rock books I’ve ever read!

  13. Aaron replied:

    Honey if I can find a place where you don’t have to buy them 12 at a time, I’ll get one for you and drop it off next time I’m in the States šŸ˜‰

  14. joe replied:

    omg, bauhaus! well, if you weren’t already dating someone, I’d ask you to marry me.

  15. matt replied:

    Aaron — You’re such a sweetie!

    Joe — Ask away! I’m not wearing a ring yet. …but I am wearing a Ben Sherman shirt. …well, not really. I think I am wearing a Fink button down shirt. ..got it really cheap at a thrift shop, but I should think it must have come from that store of stores — Urban Outfitters. Aren’t I hip?!?! ugh.

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