You might find any number of things. I’ve a Christina Ricci “PUMPKIN” Head Cut-Out, a poster of Isabelle Huppert getting her sick groove on in THE PIANO TEACHER, framed Kate Bush and Debbie Harry LPs, 20 years worth of journals, my senior year high school year book, clothes (tho, I just got rid of more than half because they no longer fit me! Yay!) — but the my most prized posesion is my framed LP of Andy Gibb’s “Flowing Rivers” …he was so cute. I loved him.

So, what is it called when someone gets off to their sex partner wearing those cartoonish animal costumes? There must be a name for that. Not sure why it is on my head. I think because I had a nightmare last night that I was running through the halls of the Over Look Hotel with Shelley Duvall and we ran into that room where the two men are engaging in oral sex and one is wearing an animal mask/costume. Oh, that Stanely Kubrick — always ahead of the pop culture curve! But, what is that called? And, no, I am not into it. Just curious if anyone knows. ????

So, my “secret friend” MUST be in the UK. I wish he or she would just tell me who they are! Today I received the UK version of the new Barbra CD which has the better title of “Guilty Too” — but everything else is the same. AND — I received a DVD copy of that way-cool film from Japan, KAMAKAZI GIRLS as well. Both from the UK. …but no return address other than Amazon.com UK and some British distributor of Asian films. I am not sure I am spelling “kamakazi” correctly. I am far too lazy at the moment to look it up on Google. But, can’t wait to watch it — it doesn’t open in SF till a week from tomorrow. I should think it is already playing in NYC, tho.

I have a late night date tomorrow! I am all excited about it. I really like this guy — and, I think he really likes me. I think. I just like being near him. I think of that old song, “The Nearness of You” …sigh.

Well, my mother is currently in transit away from my hometown which looks to be destined for the worst hurricane in Texas histroy. The Gulf Coast has had a hard year — what an understatement. Of course, for some reason my mom decided to discontinue her flood insurance and her area of Texas always seems to flood — and, I grew up very close to Galveston Island. Saying a little prayer for all my friends and family tonight — however, I feel like they are going to be OK. I think, due to the tragedies of New Orleans — for the first time I can remember, they are actually evacuating. Thank goodness!

OK — time for bed!

September 22, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Memcco346 replied:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Jon replied:

    Close, it’s kami (divine) kaze (wind).

    I heard about Rita’s path through Beaumont. Glad your mom is getting out! I hope she doesn’t get stuck in that ridiculous traffic I saw on CNN, they said people were going an average of 1 mile an hour and running out of gas.

  3. matt replied:

    Jon — Yeah, I know. I don’t know why the American distributors decided to mistranslate the title. …or, maybe, to just out and out change it. It really has little to do with the story. Divine Wind would make better sense.

    Well, as far as I know as of now — my mom made it to Lake Charles and is currently on the road with her sister and brother-in-law — they are driving all night to get as far north (and out of LA) as they can get. So, she got out of Texas. Am still frustrated with her for having not left on Tuesday as directed by the governor. Of course, like I wrote, if New Orleans hadn’t happened — I doubt she would have even evacuated. All my life we just refused to evacuate. There are so many hurricanes, people take too many chances.

  4. Jon replied:

    Wait– the DVD box says ‘Shimotsuma Monogatari’ (Japanese lessons paid off). I guess they just changed the title for the rest of the world? Movies do that all the time, I suppose.

  5. Karyn replied:

    Ugh, Matt, I’m glad your mom bailed when she did. We’ve had a couple bad hurricanes up here but not in over 10 years and nothing to the scope of Rita or Katrina. That SUCKS about her flood insurance. But the important part is that she got away.

    Divine Wind sounds really, really funny to me, possibly because I live in Man Town here where gas is always cause for a guffaw and the humor meter is set to Scatalogical. Divine Wind – is that when the Pope eats beans?

    Man o man, am I punchy.

  6. matt replied:

    Jon — Oh, wow. OK, well — I think I understand why they changed the title all together then. LOL! That would be a really dull title for such an over-the-top film. When it was here at festival I read a comment from a critic about a Wind would have been a better title. LOL! Hmmmm…

    Karyn — However, as you point out — I had never thought of the passing wind joke. LOL! So, that would have been a poor title too.

    But, is there a name for people who like to dress up in silly animal costumes for sex? LOL! ..this is what I really wanna know!

  7. Jennifer replied:

    The people who dress up in cutsie animal outfits and get off on that, are called furries.

    It really sort of worries me that I — bland, vanilla, me — knows this. Eeep.

  8. Miss Marisol replied:

    Yes, they are called Furries. Dan Savage has written some hilarious articles about this phenomenon.

    Andy Gibb is the dreamiest…

  9. matt replied:

    Jen – LOL! Of all the people who I thought might know the name for this — I would have never guessed it would be you! Much less the first to post it! LOL! I love it! So, now I finally know what furries are!

    Miss. Marisol — I wish I could share what I thought “furries” were, but I I fear the readers that my incorrect understanding would find me via google! LOL!

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