Friday night I ended up seeing two movies. The first was to kill time as I waited for 10pm at which time I had a date. I saw the Tilda Swinton produced coming-of-age movie, THUMBSUCKER. It was good, but I think I’ve seen enough coming-of-age movies to last me a lifetime now. However, it is worth seeing and the score from The Polyphonic Spree is awesome. I had my fingers crossed for an evening that would be a bit more romantic, but my date and I took in a veiwing of THE EXCORCISM OF EMILY ROSE — which has gotten decent reviews and has done great business. It also has a very impressive cast. It is also written and directed by the man who brought us one of those URBAN LEGEND trash movies. However, it was a good film. I think he was aiming to give us a new EXCORCIST for the Naughts, but that just isn’t ever going to be possible. I mean, the average audience does not seem to know what to do with horror that takes itself seriously and approaches subject matter from both a somewhat clinical and ambiguous way. Also, audiences seem to expect some form of comic relief in horror films — THE EXORCIST was a heavy film and any humor that came out of it came from what a viewer brought to it — or reacted due to discomfort at what was being projected onto the screen. This EMILY ROSE film, while stylistic seemed torn over whether it wanted to horrify us or entice us. And, it fell into some silly moments. Also, it claimed to be based on a true story — yet I’ve never heard of any of this. I am, however, familiar with the case from which Blatty based his novel, The Excorcist. Hmmmm…

Anyway, it was a nice evening.

Today I sold a close full of clothing to a thrift shop and then donated what they didn’t want to a thrift shop from which all profiits go to SF AIDS hospices. My pal, Milford, was kind enough to give me a ride to these places as I could have never carried this stuff on my own. Somehow it felt “freeing” to get rid of these clothes which were all now far too big for me. However, I’ve decided I’ve lost enough weight. In fact, I need to stop losing weight at this point. I am now at 160lbs and I do not want to be any thinner. My size 30 waist jeans are actually a little loose. NO! LOL! I am eating! I swear! Tho, I have a few friends who do not seem to believe me. Anyway, I am eating an exotic chocolate treat that MUST be worth a full day’s normal caloric intake! Next month — I am joining a gym. There is one down the street from GOLDs on Market — that is the one I will be joining. GOLDs is too cruisy pour moi.

OK — well a couple of DVD’s are waiting for me to watch them. I had plans for the evening, but they got canceled. So, it was me at Panda Express for dinner and a walk home. I can’t believe the weekend is almost over! There is one of those big SF fairs tomorrow — Folsom Street. ? I would like to go, but I think I am locked into plans. Oh well.

September 24, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. g8s replied:

    You went to the movies to kill time for a date at the movies. Matt, you are T-O-O!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion about horror films which take themselves seriously. It’s quite telling of the current American psyche that our horror films provide breaks from the ‘moment’ of the piece; as a culture, we tend not to explore the darker side of the mind with any seriousness or contemplation — it’s all reaction & avoidance. Americans would never have made ‘The Audition’ or even ’28 Days Later’.

    And a side note, as we were leaving work today, Miss Marisol & I passed the men setting up the NYC Folsom Street festival around the corner from the restaurant…

    wv: zsfgqstp

  2. matt replied:

    g8s — I know! LOL! But, you have to understand — i didn’t know we would be going to a movie for the date. That part just sort of happened.

    Yes, and when we American got our hands on “28 Days Later” — I do believe we gave it a happier ending. Might be wrong on that, but am pretty sure that they re-edited the ending just for US consumption.

  3. snarl71 replied:

    You at Folsom? THAT I’d like to see.

    I won free tickets to Thumbsucker’s advanced screening in Boston but didn’t feel like going. Maybe I should have.

  4. matt replied:

    Karl — Yeah, I think you would really enjoy THUMBSUCKER. …However, you would not like the Excorcism movie.

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